• Gwar: Orgasmageddon #3

    Gwar: Orgasmageddon #3
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: August 30th, 2017.
    Written by: Matt Maguire, Matt Miner
    Illustrated by: Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Matt Maguire, Tom Neely
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    Picking up where the second issue left off, Sawborg Destructo has been tossed into a time portal leaving Mr. Perfect to focus his attention back on GWAR who have been travelling through time themselves. When this issue starts, GWAR are in the midst of fighting a monster called the Krakunt in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean while the Titanic sinks behind them. As they go head to head against the Lovecraftian vagina monster, the tide of battle turns when births a half dozen pint sized monsters while Pustulus ponders the origins of their foe.

    When GWAR makes it back to their ‘nice warm dick ship’ in time to feed Hitler’s dog blondie (who they rescued from Der Fuhrer last issue), the ship that Pustulus thinks he’s fixed takes them to Italy circa 1507. Separated from the others, Beefcake looks for an Olive Garden and Estrogenia feels romance in the air. Who should then appear to the two of them? With a familiar ‘Sexcuse me’ he appears…. The Sexecutioner! But he’s not the only character from their past that they encounter in this time slip – not by a long shot - as GWAR once again makes the world a worse place just by existing.

    Bill Cosby jokes, hentai gags, references that go all the way back to tracks on Hell-O, fat jokes, bad puns, farts, severed dicks and whale fucking – does that make this the best issue yet? Yes it does. Not only is the humor completely on point and not only do we get some genuinely interesting twists in the storyline that are not only funny but also rather poignant, we also get some genuine progression in the whole time travel storyline. If the first two issues used the time travel motif to simply shift GWAR from one set piece to the next, this third issue builds off of that – there are repercussions here that may (or may not, this is GWAR so who the fuck knows) altar the future of the band, or at the very least, this storyline. It’s a fun read. Gory, gross, crass – but also frequently very clever. Lots of nods to the band’s past for the fans but it’s never overdone, it all works within the context of the story being told.

    It’s also interesting that in this issue there’s an ‘art shift’ that again, in the context of what is happening, somehow manages to make perfect sense. When the shift in the story occurs, the shift in the art reflects that and the style gets slightly less cartoonish when it happens. It’s a neat trick. Lots of nice detail in the panels and sexcellent use of color as well, the art team has done a great job on this one.

    In addition to the main storyline, we also get a few backup stories starting with GWAR’s First Job. Written and drawn by Don Drakulich, this quickie shows us what happens when Sleazy runs out of money and GWAR runs out of crack. It’s to be continued next issue, so we’ll leave it at that. Next up is GWAR Slave Follies Presents Happiness In (GWAR) Slavery, written by Miner and Maguire with art by Matt Harding. It’s a quick two page bit in which Bonesnapper is tricked into thinking it’s ‘Slave Appreciation Day’ by a couple of GWAR’s minions. Last but not least is GWAR Slave Follies Presents Pepe Le Spew Cooks Up A Friend, written by Miner and Maguire and illustrated by Dave Fox. Here two slaves conduct an experiment with the assistance of Le Spew to create a creature named Jizzface