• Young Seducers, The

    Young Seducers, The
    Released by: Full Moon Features
    Released on: January 1st, 2018.
    Director: Erwin C. Dietrich
    Cast: Ingrid Steeger, Rena Bergen, Margret Cicek, Claus Jurichs, Herbert Kluever
    Year: 1972
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    The Movie:

    Like a lot of German sexploitation pictures, Erwin C. Dietrich’s 1971 film Blutjunge Verfuhrerinnen 1 – Teil (also known as The Young Seducers, the title used on this DVD release from Full Moon) follows a tried and true formula. When the picture begins, a group of reporters gather in their editor’s swanky office to talk about a new direction that the publication will be taking. It seems that the public is growing tired of their typical ‘porno reports’ and that they need a fresh angle. Well, this time around that angel is young girls who take advantage of older men. From here on out, each one of the reporters gets the chance to share a story that kinda-sorta-maybe related to that theme.

    First up we learn how a woman approaches a man at a beach in her velour bikini. When she learns that he’s an artist with rich parents she encourages him to take her back to his place. When they arrive at his studio, she decides to model for him and convince him that maybe painting women isn’t such a bad thing after all. Then, surprisingly no one, they have sex. From there? We see how a gas station competes by giving its customers a romp in the back room with a grouchy, but admittedly rather attractive, dark haired lady.

    After that we see how a high school girl who looks to be in her late twenties coerces, over the phone, her chemistry teacher into meeting up with her late one night by threatening to kill herself. She arrives at his house and he foolishly lets her in where she works her mojo on him. When he resists, she scratches his face and threatens him.

    After that, a girl (Ingrid Steeger) shows off a Polaroid to her piano teacher. When the teacher is impressed she decides she’d like a Polaroid taken of herself. Puzzlingly, this leads to a lesbian encounter between teacher and student. Why? Why not! Then a Shakespearean actor who is playing Romeo in a production of Romeo and Juliette gets a knock on his door late one night. It seems one of the high school girls who was in attendance at his last performance has tracked him down. At first she tells him she just wants an autograph, and so he obliges, but when he turns around she’s taking off his clothes because she wants to get busy with him.

    Moving right along, we learn about an English student studying in Germany who catches the eye of a young woman who cleans the apartment building in his he rents a room. She tries to seduce him but he resists – she’s too young, he says. Eventually though, after about five minutes, she gets her way. Oh, and then there’s a girl who really wants a man with a ‘big pea’ – she’s sat on many peas, we learn, seemingly all on the bus. Then she finds a man with a pretty big pea and sits on him, right there in plain view of the rest of the passengers, before finding some guy with an even bigger pea (and a bald spot to match) and boffing him in the woods.

    Later on, four dudes out exercising get horny and decide to hire a girl in red go-go shorts to strip for them. For some reason this takes place in a barn and after she does her dance, they take turns boning her.

    It is, like so much of Dietrich’s work in this arena, very silly stuff. The girls all look great au natural but the plot comes second and really the setups are only there to get the girls naked. Regardless, it does what it does well enough and it’s nicely shot with some great locations. The music is a bit familiar, or at least it should be to anyone familiar with Dietrich’s tendency to recycle song after song after song, but that’s half the fun of a movie like this. Deep? No, but sexy, goofy entertainment nevertheless.


    The Young Seducers arrives on DVD from Full Moon framed at 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen in a transfer that appears to be a standard definition down convert of the HD transfer used for the Blu-ray reviewed here. The elements used for the transfer were in very nice shape and there isn’t much in the way of serious print damage to complain about at all, just the odd small speck here and there. The image is softer than the Blu-ray but detail is fine for a standard definition offering. Colors look good, if occasionally a tiny bit flat, skin tones are natural enough looking and black levels are fine.

    The only audio option on the disc is an English language Dolby Digital 2.0 track that the packaging lists as stereo but that sounds like mono. Either way, the audio is clean, clear and easy to follow. Levels are properly balanced and there are no issues with any hiss or distortion. There are no alternate language options or subtitles provided.

    Extras are slim, limited to a trailer for the feature, trailers for a few other Full Moon releases, menus and chapter selection.

    The Final Word:

    Full Moon’s DVD release of Blutjunge Verfuhrerinnen 1 – Teil offers a nice standard definition presentation of an entertaining low budget sexploitation picture. The comedy here is all over the place but the girls look nice and it’s always a plus when Ingrid Steeger pops up in one of these films.