• A Touch Of Sex

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: April 10th, 2018.
    Director: George O’Connor
    Cast: Michael Pataki, Seymore Canyon, Skip Chester, Rene Bond, Sandi Carey, Cyndee Summers, Sandy Demspey
    Year: 1975
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    The Movie:

    In the opening scene, a man named Mark Markson (Michael Pataki) tells a picture of Ricky Nelson that his next song is gonna be a big hit. He gets a phone call and, as we see a woman (Sandi Carey) suck the caller’s dick, we hear his old pal Biff Howard talk to him… for a bit, until he uses the phone receiver to pleasure his lady friend at his pool side. At any rate, Biff wants Mark – who is working as a promotor - to head on down to ‘Tinsel Town’ and make it – he’ll even pay his way!

    Before you know it, Mark’s hopped a Delta flight and made his way to the west coast. He gets in a Cadillac with a girl named Celeste (Sandy Dempsey) – the richest woman in the world - and a guy where the chauffer is getting head from another girl named Margo (Cyndee Summers) – the second richest woman in the world! Celeste and her boy toy (John Paul Jones) get it on and encourage Mark to join in, but he’s too tired – he’s still on New York time, after all. At any rate, Mark gets to Biff’s massive mansion where he learns that he didn’t send anyone to pick him up – they have no idea who the horndogs in the car were! From there, they get to work and Mark plays ‘Wowee I’m In Love’ for Biff and his lady friend (Rene Bond). The two of them fuck on the couch while Mark wails away on the piano!

    The next morning, Mark and Biff learn about an amateur night – the sounds of the fifties – that would be the perfect way to get Mark some exposure for his music career. Biff then introduces him to Tommy Vaselinis And The Penetrations – a bend that he manages who could use his music. They go to meet the band and after jamming out to some of Mark’s work, it seems like everyone has a hit on their hands. Mark, meanwhile, can’t stop thinking about the people that he was in the car with, how they invited him to join them and the sex that they were all having and that he wasn’t. In fact, he even imagines them all going at it like rabbits in the sound booth. Back in the real world, Mark and Tommy sign a contract and off they go.

    That night, Biff takes Mark to a party with a bunch of groupies so that anybody who is anybody can meet Mark. Lots of pot and lots of poon is passed around (and the boom mic makes an appearance), but Mark is clearly out of his element and heads to a bedroom for a bit of privacy. Here he spies the girls from the car going at it – which is pretty rad. Then the two guys show up and the four of them have an orgy. When he tells Biff what he say he figures Mark is nuts. Regardless, he meets a pretty young woman named Mary Jane intrigued by his musical knowledge, but then she splits.

    The next morning, Biff tells Mark he needs more PR and exposure, to get in touch with the public. With Mary Jane at his side, he heads out on the town but once again sees those horny people screwing around – this time in a fancy restaurant. Has Mark lost his mind? Before it’s all over with Mark will go scuba diving while people have passionate sex on the deck of a boat, Rene Bond will make out with Biff on the couch again while Pataki stands there with a plaid suitcase ready to leave Biff’s swinging pad, we’ll get a tour of L.A.’s Villa Elaine (one time home of Frank Sinatra and Orson Welles) and rad lesbians will make out.

    This one is more or less played for laughs and thankfully it is funny enough to work. Pataki, who does NOT get involved in any of the hardcore goings on, is quite amusing as the charmingly naïve Mark Markson. He’s literally from another time, everyone around him is into free love and group sex while he’s pure, wholesome and chaste. Pataki plays this part well, he’s a lot of fun to watch in the role and he makes it his own. But, this is a porn, right? Right. So thankfully the supporting cast is willing enough to throw themselves into the shenanigans to keep the heat up. The sex is passionate and about as well shot as you’d expect – not high art, but hey, everything is in focus. It all builds to a fairly amazing conclusion where Michael Pataki sings about stick ball while a quartet of foxy females shimmies0 to and fro behind him. Words really can’t do this scene justice, particularly once he goes full on “perv mode” and channels some sort of ultra-horny James Brown or… something. This scene all on its own makes the entire movie worthwhile, Pataki is phenomenal here, just really going for it while everyone around him sucks and fucks and goes nuts!


    Impulse Pictures presents A Touch Of Sex in 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen in a transfer that looks to be sourced from unrestored film elements. The opening credits look pretty rough, lots of print damage here, but thankfully things settle down considerably after that. There are still some specks and scratches throughout, as well as some color fluctuations, but image detail isn’t half bad and image stability levels a lot – this is more than watchable. No compression artifacts or digital tinkering to note. This won’t blow you away but it looks decent, and sometimes even genuinely good.

    The English language Dolby Digital Mono track is fine for what it is. The dialogue is pretty easy to follow and the score (which features some pretty great original music) is fairly clear. A more than noticeable bit of hiss is evident throughout but the levels are properly balanced. This gets the job done.

    Outside of a static menu offering chapter selection, there are no extras on the disc at all. Nice job on the cover image though.

    The Final Word:

    If you’re into A Touch Of Sex for cover girl Rene Bond, you might be disappointed that she’s only in it for a few minutes, but don’t let that dissuade you – this is a fun watch and the rest of the cast do fine work, Michael Pataki in particular is great in the lead. Impulse Picture’s DVD is barebones and unrestored but it offers up the picture in more than watchable shape. Fans of oddball seventies fuck films should appreciate this.