• Blood Brothers: Hermanos De Sangre #2

    Blood Brothers: Hermanos De Sangre #2
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: July 26th, 2017.
    Written by: Fabian Rangel Jr.
    Illustrated by: Javier Caba
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    Diego and Gabriel are, after the events in the first issue, smack dab in the middle of a brawl. Where? At a warehouse. With who? A bunch of werewolves. Why? That remains to be seen, but Gabriel heads after the one two try to run away while Diego, luchadore extraordinaire, mops the floor with the rest of the hairy heathens.

    Once the brawl is over with, Diego produces a silver bullet – just to keep the remainders in line – and notes that he’s got them on ‘evading arrest, assaulting police officers and trafficking in stolen goods.’ The brothers decide to do this ‘by the book’ and so they take them in. Cut to the interrogation room at the police department where Gabriel is asking the tough questions – the werewolf denies stealing the Aztec skull, but he hints that he knows who might have done it.

    And so he tells the brothers a story – how he was in the club with a few ladies minding his own business when a man named Calvera, dressed in a trench coat, arrives with a bag containing an object of great power. He wants ‘Los Lobos’ to fence it for him but our werewolf friend, he’s heard of Calvera and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He sends him packing without even looking in the bag. Before they finish, the wolfman tells Gabriel of an auction house that could deal in these types of things. And of course, that’s where the two brothers go next. After casing the joint, they make their way inside and promptly run into Lawrence Harding, the spectral owner of the house. He wants them to avenge his murder at the hands of his ‘good for nothing son.’ Gabriel recognizes Lawrence as the third man in the picture with his father and the Aztec priest. They head further into the house and stealthily watch as various creatures bid on various arcane objects – until Gabriel speaks up, they get spotted and a brawl breaks out, complete with a giant purple demon…

    Action, humor and monsters galore make this unorthodox buddy cop story a really fun read. Writer Fabian Rangel Jr. and artist Javier Caba work all sorts of nods to Mexican history and pop culture into the story to give it some welcome flavor while still managing to push the story forward in this second chapter. We get some hints as to their father’s fate and how it ties into the skull, a bit of a reveal with the presence of Lawrence Harding, bringing the brothers one step closer to solving the mystery of the Aztec Skull. This moves at a great pace, it’s consistently exciting and entertaining, and it looks great, unlike anything else on the racks right now. The art is clean but very ‘pop’ in its style – not a bad thing at all, it just serves to help it further stand out from other titles.

    Anyone with an interest in horror, humor and tough cop stories ought to give this genre bender a shot!