• Sex And The Single Vampire Plus The Lost Films Of Sandy Dempsey

    Sex And The Single Vampire Plus The Lost Films Of Sandy Dempsey
    Released by: Alpha Blue Archives
    Released on: 2017.
    Director: Modunk Phreezer/?/Bluth Blaine
    Cast: John Holmes, Sandy Dempsey, Kathy Hilton, Damian Zisk, Orita De Chadwick, Uschi Digard, Damian Zisk
    Year: 1970/1971/1971/1972

    The Movie:

    Sex And The Single Vampire is a fifty-five minute long John Holmes vehicle directed by the mysterious Modunk Phreezer. When the movie begins, Count Spatula (John Holmes) rises from his coffin where he’s been resting for God only knows how long. Decked out like he just spent a cool ten bones at Bela Lugosi’s garage sale, he screams at the sight of a little mouse before heading to the kitchen where he hopes to enjoy a cool drink of blood – but no dice! He’s out.

    Luckily for the count, before you know it a half dozen or so swinging peeps (one of whom is recognizable as Sandy Dempsey) show up at his door hoping to use his haunted house as a launch pad for an evening of sexual depravity! It turns out that the leader of this group of horny explorers is actually the count’s nephew who is well aware of the fact that his uncle is a bloodsucking vampire. From here the group splits up, different characters wandering around the house and fucking each other in various rooms and then eventually all getting back together for the inevitable orgy scene. While all of this is going on, Count Spatula is watching and getting hornier by the second. After he accidently electrocutes himself at the fuse box, he decides his nephew would make a good snack and then he bones four of the chicks. Oh and at one point the count paints. The end.

    Holmes looks ridiculous skulking around in vampire garb, handling the jokes in the movie with some of the worse comedic timing you’re ever likely to see. The gags fall so flat and so hard that this completely unfunny movie somehow winds up as actually pretty damn funny, though it’s unlikely that the filmmakers figured the hilarity in their feature would be of the unintentional variety. It’s cool to see Sandy Dempsey pop up here and while the movie is as predictable as it is goofy, it’s hard not to at least giggle a little bit at all of this. It’s stupid, but at least it’s amusing. The version of the movie on this disc runs just a few seconds shy of fifty-four minutes. The score on this film is credited to Sigfried Von Wanghunt and the key grip on the movie is one F. I. Hadahammer.


    Alpha Blue Archives brings Sex And The Single Vampire to DVD framed at 1.33.1 taken from a print that is watchable if unremarkable in its quality. Lots of scratches and whatnot here, it definitely could have been cleaned up more. Colors are okay, not as faded as some vintage sex films tend to look on DVD but hardly restored in the least. Again, it’s watchable, just far from perfect. The screen caps below give you a pretty realistic idea of what to expect. The sequences that were shot on video obviously look softer than those shot on film, they’re a little wobbly looking in spots.

    The only audio option for the feature attraction is an English language Dolby Digital Mono track. There’s some hiss throughout and some annoying reverb too. The audio quality here is not very good. Balance is fine but some cleanup work would have helped to make this a much more enjoyable listening experience.

    There are three bonus features here, the first of which is Sky Pilot, a sixty-minute feature from 1972, which has no opening or closing credits. The film revolves around a man named Paul Rotter, a former air force pilot who served in the Vietnam War. Now back on American soil, his memories plague him and even effect his sex live. When we first meet him, he and a friend (Alex Elliott) hit the bar where they talk to some girls. Paul picks up a pretty young thing named Jeannie (Sandy Dempsey) and they split for more intimate surroundings – his place. They get it on and as they do, we see stock footage inserts of jet fighters doing their thing, which we’re led to believe are his flashbacks. They get together again a day or two later for another go, and he gets a bit rough with her. From there, we flashback to an encounter Paul had with a big-chested German woman (Nora Wieternik), during which he tells her about his exploits serving his country overseas.

    Later, Paul and his friend are cruising around in their van. They pick up two female hitchhikers (one of whom is Orita De Chadwick) and have a four way. From there, he goes back to Jeanie who asks him why he quit flying. It turns out that it wasn’t his decision, he was court martialed for bombing the wrong targets. We get another flashback, this time to Paul’s exploits with a hooker (Andy Bellamy). Things get tricky when Paul fucks Jeannie’s friend Kathy. It doesn’t go over well and she leaves him, at which point the movie ends with a quick stock footage insert of a jet bomber.

