• Integrity/Power Trip - Split

    Integrity/Power Trip - Split
    Released by: Magic Bullet Records
    Released on: June 17th, 2016.
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    Integrity contributes three tracks, the first of which is a ‘retooled, remixed’ version of the title track originally released on their 2010 seven inch, VVe Are the End. At two minutes even it starts off as a sludgy, weird kind of stonery sounding piece but forty-five seconds in and that all changes as it morphs into a blistering slab of speed punk madness. Dwid Hellion’s vocals are slathered over some tight, repetitive guitar work and crazy intense drumming – it’s intense stuff. The second track is also a re-recorded song from that same aforementioned E.P - Beneath Black Flames VVe Ride runs almost three minutes and it too starts off with a bit more of a metal slant, a wild guitar solo laying things down. This track isn’t so much about speed as it is weight and just flat out pounding, heavy doom. Again, Hellion’s vocals sound insane, he sings like a man possessed and his tortured, growling, wailing style really works perfectly here and as it crashes towards its finish it sort of morphs into something closer to a more traditional hardcore track.

    The third? A very unorthodox cover of ‘Her Eyes is Filled with Stars’ which is the song that Crispin Glover’s character sings to Jenny Wright’s character in the movie Twister! It starts off with some quiet ambient noise, Hellion’s vocals almost whispered here, and you expect the trademark Integrity explosion of noise or a power violence style attack but it doesn’t happen, it stays quiet and creepy and it’s kind of great.

    The two Power Trip tracks were originally released on their 2011 self-titled seven inch. The first track, Divine Apprehension runs just over four minutes and it sounds like pretty straight forward thrash to start off with but about a third of the way in it goes off, this is crossover done right! Suffer No Fool provides more of the same – relentlessly pounding drums, thick bass, crushing guitars and vocals that sound like they’re crawling out of the very depths of Hell! There’s a fantastic ‘old school’ sound here but it’s played so well that it never feels like a throwback the way some newer thrash-inspired acts can sound. This is the real deal, a bunch of punk and hardcore and thrash and speed metal influences all mixed together in just the right way.