• Prometheus: Life And Death Final Conflict

    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: April 26th, 2017.
    Written by: Dan Abnett
    Illustrated by: Brian Albert Thies
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    “On the planet LV-223, the remnants of Captain Paget’s Colonial Marine platoon and other human survivors from previous missions joined a band of Predators in a seemingly doomed stand against a massive Alien swarm. It was only when Chris—a woman who had an unborn Alien queen gestating inside of her—killed herself and the larva that the attack ended. With nothing left to fight for, the Alien horde departed, and soon after, so did the Predators. But while waiting for their dropship to land, the marines discover they have one enemy left—a wounded Engineer determined to destroy them! Meanwhile, another group of human survivors have been carried into deep space onboard a ship piloted by another Engineer…”

    What’s left of the team onboard the ship that an Engineer took off in – Foster, Humble and Singer - explore the place, finding a painting that shows an Engineer drinking the ‘black goo’ that started all of this and creating new life. They wonder if mankind wasn’t created in the image of an Engineer, if these beings aren’t responsible for life on Earth. They figure LV-233 was an experiment and that what they saw happen there was just the Engineer’s cleaning out the lab. Would they do the same to Earth once they were bored of it? Does it pose a threat to Earth? Before they can figure that out, they need to learn where this ship is going and how much time they have before they run out of air, food and water.

    On LV-233, Captain Paget and the rest – Roth, Freebody, Cross, Galgo, Melville, Jill – are waiting for the freight bus to touch down and get them off of this planet. While they wait, Paget talks to Jill about losing her wife, Chris. Jill thought they were really going to make it but before they conversation can get any deeper they’re attacked by an Engineer. A firefirght breaks out, Pagets has her troops retreat but they get a few good shots in. Melville talks to the wounded Engineer but it doesn’t end well. They head into the temple and decide to use the Engineer’s own black goo against it – they’ve no other choice. It the bus lands while it’s around, he’ll destroy it and they’ll be stranded here forever.

    Aboard the Engineer’s ship, Humble goes through the computer systems while the Engineer sleeps in a cryo bay. He learns that the ship’s navigational system is pulling information from their own gear. As such, they’re able to deduce that the ship is headed for Earth, seemingly confirming their worst suspicions.

    Brian Albert Thies’ artwork has always suited the AVP universe nicely, his work on this chapter is no exception. There’s good detail here, nice movement, interesting panel layouts and some impressive designs – that last page is pretty classic too. Rain Beredo’s coloring work helps out a lot here too, making LV-223 and the ship’s interior appropriately gloomy but adding healthy splashes of bright colors when and where the story call for it and in doing so, helping to create some nice contrast.

    Abnett wraps up the lengthy Life And Death series of mini-series’ that has been published over the last year or so quite nicely, of course wrapping up all of the immediate threads but also leaving things up for a follow up. This was good enough that maybe we’ll get one, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to revisit some of these characters in the future, especially now that they have decent back stories to build off of. It’s highbrow sci-fi with healthy doses of action thrown in, smart stuff but exciting stuff too. If they earlier chapters took a bit of time to get going, that story and character building paid off in the end.