• Shadow, The Volume 3 #6

    Shadow, The Volume 3 #6
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: January 24th, 2018.
    Written by: Si Spurrier, Dan Watters
    Illustrated by: Daniel Hdr, Ricardo Jaime
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    This sixth issue starts off with a dramatic escape in which a nude Shadow makes a daring escape from the hospital, armed S.W.A.T. officers unable to find him before he leaps to freedom. People talk. The news covers the hospital evacuation as a gas leak but some people aren’t buying that. They wonder if the whole Shadow mob thing going on has something to do with the government.

    Mary, meanwhile, is in a police interrogation room tied to a chair. The cops want to know what she knows about Worthy Delany, why she was sneaking around the hospital after it was evacuated and where her patient may have gone to. While this is going on, her sister Luisa is interviewed on TV about blowing the lid off of the conspiracy. Eventually Mary is given her freedom.

    Alone with her thoughts, she starts to piece together how Kent Allard inherited the Cranston estate, how he took on the mantra of The Shadow. She sneaks into the Allard mansion and finds him there, unable to save Myra Reldon, the last of his ‘network’ who was injured. They talk about Delaney and The Shadow’s connection to him but it’s not what Mary thinks – Delany was the one behind the website, he tried to take The Shadow’s name and methods for his own during his brief retirement, but it only wound up bringing The Shadow back. Delany was the man she was treating at the hospital all this time. She says he used her, he says he made her a valuable ally.

    And then The Shadow shows her ‘the last incision before the dawn’ and the ‘sickness that has infected leviathan’…

    The current storyline ends with this issue, a high concept work of dark and heady writing that wraps up the threads of the plot quite well while still leaving things open for another visit down the road. Si Spurrier and Dan Watters have done an interesting job of bringing The Shadow into the modern day, showing us he might – or might not – deal with the advanced technology of the era that could leave a character like him in his own past. The writing is smart, the story quite gripping and the ending? Well, we won’t spoil it, but it’s really well done.

    The artwork from Daniel Hdr, this time with some help from Ricardo Jaime is also quite strong. The book looks its best when we’re focusing on The Shadow, his cloak swirling, contrasting with the shock-blood red of his trademark scarf. He’s an intimidating looking creation and drawn really well here. The colors from Natalia Marques help here too. Lots of nice detail throughout the book.

    And man, you’ve got to love that fantastic cover piece by none other than Kelly Jones. Perfect!

    Here’s hoping we see this creative team take another crack at The Shadow sooner rather than later – this was a really strong book right from the first issue and I’d love to see more from them down the road.