• Peekarama: Pussycat Ranch / Here Comes The Bride

    Released by: Vinegar Syndrome
    Released on: May 24th, 2017.
    Director: John Christopher
    Cast: Samantha Fox, Colleen Anderson, Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards, Joey Silvera, Roger Caine, Molly Malone
    Year: 1978/1978
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    The Movies:

    Two dirty movies from the mind of director John Christopher.

    Pussycat Ranch:

    Directed by John Christopher (who classic smut fans will know has a few decent titles in his filmography like Inside Georgina Spelvin and Hot Child In The City among others) in 1978 for Jack Rabbit Productions, Pussycat Ranch starts off with a pretty great theme song that 'talks about the girls of the Pussycat Ranch, who'll give you a real fine time if you give them just half a chance' that plays over top of footage of the female cast riding topless through a field. From there we meet John Boy (Shaun Costello regular Roger Caine) and an older woman called Ma (Molly Malone). John Boy has no work, so he's itching to leave but she convinces him to say goodbye to the girls before he goes. He heads into the barn where Daisey Mae, Heather Young and Samantha Fox are discussing their mutual horniness. He's the right man in the right place at the right time and before you know it they're literally going for a roll in the hay. Caine gets naked and the girls take over.

    From there, we see an evil banker show up and ask Ma for the mortgage money. She doesn't have it and he insists he'll have to marry her. The three girls walk in and put a stop to things before they get out of hand. He decides to give them all one more day to come up with the money. Meanwhile, two cowboys played by Joey Silvera (as Snake) and Eric Edwards (as Billy The Kid), decide to go find some girls while some familiar music plays on the soundtrack. Eric Edwards comes to a house where he finds Arcadia Lake. They make out, some disco music swells up on the soundtrack, and they screw like rabbits. While this is going on, Silvera is outside practicing his gun play to more familiar sounding music. He doesn't see the banker head inside...

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch (ha!), the girls are bandying about more ideas on how to get money. They decide to rob a bank and head out to try their luck. When they leave, Snake and Billy The Kid show up and have some words with John Boy. Eventually they all get drunk together and lament the fact that there are no broads around here. We also learn that Billy and Snake have just come from robbing the bank the girls are out to rob. The luck! Eventually they get back to the house and Eric Edwards, Heather Young, Roger Caine, and Samantha Fox have an orgy. Daisey Mae and Joey Silvera go at it as a twosome in another room. The western music turns to disco again and everybody humps.

    The girls bitch and moan some more about not having the money and figure they're going to lose their ranch. More familiar western inspired music is on the soundtrack, as the guys figure that maybe they can work out some sort of deal with the girls. Meanwhile, the Sheriff, played by Don Peterson, is in a bedroom with Samantha Fox who is all too keen to take advantage of him.

    After the guys decide to hang out a bit at the ranch some more, Daisey Mae takes a lawyer played by R. Bolla upstairs and they strip. They hop into bed and get to it. Once that is over with the film rushes to a conclusion where Billy decides to take it upon himself to deal with evil banker and solve the girls' problems for good. Plenty more familiar music is swiped and everyone lives happily ever after.

    Not particularly sexy and probably slightly below the erotic standards that genre held itself to at the time, The Pussycat Ranch won't appease those looking for porn specifically. If you dig on screwy old cult movies with stolen soundtracks, bad dialogue, wooden acting and goofy premises, however, the film delivers and on that level it's worth seeing; but the hilarity found in the film is mostly of the unintentional variety. Take that for what you will. It’s got a good cast and it moves at a decent enough pace to entertain. Just keep your expectations in check is all.

    Here Comes The Bride:

    The second film on the disc is also pretty goofy, at least as far as the plot is concerned, and that’s really because there isn’t much of a plot so much as there is a setup off of which Christopher strings together a series of admittedly really well done scenes of bumping and grinding.

    As to that setup? Well Tom (David Morris) and Rhonda (Samantha Fox) have recently wed. As they lay around in the buff celebrating their recent nuptials, they look back on the events that transpired to eventually bring them together. See, Tom was out shoveling the walk one day when Rhonda took a tumble in the snow. Not one to leave a damsel in distress, he wanders over to help her up. They wind up back at her place where he puts the moves on her but NO DICE – she’s saving herself, she tells him. Regardless, they clearly dig each other and you know that they’ll be in touch. On the way out, Tom passes two guys (David Christopher and Roger Caine). He doesn’t know this but they’re heading up to Rhonda’s place to have a three way with her. Virginal this woman is not.

    A day or two later and they decide to go on a double date. While Tom and Rhonda sit in the front seat and watch the movie, their friends (Erica Havens and Richard Stevens) get it on in the back. Rhonda splits, she has to head to the ladies room, while Tom takes matters into his own hands completely unware that his new girlfriend has stopped off for a quickie with some random guy (Joey Silvera) on the other side of the drive-in. But, you can’t say no to love. Soon enough we learn that Tom and Ronda are engaged. To celebrate, her friends throw her a bridal shower (he’s not invited, of course) wherein a bunch of dudes (Caine, Silvera, Christopher and Mike DeMarco) come over for a big ol’ orgy (the highlight of which is Fox going at it with Havens for a quick girl/girl session).

    From there we see their wedding day, where Rhonda’s friend Jenny (Clea Carson) is so overtaken with her beauty that she just has to put the moves on her before she ties the knot. Mission accomplished, the wedding goes off and our couple head out on their honeymoon where they newly wedded Rhonda screws the bellboy behind Tom’s back! Eventually, of course, Tom gets what he wanted but hey, it takes the guy a while.

    Despite the fact that this one is essentially plotless, it’s still worth a watch thanks to the fact that the humor is pretty effective and, well, let’s be honest here… Samantha Fox has never looked better and she gets a LOT of screen time in the picture. Fans of this foxy dark haired lady (don’t confuse her with the British pop-tart/Page Three Girl who sang Touch Me and Naughty Girls Need Love Too) while appreciate the fact that she features in almost every scene and she looks fantastic doing it. Loads of energy and enthusiasm on Fox’s part(s) make Here Comes The Bride worth seeking out, despite the fact that it really doesn’t have much of a story to it. It’s nicely shot, features some decent music and a fine supporting cast. Solid production values help here too. Definitely worth seeing.


    Both movies are presented anamorphic widescreen in standard definition transfer taken from new 2k scans of the original 35mm negatives. Each film on the disc looks great, offering strong detail and clarity throughout. Additionally, both films are pretty clean and show little in the way of print damage. Great colors, good depth and texture, strong black levels – these look really nice.

    Both films get the English language Dolby Digital Mono treatment. Clarity is just fine in each film with the music used in each feature sounding nice and clear. Balance is fine in each picture. There’s a bit of hiss in Ladies Night but it’s nothing too distracting. Otherwise, dialogue is clean, crisp and clear. There are no alternate language options or subtitles provided.

    Aside from a trailer for Here Comes The Bride, there are no extras on the disc, just a static menu offering feature and reel selection.

    The Final Word:

    Vinegar Syndrome’s DVD double feature release of Peekarama: Pussycat Ranch / Here Comes The Bride offers up two John Christopher XXX comedies in nice shape. It’s light on extras but the presentation is top notch. As to the movies themselves, Pussycat Ranch is fun if forgettable, while Here Comes The Bride is a must see for Samantha Fox fans.