• 42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 17

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: September 3rd, 2016.
    Director: Various
    Cast: Linda Shaw, Seka, Sharon Kane, Herschel Savage
    Year: 1970’s – 1980’s
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    The Movie:

    For a seventeenth (!!) time, those perverts over at Impulse Pictures present another collection of 8mm hardcore loops, preserved digitally for posterity’s sake and now available on DVD for your own personal enjoyment. Here’s what to expect…

    I SUCK CUM: A cute blonde reads a nudie magazine and diddles herself on the couch. A guy with big sideburns comes into the room and goes to town. They make out and then they screw. Her red lingerie is pretty cool in an eighties sort of way. She’s got a headband on too, sort of an Olivia Newton John thing going on.

    BONDAGE BOOTLICKER: A guy with a beard watches a curvy brunette clean the room while he reads a stag magazine. She starts flirting with him and that turns to foreplay which then turns to sex but along the way she gets her heeled foot up on him and things get fetish. He binds her arms behind her back and then he binds her feet together and then they go at it.

    PISTOL PACKER: A girl with big hair gets her hooters massaged by the mouth of a blonde guy in a striped shirt. He takes the rest of her clothes off and goes to town on her and then he gets naked too and she pays him back in kind. After that they have fairly standard sex in a room decorated with flowery curtains!

    WESTERN FOX: Herschel Savage in a cowboy outfit! He fools around with a pretty blonde in a babydoll and stockings atop a bed with the most garish bedspread on it you ever did see! Fairly standard sex, nothing too crazy here, but good on Herschel for leaving his chaps on!

    BITCH IN HEAT: Seka stands near a stack of records, naked as a jaybird, fondling her boobs. Cut to a naked guy – she gobbles him up like a champ and then he heads south to return the favor. After that they get on the floor to have sex on some white shag carpeting, a pair of binoculars curiously placed to her side.

    THE YOUNG BABYSITTER: Seka pops up in this one too, looks like it was shot in the same room juding by the record shelf and the carpet. She’s going down on some guy while another blonde gal sits on dude’s face. From there, it’s standard three way action with the girls each getting a proper poke when not enjoying each other, and the lucky fella clearly having a great time with them.

    CAPTURED FLESH: A blonde is chained and bound by two guys and a brunette who whips her, before one of the guys uses a toy on their captive. From there she gets poked and prodded and generally molested in every way you’d expect while the brunette helps to take care of the two guys who wind up doing most of the work here. Later, both of the guys wear a creepy leather bondage mask.

    PORTRAITS: A nice looking lady with auburn hair plays with a soda bottle that magically turns into the dick of a guy in a suit smoking a cigarette! She blows him and then a girl appears. The two ladies play with a giant double-ended don and then the guy comes back into the frame and they double team him before another dude comes in and then it’s a four way. The editing in this one is really choppy so it’s kind of hard to know just what exactly is going on.

    BOTH HOLES BARRED: A blonde and a brunette take on a bushy haired guy atop a weird blue/green couch. The girls concentrate on him first but soon start playing with one another in equal measure. The brunette has a pretty rad headband on.

    THE GOLDEN STREAM: A really scuzzy looking fella makes out with a blonde while nearby another scuzzy looking fella fools around with someone else. The blonde pisses into the mouth of scuzzy guy #1 while various other people are still screwing each other on that couch. That thing is going to need a good steam cleaning when this is all over. Oddly enough, this one has subtitles burned into it. Then one of the guys pisses into the mouth of the brunette who was on the couch. SLURP SLURP SLURP. Everyone in this loop is gross.

    THE LONGEST TONGUE: A dark haired gal masturbates in bed next to a stuffed pig that is breast feeding its stuffed piglets. Seriously. Then some chick hops into bed with her and they start making out. This lead to foreplay which quickly escalates into full blown lesbian tomfoolery. One of the girls has a terrible spider tattoo on her inner thigh. Towards the end they bust out a double dong.

    SWEET AND WET: A foxy number in a green bikini and a unicorn tattoo near her hoo-haw diddles herself near the Jacuzzi. A blonde arrives just in time to help her. They make out and then take turns fondling each other before moving onto the requisite oral action and then some toy play.

    SWEET SURRENDER: An Asian cutie watches a white gal in a white teddy – they fondle themselves as they leer, and soon enough they each get naked and then they screw, first in the living room and then in the shower where their makeup gets all smeared.

    STRANGE GAMES: Three ladies are playing around on a couch, each in a slinky getup. The getups get undone and lots of boob fondling ensues. They make out and there’s foreplay and after that they have an all-girl three way complete with a few different toys and some rather unique positions Careful ladies, you could throw your back out doing that.

    HOT FLESH: Last up, a girl plays piano in her lingerie when a girl in a white swimsuit shows up with a fruit parfait! They fool around with the food a bit, whipped cream on nipples and that type of thing, and then they each go down on each other before leaving the piano room to finish things up in a sixty-nine in the bedroom.


    Each of the 8mm loops on this disc are presented in their original 1.33.1 fullframe aspect ratio and transferred from film. They haven’t been fully restored so expect a fair bit of print damage and plenty of visible scratches but that doesn’t really detract from the experience much. Colors are faded and black levels all over the place but if the elements are in rough shape, at least the disc is well authored and not plagued by compression artifacts or edge enhancement problems.

    The audio is on par with the video, sort of. This stuff was shot without sound, so really we just the ‘click’ of a projector in terms of audio, there’s really not much to write about here.

    Extras? Nope. You get a menu and loop selection but that’s it. Inside the case, however, you will discover a booklet of liner notes from none other than Dimitrios Otis.

    The Final Word:

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 17 has enough variety to appease most fans of gritty, grimy, dirty old 8mm loops. This collection is a bit heavier on the fetish stuff than a lot of the other ones, which sets it apart. Kinky!