• Gwar: Orgasmageddon #2

    Gwar: Orgasmageddon #2
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: July 5th, 2017.
    Written by: Matt Maguire, Matt Miner
    Illustrated by: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Matt Maguire
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    Last issue, GWAR got into it with Mr. Perfect, wound up stealing his dong shaped spaceship (The Meat Rocket!) and somehow travelling through time where, not surprisingly, they wreaked havoc and caused problems throughout history. While this was going on, Perfect was trying to kill Sawborg Destructo so that he could incorporate his DNA into his own and become even more perfect than he already is.

    When we catch up with the scumdogs of the universe, they’re fighting dinosaurs – all of them, it seems. They kill all the dinosaurs and then use the Neanderthals to have a giant BBQ. The Neanderthal women left behind are impressed by Blothar’s endowment – it seems that GWAR, since taking out the dinosaurs, are now being treated as gods! And then the Meat Rocket shows up and they’re off to their next stop…

    …Nazi Germany, a stop chosen by new recruit Estrogenia! Greeted by some Nazi soldiers upon their arrival, GWAR get rid of them in some pretty grisly ways – eyes are popped out, dicks are ripped off, limbs are severed, that type of thing. When some Hitler Youth show up, same deal – mass slaughter – after which, looking for something to drink, the alien horde make their way into Hitler’s bunker where we learn that not only was he a shitty painter, but that he had a ‘tiny white-power pecker’ as well. Slymenstra and Estrogenia give Hitler’s lady Eva some of Sleazy’s special bath salts and she hulks out and pays him back in kind. But at least they save his dog, Blondi!

    Elsewhere, the battle between Mr. Perfect and Sawborg Destructo rages on. Perfect is concerned that GWAR are advancing through the timeline faster than expected, and he realizes he needs to get rid of Sawborg for the time being to find a way to slow GWAR down – to do this? His newest creation, Minion Q, a weird snake cyborg thing that heads off to meet them in Mesoamerica..!

    Of course, there’s also plenty of pop culture reference, with digs at Master Chef, James Cameron’s Titanic (and Growing Pains!) to name only a few, and lots of gore and crass humor – the kind of stuff that brings people back to GWAR in the various forms that the project has taken on over the years (be it a live show, an album, a DVD, a comic or… flavored vaping oils). This second issue manages to do things really well – push the envelope more than the first issue and further the story that said first issue laid down. We knew that GWAR travelling through time would lead to some interesting ideas and the exploitation of those ideas is done really well. It’s not complicated: GWAR shows up and kills things, but there’s a great sense of humor behind it and as they often say, the devil is in the details, be it the banter between members or the little bits and pieces snuck into the artwork. Miner and Maguire clearly have a great handle on what makes GWAR so enduring and so appealing decades since they got their start and they keep that at the forefront of the book. As such, not only do we get genital humor, gore, sex jokes and corny humor but we also get some decidedly barbed social and political commentary, something that’s always been a part of what GWAR has always been about. The art from Maguire and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer suits the story perfectly. It’s cartoonish, but so is the band, while at the same time there’s a good amount of detail to each panel and on each page.

    Aside from the main attraction, this second issue also features the second installment of The X-Cops’ Startling Saga Of Sgt. Zipperhead, which picks up where the first one left off. After getting seriously burned (but not dying), Zipperhead wakes up and makes his way out of the rubber room where he was promptly stomped by The X-Cops and then sedated and reprogrammed… but sedatives don’t last forever. This is a fun four page from Bob Gorman that makes for an amusing backup story to the main attraction. Also included in this second issue are a few other shorts – “Been There Done That Seen It” by Hunter Jackson (a two page short where a guy tries to talk a foxy girl into attending a GWAR show with him) and GWAR Slave Follies Presents: “Rising To The Occasion” written by Miner and Maguire with art from Kelly Williams (a two page piece where a GWAR slave works up the courage to hit on Estrogenia).