• Elvira #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review

    Elvira #3 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: November 7th, 2018.
    Written by: David Avallone
    Illustrated by: Dave Acosta
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    Picking up directly where the second issue left off, we once again catch up with the Mistress Of The Dark as she travels through time. At this juncture, she’s landed smack dab in front of Bram Stoker and his remarkably jealous wife – thought given that Elvira knows he is working on a vampire novel maybe it makes sense that she might expect there’s something there when there isn’t. It turns out this woman’s name is Florence, and she and Elvira get real catty real fast, though this doesn’t stop our heroine from trying to warn the two of them that Vlad The Impaler will likely be stopping by soon. Bram notes that Vlad has been dead a long time – cue Elvira recapping the first two issues in a genuinely funny manner.

    From there? Of course the coffin erupts and, despite Elvira’s best efforts to keep it closed, Vlad pops out, hungry for blood. Shortly after his arrival, however, Vlad sets his eyes on Florence, much to the dismay of Mr. Stoker. As Elvira puts it, he ‘goes all Frank Langella on her’ (best line in the book!). Bram tries to stop him but when things get physical, the portly Mr. Stoker is at an immediate disadvantage. Vlad is in pretty damn good shape. Elvira, of course, heads off to help beaten down Bram while Vlad takes Florence off to a rundown church to ‘become one’ with her. Time to bust out some wooden stakes and get to work…


    Before this issue is over Elvira will learn a whole lot about Vlad, their conflict and the whole time travelling coffin thing but until we get to that point she’s definitely got her hands full. And that’s not a breast size joke. A lot happens in this issue, most of it quite funny, and once again Dave Avallone’s script turns out to be a good bit of sexy, silly, stupid fun. Stupid in the best way possible, that is. No one is taking any of this in the least bit seriously, and we’re all better off for it. It’s clearly done with tongue placed firmly in cheek and it’s a blast. Of course, the issue ends on a cliffhanger – as it should – and it probably leads into the big finish – as it should – but there’s a lot of clever creativity here and the whole thing is just a lot of fun to read. Having a knowledge of pop culture and current affairs doesn’t hurt in that respect, but entertainment is what is put front and center here and entertainment is what you get.

    Dave Acosta’s artwork has been a great fit for the series since the start and, thankfully, that hasn’t changed in this third installment. Lots of nice detail throughout the book in each panel and Elvira is drawn properly – she’s curvy without being ultra-exaggerated, sexy without being ‘too much’ and… yeah, comic book Elvira looks like Cassandra Peterson all decked out in the Elvira garb, which is hands down the most important aspect of the ‘look’ of the book. Thankfully, the rest of the characters look great too, and the backgrounds are solid too. Colors from Andrew Covalt bring it all together quite nicely and hey, dig that curvaceous cover from the great Joseph Michael Linsner!