• Spirit, The: The Corpse-Makers #3

    Spirit, The: The Corpse-Makers #3
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: May 17th, 2017.
    Written & Illustrated by: Francesco Francavilla
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    The rain is coming down fierce in the city. Eb makes a phone call to Commissioner Dolan to let him know that he and The Spirit have taken care of two of the bank robbers and that they’ve left them for them at an old warehouse. Dolan and a team of cops arrive on the scene to find the burglars tied up, but The Spirit missing.

    So where is our masked hero? Running through the streets in the pouring rain looking for Eb’s cousin Vince. Eb’s not sure how he wound up involved in the robbery but they can sort that out later – for now Eb knows he has a family member in trouble. He needs The Spirit’s help, and he’s got it. When The Spirit sees an old truck with the word ‘CREMATORIUM’ painted on the side, he has to wonder what it’s doing out this late at night. Intrigued, he follows it to a creepy old building where he sees a hooded figure skulking about.

    Meanwhile, private investigator Lisa Marlowe heads back to her office to treat her wounds – thankfully the bullet just grazed her, but it still smarts. She got lucky – she got a few shots of some familiar looking hooded figures pulling a body out of a that same truck The Spirit was tailing, but then when she was spotted, she was chased and shot at. If she hadn’t had the gumption to drive her motorcycle off the pier into the river letting her assailants believe she was dead, she’d be a goner. The plus side? If they think she’s dead, they won’t be looking for her. Time to get back to that crematorium, the same creepy old building where The Spirit is currently investigating a very morbid and bizarre scene…

    Francesco Francavilla’s take on Will Eisner’s most famous creation just keeps getting better. The mystery provides plenty of tension and suspense while the inclusion of some familiar supporting characters like Ebony and Dolan give the book the familiarity that fans of The Spirit will have come to expect. Francavilla is managing to take the character into some new and interesting directions while at the same time remaining true to The Spirit’s ‘classic’ roots. Eisner’s original run with the character had plenty of noirish elements in it, and it’s those elements that Francavilla seems most enamored with. As such, he delivers a story rich with shadowy atmosphere and a twisted, macabre menace for our masked vigilante to square off against. It works wonderfully. It’s a really fun read, a nice mix of action, suspense and solid character development. It also ends on one Hell of a cliffhanger – once you get to the last page of this third issue you’ll want to dig into the fourth immediately. But patience is a virtue, and good things come to those who wait.

    Of course, Francavilla’s art is also a big draw here. Not only does he manage to write the character perfectly in tune with his decades old legacy, but his unique art style is a perfect match for The Spirit as well. Lots of great detail here, a splash page that would make Eisner proud, and of course, loads of shadowy panels that your eyes just love to pour over. On top of that? The cover is a masterpiece!

    Don’t miss out on this book – it’s pretty much flawless comic book entertainment.

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    Red Christmas

    Their earlier Blu-ray releases were BD-R but most of the more recent ones are pressed, this one... Go to last post

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    Red Christmas

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    I thought Ruby is sweet sixteen which was christened in blood and raised in sin but hell no! Also... Go to last post

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    Jesus Christ. Yet another title for me to avoid... Go to last post

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