• Aliens Vs Predator: Life And Death #1

    Aliens Vs Predator: Life And Death #1
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: December 28th, 2016.
    Written by: Dan Abnett
    Illustrated by: Brian Albert Thies
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    The USMC rapid response combat ship Hasbrudal is orbiting planet LV-223. On board, Lorimer urges Goode to open a weapons locker for him. He doesn’t have USMC clearance and can’t get in but he figures Goode would know a way to hack in. Goode doesn’t know what’s going on but Lorimer tells him “They’re on board! They’ve killed everyone and they’re going to kill us too!” And then a Predator gets Lorimer and Goode both, walking away with its trophies leaving a big bloody mess in its wake.

    Paget radios to Hasbrudal from the planet’s surface but gets no response. She tells what’s left of her crew that they’re screwed, EVAC isn’t going to happen. Jill panics because she knows that they need to get Chris into stasis – which is what Lorimer promised would happen. They might be able to bring the freight bus down from the Hasbrudal remotely, but they haven’t got much time. Chris is carrying the new alien queen and the bugs are going to come and take her back.

    They figure their best shot is to head to the Engineer’s bunker in hopes that, after he went head to head with the queen, he’ll be dead or injured or otherwise preoccupied enough to let them have it. With Paget’s okay, they’re off. They secure the place as best they can. Chris warns them that the aliens are getting closer, the thing gestating inside of her can feel them – and it turns out she’s right.

    There’s a firefight, some casualties and then, just to complicate things further for these poor bastards, a Predator shows up…

    The first chapter of the last installment in the Life And Death run is a good one, weaving the threads from the first three runs into what is looking to be a pretty solid finish. At this point Abnett has done a solid job letting us get to know the key characters so we want to see how this all plays out. There are some interesting twists here and plenty of action to go along with them. It’s also very cool to see Brian Albert Thies back on art detail after he illustrated the Predator: Life And Death run. His art suits the story and is complemented nicely by Rain Beredo’s coloring work. David Palumbo’s cover art is once again perfect for this issue.

    Three issues left – we’ll see where it goes from here but all signs point to some pretty intense stuff yet to come!