• Barbarella #3

    Barbarella #3
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: February 14th, 2018.
    Written by: Mike Carey
    Illustrated by: Kenen Yarar
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    Barbarella wakes up to hear Kettlesmith ranting and raving about how ‘it should have been me who went with him, not Quire.’ He’s jealous that his master, Pendrum, took Jury Quite with him and left him back to tend to Barbarella, which proved to be a bad move. She’s conscious and smarter than him and before you know it, she’s short-circuited the droid. She’s then able to use the ship’s computer systems to repair herself and restore her original body configuration, including the parts that were removed by the Parosians.

    See, Pendrum just might be nuts and in many ways, he’s no better than the Parosians. His plan is to ‘depopulate’ their planet, to help them kill themselves. He’ll do this by destroying the DNA stations that the sexless Parosians use to construct babies and keep the population growing. Barbarella figures this out and wonders just what it was that Jury brought him… that microchip. He’s already got the missiles – eventually she figures out that the chip is to stop the body looms, so that even if the Parosian Church declares that it is okay to make babies the old fashioned way, they won’t be able to.

    She figures out that they’ve gone to the Hall Of Justice, where Barbarella intends to meet up with them with some help from a robotic horse named Pegasus! But how to stop them once she gets there? By basically calling the cops on herself.

    The first storyline ends here, and with a pretty serious bang at that. The book’s political leanings still run strong, making yet more well-deserved barbs at the conservative side of organized religion while touting the importance of freedom and acceptance. This never comes at the cost of the story or at the book’s entertainment value, however. There’s a lot of wit here, some twisted humor, to complement the book’s action, intrigue and unusual sex appeal. Mike Carey writes the character well, giving us enough to keep us interested in Barbarella without giving away the entire mystery as to what she’s really up to. It make for a fun read, a fresh and original take on a cult character that has somehow found herself as relevant now as ever.

    Kenen Yarar’s artwork, beautifully colored by Mohan, is a treat for the eyes. There’s loads of detail here in every panel of ever page. The layouts are eye-catching and interesting, interested more in creating arresting images than in keeping to the conventions of typical page/panel borders. The character design is excellent and there’s an impressive sense of style here that makes this one of the coolest looking comics out there right now.