• Highlander: The American Dream #4

    Highlander: The American Dream #4
    Released by: IDW Publishing
    Released on: May 24th, 2017.
    Written by: Brian Ruckley
    Illustrated by: Andrea Mutti
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    “The story so far: Since the dawn of time, immortals have lived secretly amongst us—fated to await the time of the Gathering, when those who remain will battle for the Prize. A Prize that will bestow immense power upon the sole survivor. New York, 1955. Connor MacLeod – the Highlander – and Osta Vazilek are pursuing John Hooke, a fellow immortal and serial killer who has roamed the United States for centuries. At stake is nothing less than the future itself: which immortal will survive to reach the Gathering, claim the Prize and turn the world towards either light or darkness?”

    Manhattan, 1955. Osta Vazilek is running through the streets only to get smacked by a car. The motorists get out, concerned that they’ve hit someone, let alone a priest, but Vazilek is okay, even when he shouldn’t be. He gets up and continues his run, trying to find MacLeod who is currently involved in a dual atop the Brooklyn Bridge with John Hooke. As they duel, they talk – about before, whether or not what they were before even matters any more. MacLeod, who introduces himself as ‘from the Clan MacLeod’ clearly believes it does – Hooke? Not so much.

    The fight gets bloody and just as it looks like Hooke is done for, he jumps off the bride into the East River. Osta arrives just in time to see MacLeod jump in after him. Osta returns to MacLeod’s apartment to wait for him. Rachel makes him tea and they talk. Soon enough, a very wet Connor shows up. He lost Hooke, couldn’t see well enough in the river to catch him. Connor can’t help but notice the bruise on Rachel’s face, the one that Agent Highsmith gave her and while he wants revenge for this, she talks him off the ledge. When she tells the two men that Highsmith is looking for Hooke and a monk that seems to have an uncanny knack for showing up at crime scenes, Osta figures it’s time for him to head back to where he came from for a while.

    Manhattan, 1985. Connor and Osta talk about the Gathering, how they know it is near, and how there is unfinished business with Hooke. They know where he is, not too far away at an abandoned railway terminal in New Jersey. They agree to meet there at midnight. Hooke cannot win the Gathering, they need to take him out first. Both men are unaware that an aged Highsmith has been watching them, listening to their conversation. He no longer works for the F.B.I. but has a secret benefactor financing his investigation as understaffed as it may be.

    This issue is a good one – a nice mix of action and intrigue written well by Brian Ruckley and nicely illustrated by Andrea Mutti. The action scenes in particular have a good sense of movement and danger to them and the city backgrounds are nicely detailed. The story builds off of the three issues prior, starting to pull the different threads together into a more cohesive whole while continuing to offer up some strong character development. Some of the conversations in this issue are fairly deep too, as Connor and Osta discuss their inevitable destinies and with Hooke and MacLeod bantering back and forth about the meaning of the past. Lots of food for thought here, and a wicked twist ending too. All in all, a fun read and a nice continuation of the franchise’s mythos.