• Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop The Reign? #3

    Shaolin Cowboy: Who’ll Stop The Reign? #3
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: June 21st, 2017.
    Written and Illustrated by: Geof Darrow
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    When issue two ended, the Shaolin Cowboy was going head to head with his mortal enemy Hog Kong, the giant pig. Issue three picks up right there in the middle of that fight with an impressive splash page showcasing our high kicking hero booting that drooling, slobbering hog in the face and into some power lines.

    Hog Kong kicks back, sending a small cadre of pterodactyls fluttering away from the scene, and from there, things get bloody as our two combatants beat the snot out of one another. Hog Kong makes some bad puns that you can’t help but laugh at, but the cowboy isn’t having any of it. He keeps his focus on the task at hand and after getting covered in blood, snot and slime and flatulence, he’s kicked into a building, bounces off of a car and lands in an alleyway… on his feet of course. This happens just as King Crab and his Volkswagen van full of Nazi’s arrives.

    As Hog Kong charges at the cowboy from the other end of the alley, the Shaolin Cowboy readies himself for the attack. That talking dog from the last issue reminds Hog Kong to leave some leftovers for King Crab, but Kong is bound and determined to finish this once and for all – in honor of his mother’s memory. And then there’s a car crash – it seems Hog Kong forgot to look both ways before crossing the street, but with the giant pig out the way, there’s still King Crab to contend with, whose beef with the cowboy ties into the man’s penchant for all you can eat seafood buffets. His army of Double Revengers has health care, so they’re fearless!

    Background references to everything from Ultraman to various kaiju movies, perverted businesses aplenty, junkies and bums everywhere, blatant (but welcome) anti-Trump messaging, talking dogs that piss and shit where they please, lots of drug references and a car crash illustrated with such insane detail that it’s almost beautiful in its own way? Just another issue of Darrow’s lunatic masterpiece. Why shouldn’t dogs with knives for paws bounce off the hood of a car in front of a ‘vagina repair shop’ while a lizard with a human hand in its mouth wanders past?

    Hilarious. Horrifying. Visually addictive This book is as witty as it is crass but you can’t help but laugh at it all, no matter how gross –and completely insane - it might occasionally get. Hell, it’s not even occasional, every damn page of this book is completely nuts… and I can’t wait for the next issue.
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