• Gwar: Orgasmageddon #4

    Gwar: Orgasmageddon #4
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: October 18th, 2017.
    Written by: Matt Maguire, Matt Miner
    Illustrated by: Maguire, Tom Neely
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    The last three issues have seen GWAR travelling through time, trying to make their way back to the present to defeat Mr. Perfect, their arch-nemesis. Along the way, they screwed up a lot – they sunk the Titanic, they started some wars, they killed Kurt Cobain – you know, stuff like that. When this fourth and final issue begins, they’ve arrived in Antarctica where they hope to challenge Perfect and pay him back for killing their fallen leader, Oderus Urungus. If you’re not already up to speed, a conversation between some robotic penguins on the first page will get you there.

    GWAR’s meeting with Bozo Destructo, who doesn’t talk very well and is more interested in hammering them than in teaming up with them. They make some Small Wonder jokes that’ll go over a lot of peoples’ heads and then eventually Sawborg convinces his ‘Destructo’ brother to join them against Perfect. All of this is taking place in what used to be GWAR’s Antarctic temple, which Bozo has redecorated in his own inimitable style. Before they can fight Perfect, however, they’ll need even more help – and they find it in the form of Gor-Gor, the crack addicted baby T-Rex.

    Everyone crams into the giant flying dick shaped spaceship, at which point Bozo wrecks the recently repaired control panel but manages to pilot the ship to present day Antarctica manually. They arrive while penguins make love, and make their way towards Perfect’s castle only to find themselves drastically outnumbered by his minions. With no choice but to head back to the ship, they wind up on one last INSANE trip through time… but will they be able to stop Perfect once and for all?

    Loads of pop culture references in this one – no sense spoiling them here but they go after all decades hitting seventies era New York City to eighties era Miami Vice to Calvary Hill to all points in between, wreaking the type of havoc you’d hope they’d wreak along the way. Some well-deserved political digs are made along the way. This happens over a series of double page spreads that are just awesome, loaded with detail and gags aplenty. Movie nerds and music geeks will get the most out of this but there really is something here for everyone.

    As to how it all ends? Not gonna spoil that either but Matt’s Miner and Maguire have penned a pretty insane story that, maybe not so surprisingly, leads into GWAR’s new album The Blood Of Gods (which we’ve reviewed here). The humor is crass, at times gleefully stupid, but definitely in keeping with the band’s unique brand of monster-heavy mayhem and satirical insanity. The artwork, illustrated by Tom Neely and Maguire and colored by Mark Dale and Josh Jensen, suits the story nicely. Loads of detail here, especially in those double page spreads, you definitely want to take your time to really go over them carefully to get the most out of the book. The fact that the last chapter is dedicated to Dave Brockie and Cory Smoot is a nice touch as well.

    In the back pages, we get a few short stories starting with the second part of the GWAR’s First Job bit that debuted last issue. Written and illustrated by Don Drakulich, we see Sleazy P. Martini take Oderus and Slymenstra to a wrestling match where what was supposed to be a tag team event gets turned into a one on one match by the promotor. This doesn’t go over well when Oderus realizes that they money they’d hope to make and spend on crack has been cut in half.

    GWAR Slave Follies Presents “High-Life Lowlives” written by Miner and Maguire and drawn by Scarecrowoven shows what it’s like when GWAR loots all the booze, food and crack leaving the good stuff to the slaves. Up next, GWAR Slave Follies Presents “Back To School With Estrogina And Professor Mattron” written by Miner and Maguire and illustrated by Jeff Martin is a quick one on which Estrogina learns the importance of a good punch line when it comes to dismembering humans. Last but not least there’s It Is Heaven, No? written by Chuck Varga and once again drawn by Scarecrowoven. It’s a one-pager involving Sexecutioner and some of his lady friends.

    All in all, a fine finish to a fun series.