• Carcass With Crowbar, Ghoul & Night Demon – Gramercy Theater, NYC 8-04-2016

    Carcass With Crowbar, Ghoul & Night Demon – Gramercy Theater, NYC 8-04-2016

    The second to last night of the One Foot In The Grave tour stopped in Manhattan last night at the Gramercy Theater for a sold out show. Night Demon were up first, but ‘the man’ would let me off work in time to check out there set, which was disappointing because their album, Curse Of The Damned, is really good and by all accounts, so is their live show.

    Ghoul, touring in support of their latest album Dungeon Bastards (reviewed here!) went on around 8:15pm or so and blasted through a ridiculously fun set of thrash/splatter punk mayhem. These guys play their entire set with sacks over their heads and don’t break character, trash talking the crowd and bringing some pretty great Gwar-inspired props and characters out on stage to get the audience involved.

    From there? The mighty Crowbar took the stage. Louisiana’s sludgiest heavy hitters plowed through a massive set of riffs, feeding off of the crowd’s enthusiasm in a big way. Front man Kirk Windstein was in particularly fine form, and founding member Todd Strange, back on bass after a lengthy hiatus, brought a lot of energy to the set.

    Carcass came on around 10pm to a ravenous crowd. With Jeff Walker still up front on bass and vocals alongside guitarists Bill Steer and Ben Ash and with drummer Daniel Wilding behind the kit, they pretty much decimated the stage. Touring to support Surgical Steel, with a backdrop and lighting kit tying into that album’s cover art, they sounded fantastic and put on a great show.

    Plenty of pictures and some video below…




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