• Aliens Defiance #11

    Aliens Defiance #11
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: April 26th, 2017.
    Written by: Brian Wood
    Illustrated by: Eduardo Francisco
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    “WITH THE EUROPA DAMAGED AND TUMBLING INTO EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE, Zula and Hollis bail out. But what awaits them while in custody of the Colonial Marines and Wayland-Yutani might make everything that’s come before seem quaint.”

    As the ship hurtles towards certain doom, Hollis and Zula get in the escape pod and hope for the best. They land safely enough in a body of water, and the raft that is supposed to inflate does just that. They’ll be okay. As they float and wait for a potential rescue, Zula flashes back to her first encounter with the xenomorph.

    The Europa, soon enough, crashes nearby. Zula worries for Davis but Hollis tells her ‘he’s gone’ and she’s probably right. After some time a trio of USCM helicopters arrive and order the two women to stand down. Sacks are put over their heads and they’re brought onboard. Zula, understandably scared, calls for Dr. Yang but she’s nowhere to be seen. The escape pod that they were in is blown out of the water and off they go.

    At Weyland-Yutani HQ, there is talk between the corporate brass and military brass as to what to do with the Europa. There isn’t much left and it sunk to the bottom of the ocean. They suspect that the ‘rogue Davis unit’ sabotaged the fuel tank and caused most of the damage to the ship – but these guys want their sample. They decide to abandon any further actions with the Europa and instead concentrate on the live sample that WY’s director is told is at a hospital nearby. In said hospital, Zula is undergoing treatment and being condescended for her actions. When she asks about Hollis or Yang, she’s told by the doctor working on her that she can’t comment on that. Zula’s going to be put on trial, possibly even court-martialed. When she eventually sees Yang, the good doctor tells her that she’ll stand by her no matter what.

    But that live sample…

    The revolving door of artists on this series continues, this time with Eduardo Francisco handling the penciling chores. He does a fine job, his style is fine, but it doesn’t jive as much with the series’ look as past artists’ styles have. But in fairness, his art is very solid indeed and he draws the aliens really well. Some backgrounds look a bit sparse but other than that, the art is good. Wood’s story is going into some interesting directions. The focus on this issue is not on the action at all, it’s on what’s going to happen to Zula and Hollis and how. Clearly the higher up’s at Weyland-Yutani want what they were promised and if either one of the ladies has to do in order for that to happen, well, that’s the cost of doing business, right? It’s a frighteningly real prospect not just in this comic, but in life! There’s clearly some anti-corporation themes going on here but it never feels crammed into the story for political reasons, rather it suits what Wood’s story has been building to over the ten issues that came before. This one ends on a pretty intense cliffhanger too – bring on issue #12!