• Peekarama: Nasty Nurse/Let’s Talk Sex

    Peekarama: Nasty Nurse/Let’s Talk Sex
    Released by: Vinegar Syndrome
    DVD Release Date: December 12th, 2017.
    Director: Paul Vatelli
    Cast: Kay Parker, John Holmes, Kitten Natividad, Bridgette Monet, Kimberly Carson, Paul Thomas, Herschel Savage, Becky Savage
    Year: 1983/1983
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    The Movies:

    Vinegar Syndrome’s fantastic Peekarama line continues with this latest double feature pairing up two films directed by Paul Vatelli in 1983 – Nasty Nurses and Let’s Talk Sex.

    Nasty Nurses:

    The first film is a bit of a dramatic soap opera with some occasional comedic elements thrown into the mix for kicks. Set in and around a hospital in Los Angeles hospital just as the employees get word that it could be shutting down, we are introduced to resident Dr. Rob Matthews (Herschel Savage). When we first meet him, he’s eight inches deep into head nurse Grace Simpson (Janey Robbins), a pretty brunette who gives him what for in an empty hospital room.

    Once they’re done doing the dirty deed, we learn of their drama – she’s considering transferring to another hospital. He understands, but we know part of him is disappointed to hear this. Meanwhile, Matthews’ wife Joyce (Kay Parker) suspects that her husband is playing around behind her back. He’s not so good at hiding it, really. While they sort out their lives and the Matthews’ work on their marriage, everyone else in the hospital seems to be having sex with everyone else!

    A horny car accident victim named Mr. Burm (Paul Thomas) manages to find the strength to heartily fuck his nurse (Becky Savage). A student candy striper named Cheri (Misty Dawn) gets a chance to go all the way with infamous proctologist Dr. Dennis Johnson (John Holmes, looking fairly coked out in this one) while pretty nurses named Emily (Kimberly Carson) and Terry (Brooke West) help out a few other patients in their own inimitable ways. Elsewhere, Dr. Michelle Cole (Dominique) has sex with a guy who looks like Burt Reynolds (Paul Barresi).

    Light on plot, Nasty Nurses nevertheless has enough going on with its central plot – the Matthews’ drama – to keep things interesting. Of course the main point of the film is the sex scenes and on this level the picture definitely delivers. Production values are good – most, if not all of this, looks like it was shot in an actual hospital and the film benefits from good lighting and cinematography. It’s fairly glossy affair, the costumes are good and the cast all do fine work. The sex is energetic and convincing, and everyone looks like they’re enjoying themselves. Story wise, this might not be much to write home about but everything else scores high marks. This is definitely a better than average early eighties smut fest!

    Let’s Talk Sex:

    The second film is based around the ‘Dial-A-Fantasy’ company, a phone sex emporium that specializes in fulfilling the fantasies of their most loyal customers. Each of these regular customers has their own file within the company that allows the workers to better do their job. And that’s essentially the main setup right there, we don’t get a whole lot of story in this one.

    But we do get a lot of sex, and it’s quite well done at that. In the first scene, a man (Dave Cannon) gets to live out his dream of making his way into the home of a pretty young nurse (Bridgette Monet) and having his way with her, whether she wants him to or not. After that a college student named Mark (Kevin James), home for summer break, can’t help but appreciate the physical attributes of his new stepmother (Pat Manning). Dial-A-Fantasy figures this out and works their magic for him. From there, a working class joe named Henry (Mike Horner) can’t stop envying the caliber of women that his jerk of a boss pulls in time and time again. His fantasy? He gets to have a three way with the boss’ two latest conquests (Mona Page and Julia Parton). Before it’s all over we get an all too brief lesbian scene with Kitten Natividad and Becky Savage, a solo scene with Joy Larson and another with the beautiful Laurien Wilde and then wrapping things up a scene with Melanie Scott and a baby faced Tom Byron and the closer, Laurien Wilde going at it with Herschel Savage.

    Pretty much all of the scenes in this one work and work well. The closer is the weakest of the bunch in that it’s just less inspired than the others but it’s still better than average. The best of the bunch is the three-way with Horner, Page and the lovely Julia Parton (who has never looked better than she does here). Like the first film, the cast members all fuck with enthusiasm, but never overdo it the way that so many modern adult film stars tend to. We once again get nice production values, good cinematography, decent music and good lighting. This is the better of the two films on the disc, it’s rock solid smut sure to appeal to anyone with a taste for early eighties hardcore films.


    Both films are presented in 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen in transfers taken from new 2k scans of their original 35mm negatives. In short, they look great. There’s barely a scratch on either movie, they’re both very clean showing very strong detail, good texture and nice color reproduction. No complaints about the authoring either, compression issues don’t factor into the equation at all, colors look good, we get nice black levels and accurate looking skin tones – these movies look really nice.

    Each movie gets the English language Dolby Digital Mono treatment. Clarity is just fine in each film with the music used in each feature sounding nice and clear. Balance is fine in each picture and while range is understandably limited by the original elements you can always understand the dialogue well enough.

    Extras are limited to theatrical trailers for each film. Aside from that we get menus and chapter selection.

    The Final Word:

    Vinegar Syndrome’s DVD double feature release of Nasty Nurses/Let’s Talk Sex is pretty enjoyable stuff. Neither film is going to win any awards for storytelling but there’s enough going on in each picture to hold your attention. The production values are strong across the board and both films make excellent use of their strong casts. Great stuff!