• Blood & Gourd #2

    Blood & Gourd #2
    Released by: Dead Peasant
    Released on: August, 2016.
    Written by: Jenz K. Lund & D.H. Shultis
    Illustrated by: Juan Antonio Ramirez
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    The second issue of Blood & Gourd picks up where the first left off. Things have gone sour very quickly at Henderson Farms, the pumpkins in the pumpkin patch have started to revolt, and a giant pumpkin has taken on a humanoid from and slaughtered a whole lot of people.

    When this second issue begins, we flashback to colonial times. A poor pumpkin farmer can’t do well enough with his crop to feed his family and so he makes an arcane sacrifice of sorts, feeding the ground in hopes that it will return the favor. If God doesn’t answer, whoever does will be the family’s master! That night a strange man named Alabaster arrives at the homestead, and he makes an unholy bargain with the farmer. His land may be barren, but his wife’s belly is not.

    Back at Henderson Farms, the shit is still hitting the proverbial fan in a big way. Given that this is America and all, some of the attendees have come armed, but the crossfire proves as dangerous as the pumpkins that are laying waste to the humans. The panic to ‘get out now’ causes more casualties. Kitty’s in shock and Riley wants to leave her – dead weight, he tells the others – but Hank protests. When the pumpkins attack a second time, Kitty snaps back into it, holding her own and leading the other survivors back to the farmhouse. There are those who don’t make it, including the Pumpkin Queen.

    Riley decides they can lose the pumpkins in the corn maze, that’ll keep them from finding them at the farmhouse once they make it there. It’s a good idea in theory. Roger and the rest of the Seminal Chemical guys harvest the corpses left in the wake of the massacre, bringing them to the basement of their compound. Elsewhere, Vernon starts to put two and two together and decides to get the fuck out of Dodge! Things in the basement of the Seminal compound though… they’re starting to get really weird. Roger is flanked by a man in a sun mask and a man in a moon mask. They’re preparing to unleash chaos, the coming of The Gourd !

    The second issue ends on a good cliffhanger. It’s clear that this pumpkin problem has started to spread, moving further towards the cities and no longer just relegated to what’s happening on Henderson Farms. As such, the threat is growing in a bit way, and with the survivors even further decimated in this second issue, things don’t look so good for mankind. As to what Roger and the rest of the Seminal Chemical cultists are really up to, well, we get a few clues here but the mystery is still out. Needless to say, they’re clearly in the ‘pro-pumpkin’ camp and doing all that they are able to do in order to bring about whatever it is that they’re trying to bring about.

    The script, by Jenz K. Lund and D.H. Shultis, is a lot of fun. This second issue is fast paced and crazy, lots of carnage and action here but so too is there some decent character development and legitimate furthering of the plot. Add to this solid artwork from Juan Antonio Ramirez and nice coloring work from Fran Gamboa and this second issue turns out to be just as much fun as the first.