• James Bond: Hammerhead #4

    James Bond: Hammerhead #4
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: January 18th,2017.
    Written by: Andy Diggle
    Illustrated by: Luca Casalanguida
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    Picking up where the third issue left off, this fourth chapter of the James Bond: Hammerhead storyline starts off at the Black Crannog Nuclear Processing Facility, outer Hebrides. A Helicopter lands and Victoria Hunt comes out, apologizing to the men waiting outside for keeping them waiting. One of these men is Defense Secretary Simon Wallis, and another of these men is M. The Minister is concerned that should word get out that it was a Hunt copter that crashed, and not just a Royal Navy copter, that the share price will drop. He’s called on this by Moneypenny – the real issue at hand here is the missing warhead. They’ve a man in the field on it, trying to bring down KRAKEN, but they’ve lost contact with him.

    Cut to Bond, held captive by armed men on a boat in Yemen. These armed men answer to al-Fanac – The Fox - a cunning smuggler. He orders Bond’s cuffs be taken off, but that the armed guards stay close. KRAKEN wanted al-Fanac to kill Bond, but he did not. Bond sees that they might have enough in common that they could work together, and so they talk. Al-Fanac was not impressed when he found out what he’d been tasked with smuggling. He deals in alcohol and tobacco, not nuclear warheads, and Bond knows that this particular warhead is set to detonate.

    So Bond, being Bond, sets about trying to fix this problem. When he opens the casing he finds that the warhead is… empty. Bond then realizes what’s happened, what Hunt Industries’ role is in all of this and why KRAKEN wants to start a nuclear war. He and al-Fanac and his men board the ship that they know carries the real payload and set out to make things right.

    The plot definitely thickens. While the reveal in this issue isn’t all that hard to figure out ahead of time if you’ve been paying attention to the story from the start, there are a few unexpected twists and turns tossed in here that make this a pretty solid issue. Diggle’s storyline is moving at a nice, quick pace and offering up the right mix of action and intrigue while staying true to the established Bond character tropes. Working the supporting characters into the mix is a nice twist and introducing al-Fanac as an ally rather than the enemy we all figured he was is also a nice touch. Luca Casalanguida continues to do a great job on the art duties, using a lot of thick line work and dark shadows to help build atmosphere and mood. Action scenes are nicely illustrated with a good sense of movement to them and they panel layouts are efficient and stylish at the same time. Once again we get a cover piece from Francesco Francavilla that is just the icing on the cake.

    All in all, another solid issue in a very entertaining series.