• Elbow Deep + Mentors - Trash Party

    Elbow Deep + Mentors - Trash Party
    Released by: Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
    Released on: August 17th, 2018.
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    Horror Pain Gore Death Productions offers up two great tastes that are even more tasteless together with their release of this new split Trash Party, featuring four songs apiece from Elbow Depp and, yep, The Mentors. Il Duce may be gone, but his legacy lives on.

    But first up, Elbow Deep, who kick things off with the two minute opener If You Want Her You Cadaver, which starts off with a half minute of obnoxious feedback before kicking into the song proper. At this point, we’re hit upside the head with some tight, nasty, grotesque death metal-esque playing and singing about, well, nastiness. I guess. It’s hard to understand the vocals here but the band does not lack in intensity. This carries over to the second track, the two minute Too Fat To Mandhandle, which opens with a sample about French fries before launching into more sonic lunacy, presumably about having sex with heavy girls? The vocals are completely incomprehensible here, so I’m basing that off of the title and nothing else because honestly, I’ve no idea what these guys are singing about (though it’s clear that the chorus is simply the title of the song repeated over and over again).

    The half-minute Nobody Knows What The Nose Knows But The Nose Knows What The Nose Knows is really just that repeated over and over again for thirty seconds over top of a blast beat and an incomprehensible rant of sorts, preceded by the sound of someone snorting coke. Elbow Deep’s contributions to the record finish up with Twatcloptopus, which clocks in at just under five minutes in length. It’s not only the most creatively named track on the record, it’s also the longest so yeah. It’s a sludgy sort of grinding track with some absolutely insane vocals over what is sincerely some pretty tight, intense playing. I still can’t understand the vocals though.

    The second side features four new tracks from The Mentors, opening with Just Like El Duce in which current vocalist Cuz Fister spends two and a half minutes crooning about how, just like their fallen leader, he too enjoys drinking, drugging and the company of loose women. It’s a bit of a cock rock track, really, but it works. Their trademark sleaze rock sound is here in a big way, and it’s catchy stuff even if it isn’t particularly deep. Gotta love the chorus – “I’m rockin’ rockin’ rockin’ with the hood, I’m rockin’ rockin’ rockin’ like I could.”

    From there, it’s time for Operation Alcohol, which is a four minute treatise about how, when there’s no booze, there’s no rock – at least not as far as The Mentors are concerned. The song goes on to describe efforts to acquire some booze, so that the rock can continue unimpeded, and it’s as catchy as it is stupid and juvenile – like most of The Mentors’ best material is. Things Go Better With Dope is, no joke, the best song on the album. It’s also the most simplistic and repetitive. As you’d gather from the title, it’s a song about how things go better with dope. The playing on this, and the other three Mentors tracks on the album, is pretty simple but effective enough to make you want to pump your fist, chug a beer and tell someone to fuck off. Cause “things go better with rock, so c’mon baby suck my cock.” Poetry.

    The album closes with Good In Bed, a two minute song about a girl that is good in bed, that’s what he said, she gives good head, she’s good in bed. Not yet dead, she’s good in bed. You get the idea. The girl who inspired this song is clearly good in bed, so good in fact that they had to write a really rudimentary song about it – and thank God they did, because this’ll be stuck in your head for a few hours after you hear it.