• Highlander: The American Dream #3

    Highlander: The American Dream #3
    Released by: IDW Publishing
    Released on: April 19th, 2017.
    Written by: Brian Ruckley
    Illustrated by: Andrea Mutti
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    “The Story So Far: Since the dawn of time, immortals have lived secretly among us—fated to await the time of the Gathering, when those who remain will battle for the Prize. A Prize that will bestow immense power upon the sole survivor. New York, 1955. Connor MacLeod—the Highlander—and his fellow immortal Osta Vazilek are on the trail of another of their kind: John Hooke, a heartless killer who has roamed North America for centuries. But there are others following that same trail, and no secret
    can be kept forever…”

    In the suburbs of New York City, in 1955, Special Agent Edward Highsmith shows up to investigate a crime scene. The home’s two owners were killed, as was their dog but not before the dog alerted the neighbors who called the police. Each victim at the crime scene was missing one eye each. They find only one clue, a business card for Drake’s Books that they presume to have fallen out of the killer’s pocket.

    Elsewhere, in Manhattan, MacLeod and Vazilek talk about Hooke’s penchant for removing his victims’ eyes. They need to stop him, but first, MacLeod wants a drink. Here Vazilek lets on that some members of the church he serves know ‘glimpses of the truth’ in regards to what he really is. After all, he’s been a monk for centuries and he carries a sword. MacLeod responds in kind, let’s on that Rachel knows there’s some sort of ‘magic’ in him and he leaves it at that.

    Highsmith, accompanied by Detective Connolly, arrive at the book store at question Rachel about this ‘Mr. Drake.’ She says nothing of interest and then MacLeod, posing as Rupert Wallingford, the landlord, arrives. He tells them Drake died of a heart attack two months ago. The cops know something is up but they’re not sure what. On the way out, however, Highsmith says to Vazilek that he recognizes him. Vazilek, of course, insists that this isn’t possible. The cops leave and Vazilek posits that Hooke may have left the business card at the crime scene to send MacLeod a message – after all, he lives above the store. It would stand to reason now that Hooke knows where MacLeod lives. Understandably, Connor feels Rachel is no in danger and he intends to do something about it.

    As Vazilek and MacLeod start to close in on Hawke, obviously things get dangerous – very dangerous by the last page of this third issue. Again, Ruckley’s story does a nice job of expanding on the Highlander universe while still staying true to its origins. The relationship between MacLeod and Vazilek is interesting as it is taking shape throughout the series, adding humor and quirky character development to the story. As to Highsmith’s role in all of this, we’ll see where that goes. He’s obsessive, he doesn’t mind bending the rules – something is up with this F.B.I. officer, it’s more than just wanting to crack a case. As such, lots going on, a fun read. Andrea Mutti’s artwork is on par with the quality laid down in the first two issues, and the big fight at the end of this one is really nicely put together from an artistic standpoint.