• R!S!P! At NYCC 2016 – Walking The Show

    First you have to get there. The trains get more and more crowded the closer you get to the Javitz Center and once you get in, no matter how many times you attend, it’s instantly overwhelming.

    And then there’s Wonder Woman – everywhere! With the movie coming out soon, DC has the hype machine moving full steam ahead. Not only where there an awesome tribute booth set up on the main floor showing off some great original art (including an awesome piece from the late Darwyn Cooke) from throughout the decades as well as some props for the film, but near the main entrance by the DC Comics booth, there were a bunch of costumes on display. Most of these were from the new movie, but hey, check out the old Lynda Carter duds from the TV show – she was even represented in Jelly Bean form!

    Also impressive was the PCS Toys booth. These aren’t really toys per se in that you wouldn’t really play with this stuff, rather it’s high end collectible good – check out the detail on some of this stuff, it’s incredible. Street Fighter! The Howling! Mortal Kombat!

    Funimation had a booth set up where you could get your picture taken with Godzilla to celebrate the release of the new movie. They also had their regular booth set up as well, selling DVD and Blu-ray release of their massive anime catalogue.

    All sorts of interesting stuff to look at, to buy, to spend lots and lots and lots of money on or to stand in line to get to!

    Outside there were some pretty interesting displays set up for South Park, to commemorate the twentieth season.

    As for Ash Vs. The Evil Dead? There was an ‘Ash’s Cabin’ display set up last year but this year? Much bigger, better and more interesting. And you never know who you’re going to see pop up from behind the cabin when you’re poking around…

    If you don’t mind standing in line and scheduling things around them, panels can be fun. For example, the Death Race 2050 panel with Manu Bennett and Roger Corman. They showed off the trailer, did a fun Q&A and talk about the movie, then showed the first ten minutes of the film that is due out in January of 2017. After that, Corman and Bennett did a signing!

    Over at the Live stage there was pretty much a revolving door of guests going on – at any given time you might see interviews with comic creators, Power Rangers, TV show stars or the mighty Adam West!

    Heck, if you play your kids right you might even stumble upon a Luc Besson autograph signing!

    Really, there’s so much to see and do that this piece can’t do it justice. It’s exhausting, but it’s worth it.

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    1. Mark Tolch's Avatar
      Mark Tolch -
      No picture of ZUB?????
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      Ian Jane -
      This is part one of four. Patience is a virtue and I always save the best for last.
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      Mark Tolch -
      Well, okay.