• Lady Killer 2 #4

    Lady Killer 2 #4
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: March 4th, 2017.
    Written And Illustrated by: Joelle Jones
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    Josie Schuller is not happy with Irving. Things started out great in their partnership – she took care of the killing and he took care of the cleanup work – but now that he’s brought the body of her husband’s murdered boss back to their home, she’s less than impressed. Josie fires him. She comes close to killing him, but stops short – she cans him and sends him on his way, she’s got to make porkchops for dinner, after all, she did promise Gene.

    Speaking of Gene, he’s sitting in an airplane hangar watching a maintenance crew work on a bird. He chimes in here and there but these guys aren’t really having it. They see him as nothing more than a desk jockey, his experience working on planes back in Seattle doesn’t mean anything since they’ve moved. As he heads back into the office, he’s alerted that two men –Detective Reed and Detective Vega - want to talk to him. They bring him into the office of his ‘missing’ boss, Mr. Robidoux and question him. It seems Gene was next in line for ol’ George’s job and it certainly is convenient that he’s disappeared like this. They send him on his way but ask that he not leave town.

    Elsewhere, on the seedy side of town, a man mops the floor in a strip club. In the backroom of this club a stripper cleans up for the night as Josie pulls up quietly behind her and strangles the life out of her. When another dancer walks in on this, it looks bad for Josie – until someone puts a bullet in the back of that strippers head, getting rid of any witnesses. It’s Irving, and he was loud. Loud enough that the guy mopping the floor heads over to a phone and calls the cops. Irving, however, wants to talk Josie into changing her mind and bringing him back onboard. His timing isn’t so good, Josie can hear the sirens getting closer, but Irving keeps talking. He wants her to leave her suburban lie behind and embrace the fact that she is, for all intents and purposes, a killer just like he is.

    She escapes into the night, the cops none the wiser, and heads home. It doesn’t end well.

    This penultimate issue of the second Lady Killer series ends on one Hell of a cliffhanger. The buildup, however, is just as sweet. Irving and Josie have always had a somewhat dicey relationship and it’s interesting to see the repercussions of that relationship come into play here. At the same time, Irving is not wrong – she is a killer (obviously). This plays out in the obvious ways between Josie and Irving, but also in less obvious ways, such as what happens to Gene at work. This is building to a pretty big finish, and Jones’ story gets us hook, line and sinker. The artwork is also fantastic. Lots of very detailed line work makes the period setting come alive and you’ve got to appreciate the attention paid to both the fashions on display in the book as well as the eyes and facial expressions. Jones’ art is able to convey so much with the way that she draws eyes and facial expressions that sometimes you almost don’t need the dialogue at all. Great color work from Michelle Madsen helps to flesh out the visuals as well –great stuff, can’t wait to see how it ends next issue.
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