    Clearly meant as more than just another fuck film, this one has some sort of message to it about the horrors of war and their effects on man. Don’t look to get a whole lot more specific than that, because as soon as the film starts to get deep, the story is interrupted by the requisite sex scenes. Still, Sky Pilot is reasonably well-acted by its uncredited male lead and by Dempsey. Production values are okay and if the movie isn’t breaking any new ground in terms of cinematography or production values it does at least look alright. Special mention should also be made of the film’s bizarre jazz soundtrack. Sometimes it seems out of place, other times it fits in perfectly but even when it doesn’t work all that well it is at least interesting. No idea who directed this, but they did a pretty decent job.

    Up next is Skin Flick Madness, a fifty-one minute long feature made in 1971. It starts off with a ‘Suckit Films Presents’ that then rambles off some interesting credits (Wardrobe by Ivan Beatoffski, Camera by Lester Lenscap) but no title for the feature itself. After that intro, we get some quick but welcome footage of the seedy side of San Francisco showing off some adult bookstores and theaters. Into one such theater we see a couple enter (Dempsey plays the female and is credited as Lotsa Titsa – the male is credited as Bigi Dicki) and sit down to take in a film. He’s hoping he’ll get lucky, she’s not impressed so he drinks a beer. One of the women in the ‘movie within the movie’ footage is Uschi Digard, who has some nice lesbian play time with a pretty blonde. Back in the theater, things are warming up a bit as he gets her top off. The next movie plays, it’s some sort of strange Devil-Cult themed porno. It seems to do the trick, as it plays out Dempsey gets progressively more naked and then as the last movie plays out, they fuck. Not much of a story to this one at all but it’s quick, fun and dirty. The location footage is pretty neat too but the cinematography is about as rudimentary as it gets. Still, Dempsey is in fine form here and anytime Uschi shows up it makes for a good time.

    The fourth and final film on the set is the forty-three minute long She Did What He Wanted, also made in 1971. This one stars Garth Rugar, Margo Mars, Sandy Jackson, Nancy Young and Terry Benford and gives directing credit to one Clay McCord (which would appear to be a pseudonym for William Rotsler).

    The movie introduces us to a guy named Eddie (Rick Conlin) who is sexually frustrated. When he sees a pretty blonde walking down the avenue, he imagines her coming back to his place and bumping uglies with him on his waterbed. He doesn’t seem to have much going for him in life, but when he decides to learn hypnosis, that all starts to change. Soon enough, he’s testing his newfound abilities on the girl who lives down the hall, Nora (Damian Zisk). He convinces her to get another local girl (Sandy Dempsey) to come to his room and then, shockingly, they have a three way. So clearly Eddie’s powers are doing exactly what he wants them to be doing – getting him laid.

    From here, he basically hypnotizes women and screws them – fairly standard stuff – but then out of nowhere we get this insane nightmare sequence where we see Nora bound with chains and forced to fellate Eddie while strippers grind against giant posters of Paul Newman. Will Eddie give up his tendency to coerce woman into fucking him and find true love or will he spend the rest of his life as a degenerate reading ‘Naked Films’ magazine? To find out, you’ll have to watch the movie.

    And why wouldn’t you want to? It’s mostly all sex, the plot definitely comes in second here, but anytime Eddie hypnotizes a woman we get some awesome hypno-wheel footage superimposed over top and sometimes other optical effects are used. They’re goofy, but awesome at the same time. The sex is well performed, Dempsey is as cute as ever, and Damian Zisk is no slouch in the looks department either. The performances are satisfactory if never amazing and the movie goes at a good pace, ensuring that it holds out attention and is never boring. Note that as stated, this runs about forty-three minutes. Currently there’s a version hosted on ExploitationTV that runs seventy-two minutes, so the Alpha Blue Archives version would appear to be heavily cut indeed.

    Aside from that we also get the Alpha Blue Archives Retro-Starlets trailer, menus and feature selection.

    The Final Word:

    Sex And The Single Vampire And The Lost Films Of Sandy Dempsey isn’t going to win any awards for presentation quality and the version of She Did What He Wanted is heavily cut, but Demspey fans should appreciate the chance to see some of her more obscure material presented here. Each of the films gives her a decent amount of screen time and proves to be pretty entertaining.

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    1. Maureen Champ's Avatar
      Maureen Champ -
      I don't know when Paul Schrader wrote a script for Taxi Driver but these people in 1972 had done their own Scorsese porn before (Sky Pilot)! Even before Costello's Forced Entry.
    1. Maureen Champ's Avatar
      Maureen Champ -
      Also, Sex and The Single Vampire had a better print on Something Weird Video release