• Flesh And Laces

    Released by: Vinegar Syndrome
    Released on: May 8th, 2018.
    Director: Carlos Tobalina
    Cast: Shauna Grant, Drea, Tamara Longley, Crystal Lake, Jamie Gillis, Joey Silvera, John Holmes, John Stagliano, Bill Margold, Rose Kimball, Rita Cruz
    Year: 1983
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    The Movie:

    Who better than Carlos Tobalina (as Troy Benny) to direct a two-part three-hour epic adult feature film like Flesh And Laces from 1983? If nothing else, the guy gets an A for effort – and what a cast! As to the story, well…

    A man named Harry (Jamie Gillis) lies in a hospital under the care of a doctor (Tobalina himself) who knows that the man doesn’t have much time left. His lawyer (Tamara Longley) gets his offspring together to discuss the terms of Harry’s will now, so that there will be no confusion over any of this after he passes. And of course, there’s a catch, right? The deal is that whichever one of his kids can entertain horny old Harry with some sexual shenanigans will get the whole shebang! Through the magic of closed circuit television, Harry will watch their exploits as they go about trying to get the most bang for his bucks!

    First up, Dick (future Buttman director John Stagliano) hires a secretary (Cathy Coffer) to screw for Harry’s amusement. From there, Jerry (Dan T. Mann) interviews a model (Shauna Grant) about her ambitions before then plowing away at her with Harry watching remotely. Harry’s daughter Joyce (Rose Kimball) is up next, opting to go the group grope route by taking on a few dudes at once (one of whom is Bill Margold – the other two are Jeff Lyle and Paul Harmon), much to dirty daddy’s delight. After that, it’s back to the sons with Tom (Joey Silvera) having a little one on one action with a female cop named Jane (Crystal Lake). This then turns into a group session with a few others involved (Sparky Vasc, Don Fernando and Jack Mason).

    And of course – SPOILERS of the obvious kind – before it’s all over, Harry gets on last screw in with his foxy lawyer.

    And that’s just the first part of the movie. In part II, we get a recap of what happened in part I, and then get on with the (rather drawn out) story to see how it finishes. Once again, Dick is after another secretary to screw, this time he gets it in the shapely form of a cute, bespectacled Drea as they go at it while Harry watches from the comfort of his hospital bed. Elsewhere, Dick’s brother Jerry screws a different girl (Shaun Michelle) in a different locale but the story doesn’t really establish this so well.

    Back at the hospital, Harry calls in a nurse (Ritz Cruz) for some personal attention – and they screw for a bit and she’s kind enough to keep her white stockings on, catering to the ever popular sexy nurse fetish. After this, the doctor tells Harry that he’s actually getting better, bucking the odds that were so stacked against him in the first part. After that, the head nurse (Lynx Canon) shows up to check in on him, which results in Harry fucking another nurse, and when his lawyer shows up again she gets in on the action as well.

    After this, a doctor named Pecker played by John Holmes shows up to check in on Harry. From there, daughter Rose shows up to visit her father and, maybe not so surprisingly, the film gives us an incest scene as Gillis and Kimball go at it in the hospital, at which point they’re busted by Pecker and the two nurses who, of course, decide to have a three-way right next to Harry as he shafts his own daughter.

    It’s all pretty silly stuff and the plot is basically completely thrown out the window in the second half of the feature, but to be fair to Tobalina (never regarded as one of vintage porn’s more ambitious filmmakers) it delivers plenty of sex that’s well shot with a strong cast. There’s enough variety here to keep things interesting on a purely carnal level and if the production values won’t blow you away, they’re pretty decent.

    Overall, it’s a fun if fluffy picture less concerned with telling a compelling story than with showcasing people screwing. It’s porn, so Tobalina can get away with that – and he does.


    Scanned in 2k from its 35mm original camera negative, Flesh And Laces arrives on DVD framed at 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen in a pretty impressive transfer from Vinegar Syndrome. Though there are a few scratches here and there but the vast majority of the film is in excellent condition. Colors are reproduced very nicely and black levels are solid as well. Detail is as good as it’s going to get on a standard definition offering and there are no noticeable issues with typical authoring quirks like noise reduction or compression artifacts.

    The film gets the Dolby Digital Mono treatment, in English and without any optional language options or subtitles provided. Clarity of the mix is fine. The score sounds good here and the levels are properly balanced, as such, the dialogue is easy to understand most of the time but there are some scenes that are mumbled and a little tough to discern. There is minor hiss in a few spots but it’s not really a big deal and for the most part the track is very clean.

    Outside of a static menu and chapter selection, the only extra on the disc is the film’s original theatrical trailer.

    The Final Word:

    Flesh And Laces isn’t deep or original but it does offer up a lot of sex over its more than three-hour long running time. The fact that it has a really strong cast and decent production values help a lot here, but getting through this in one sitting could prove a chore for even the most seasoned veterans of classic smut. Regardless, here it is in all its remastered glory – Vinegar Syndrome’s disc is light on extra but it looks and sounds quite nice.