• R!S!P! At NYCC 2016 - Cosplay At New York Comic Con

    Today we take a look at the cosplay element of the 2016 edition of the New York City Comic Con. Love it or hate it, cosplay has become a HUGE part of what makes conventions like this so popular and it has managed to draw in a whole new crowd of convention goers who attend to show off their work and admire that of others. This year, you couldn’t move without bumping into a Deadpool or a Harley Quinn (man oh man there were a LOT of Harley Quinn’s this year). Rick And Morty and Ash were also popular as were traditional standbys like Batman and the Punisher.

    And the conventions, NYCC in particular, encourage this. Given that some of the costumes can and do get a little risqué, the people at ReedPOP (the company that organizes the convention) have rightfully instituted a zero tolerance policy in regards to harassment and also put up ‘cosplay does not mean consent’ signs throughout the area. This makes for a safe environment for the cosplayers to do their thing – and that should only be seen as a positive. It brings more people of all ages, shapes and sizes to the show knowing that they can strut their stuff without having to worry about a few bad eggs ruining things.

    Featured cosplayers now make the guest list. Dealers show up to peddle not back issues or toys but costumes and accessories. There are multiple panel discussions on cosplay and attendees from all over the world show up to take part in this. It’s only getting bigger.

    While there were countless participants in every area of the con at any given time, here’s a sampling of some of the more interesting (and/or pose friendly!) players from last week’s show.

    And remember....