• Aliens Dead Orbit #4

    Aliens Dead Orbit #4
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: December 13th, 2017.
    Written & Illustrated by: James Stokoe
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    When the fourth and final issue of Aliens: Dead Orbit begins, Wascylewski is running for his life through the halls of the space station’s C-Deck. As he does, he flashes back and we see what happened to many of his former shipmates at the hands of the xenomoprhs. There’s a fire on B-Deck and the station is in trouble, their only hope is to get to the cargo hold.

    Wascylewski finds some mining charges and knows what he has to do. Everyone locks themselves in life support and the charges blow, severing that module from the one where the aliens are holding on. It leaves the humans floating in space awaiting rescue and the aliens burning up in orbit with the rest of the station. Of course, they could all die before anyone picks up their signal but really, it’s their only shot. Before they can make all this happen, however, an aliens attacks out of the duct work.

    Wascylewski manages to make it away and lay the first charge. It blows a whole in the hull and it looks like the plan is going to work, but not everyone is going to make it leading up to a final showdown between he and one of the bugs…

    It might have been five months since the last issue of Aliens: Dead Orbit came out but James Stokoe’s four issue series ends on a serious high note. This is intense, frightening and very claustrophobic stuff. Well written with believable, human characters and amazingly illustrated with a hyper-active attention to detail. Every panel is filled, there’s no dead space and his talent for unusual camera angles and panel layouts really makes this book a real treat for the eyes. If the story isn’t complex, it is lean, effective and engaging and this last issue really ties everything together in a big way, the perfect mix of action and horror.

    The best thing you can say about it? It leaves you wanting more. Sure, the story is resolved but it would be great to see Stokoe return to the Aliens universe in the future. It’s clearly a property that plays to his writing and illustrative skills.