• Peekarama: The Seduction Of Cindy / Tara Tara Tara Tara

    Released by: Vinegar Syndrome
    Released on: May 29th, 2018.
    Director: Leonard Kirtman
    Cast: Seka, Serena, Veronica Hart, Samantha Fox, Jamie Gillis, Ron Jeremy, Bobby Astyr, Merle Michaels, Zebedy Colt
    Year: 1980/1981
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    The Movies:

    A double feature with the lovely ‘platinum princess of porn’ Seka and the equally lovely Veronica Hart directed by Leonard Kirtman in 1980? What’s not to love about this latest entry in Vinegar Syndrome’s Peekarama line!

    The Seduction Of Cindy:

    In the first film, set in New York City, Seka plays the titular Cindy – she’s a little bit on the cold side, and this is having an adverse effect on her marriage to Michael (Jerome Carter) and, well, he’d like to do something about. To make this happen, he enlists the help of the lovely Jennifer (Veronica Hart), who he just so happens to be getting a little side action with.

    Jennifer decides the best way to warm Cindy up is to visit her at work in the editing room where she’s employed and slyly get some dirty movies playing – look for John Holmes to appear in one of them – and, once she’s in the mood, make a move. This leads to a genuinely impressive lesbian scene between the two ladies, one that is remarkably convincing in that, yeah, these two really do seem to be into each other. Hotcha! At any rate, from there various people screw around and at one point a guy named Marvin Stern (Bobby Astyr) shows up with a porno film he wants her to edit. This gets her hot enough that she diddles herself with a champagne bottle, so bonus points for that – watch for Shaun Costello to appear in the clips that she edits. Mr. Stern also has kinky sex at one point with his wife (Serena looking good in a black wig and kinky boots).

    All of this gets Cindy loose enough that she’s willing to show up at and participate in the orgy that Michael has got planned. Here we see plenty of group grope action with the likes of Samantha Fox, Merle Michaels, Jamie Gillis and Ron Jeremy in the mix of it all – but not before Gillis warms up with Fox and Hart for good measure. There’s a twist at the end, one that you might see coming (it’s appropriate but predictable), but by this point you’ll more or less have a pretty good idea of what this one is all about.

    This was a fun watch. Kirtman was a reliable director, if not the most interesting, and his work here is solid. The cinematography is nice, the locations are fine and the sex is both well shot and enthusiastic – particularly that opening scene with Seka and Hart. There aren’t really a lot of surprises here, though a few kinky twists like the champagne bottle and the scene with Serena work their way into the movie to nice effect. Mainly though, it’s the strength of the cast that carries this one and carry it they do. If you’re a fan of either Seka or Veronica Hart, well, they both get a lot of screen time here and they put that screen time to good use. They look great and perform with enthusiasm, and the supporting players all do nice work here as well.

    This isn’t the most memorable film anyone involved with this production was ever in, but The Seduction Of Cindy is at least well-made and intriguing for all the reasons that a good vintage porno movie should be.

    Tara Tara Tara Tara:

    The second film, which features many of the same cast members as the first feature, also takes place in New York City. Here Seka and Veronica Hart play Tara and Angie respectively. Tara works in the high pressure business modelling business answering to a perpetually horny photographer Hal (played by perpetually horny actor Jamie Gillis) and her boss/dad, a sleazy older guy named Fred (Zebedy Colt). In fact, after the opening photoshoot, we see Fred have his way with Angie who calls him a dirty old man! The dialogue here between the two of them is actually pretty witty and quite funny. While that’s going on the photographer gets head from Judy (Merle Michaels) while shooting Tara as she plays with herself. You can see where this is going.

    That night, Fred has the two models over for dinner and, after they’ve had their fill of wine, well, Fred steps to the side and unbuttons his disco shirt as he watches the two drunken ladies enjoy one another’s company – which they do with plenty of seemingly genuine enthusiasm. Never mind the fact that Angie is essentially Tara’s father’s girlfriend. The next day, Judy and Hal show up at the studio. He fucks Angie while she shoots Tara, and then has sex with her. When Tara reports back to her dad that Angie fucked Hal, Fred doesn’t seem to mind so much – and on top of that, Hal had the nerve to invite her to a party! Fred encourages her to go, even threatening to show up there himself to ‘protect my little girl.’

    Tara calls her friend Joyce (Samantha Fox) to unload – she’s a little weirded out that Fred is banging a younger girl – Joyce, however, is going at it with two dudes (Ron Jeremy and bobby Brigante) so she cuts the call short. Tara decides the best cure for what she’s dealing with is to get laid, so she pays a visit to Larry (Bobby Astyr) who begrudgingly lets her go down on him before screwing her. After that? It’s time for the party…. and you can guess what kind of party this is going to be (here’s a hint: Gillis is dressed in a nurse’s uniform!).

    Like the first feature, there isn’t a lot of originality here but the story works well enough and strings together the sex scenes with enough effectiveness to hold the audience’s attention even when people aren’t screwing. And again, like the first feature, more than anything it is the cast that makes this work. Seka and Veronica Hart are again in fine form here. Both act well enough to do a fairly convincing job with the mildly dramatic aspects that the script throws their way. They’re perfectly believable here and do just fine with the material that they’re given. Supporting work from Gillis and Colt is solid too. Gillis is in pretty solid comedic form here, playing the smarmy photographer quite well, while Colt does the snooty upper crust bit with more than enough character to make the part his own. Throw in a welcome but all too brief appearance from the lovely Samantha Fox and, once again, the comedic stylings of Bobby Astyr and it’s easy to see how this shapes up as well as it does.

    Like most of Kirtman’s product, the production values are good. Camerawork is more than competent, as is the lighting, and there’s good use of music throughout the picture. It’s edited nicely and has a good flow to it. If it isn’t a particularly remarkable picture, like the other film it shares disc real estate with, it is at least a good one.


    Both features arrive on a dual layered DVD in 1.85.1 fullframe transfers taken from a new 2k scans of their respective original 35mm negatives. The films look very good on this DVD. There isn’t much in terms of print damage to discuss. Color reproduction is strong and we get good depth and texture, strong black levels – no complaints as far as standard definition presentations go (though obviously these could and would look better on Blu-ray). Expect some natural looking film grain here, as it should be, but there are no obvious compression artifacts or edge enhancement issues to note.

    The films get the Dolby Digital Mono treatment. Clarity is just fine and balance is good. There are no problems with any hiss or distortion. Dialogue is clean, crisp and clear. There are no alternate language options or subtitles provided.

    Aside from menus and chapter selection, the disc includes the films’ original theatrical trailers.

    The Final Word:

    Vinegar Syndrome’s double feature release of The Seduction Of Cindy/Tara Tara Tara is a good one, particularly if you’ve got a thing for either Seka, Ms. Hart or, as is the case for some of us… both! The extras are slim but both movies are well made as Kirtman’s material typically was and offer plenty of opportunity to ogle their two starlets – and a great supporting cast – in plenty of steamy action.