• Records Collecting Dust II (MVD Visual) DVD Review

    Released By: MVD Visual
    Released On: September 25, 2018.
    Director: Jason Blackmore
    Cast: Ian Mackaye, John Joseph, Dave Smalley, Roger Miret, Brian Baker
    Year: 2018

    Records Collecting Dust II - Movie Review:

    Hey, kids! Do you like records? Do you like talking about those records? Do you like hearing other people talk about records? And what if those people are, in fact, people who are responsible for making some records that you maybe like to talk about? Yes? Then Records Collecting Dust II is right up your alley, as it was mine!

    As near as I can tell, seeing Records Collecting Dust isn't required viewing prior to watching this instalment, and that's a good thing, though it certainly wouldn't bother me to see that first film if it's anywhere near as entertaining as this sequel. For the duration of the running time, we get a parade of musical personalities most commonly associated with East Coast Hardcore, discussing the records that made an impression on them as youngsters, and how that music went on to shape their vinyl vocabulary.

    Brian Baker (Dag Nasty, Minor Threat, Bad Religion) talks about his introduction to The Beatles' Revolver album; the packaging, the twisted artwork; and the distorted guitar solo on, "Taxman" that steered him towards his career as a six-stringed punk rock virtuoso. Roger Miret (The Disasters, Agnostic Front) brings his legendary persona front and centre to divulge his thoughts on the majesty of The Jackson 5 and what they meant to him, growing up in relative poverty. Curtis Casella of Taang! Records explains to the camera why the Flintstones theme is punk rock, and his love for other TV themes, and Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi) wistfully looks back on the harmonies of, "Home On The Range", and how the Monkees, Beatles, and Jimi Hendrix set him on the path to musical greatness. Amy Pickering, formerly of Dischord Records, prevents this from being a full-on sausage party as she tells of ZZ Top's mighty influence in the form of, "Tush", which her 8 year-old self played endlessly on the family organ.

    Page Hamilton (Helmet), Jack Kelly (Slapshot), Dave Smalley (DYS, Dag Nasty), Paul Bearer (Sheer Terror) and many others round out the interviewees, talking about the music that influenced them, but also the mediums it was carried on, from AM to FM records, reel-to-reel audiophile setups, transistor radios with earpieces under the blankets at night, crappy consumer jukebooxes, and the influence of disc jockeys and older family members. Records Collecting Dust II is a shorter than normal romp through the hardcore world, featuring some nifty vintage photos and footage, but primarily focusing on talking heads, and that's just fine. As a music fan, this is the kind of thing that floats my boat, and breaking into ultra-nerdom by ending with a "Three albums you would save in a fire" segment, giving the participants the chance to show off their rare wax? Heaven.

    Sure, it's repetitive as hell, and maybe could have been shortened by a bit, and it would've been nice if the film makers could have cleared the rights to the classic songs to avoid generic rock plaguing the soundtrack, but where else are you going to get the chance to kind of hang out with Paul Bearer in his apartment with his records? Definitely recommended for those who think about music 24/7.

    Records Collecting Dust II - DVD Review:

    Records Collecting Dust II comes to DVD in a 1.78:1 anamorphic transfer from MVD that looks decent enough for what it is. Granted, nobody is going to marvel over the black levels of an HD camera interview in a kitchen, and some of the footage shows it's age. But the picture, along with the Dolby Digital 2.0 audio track, does the job adequately without any glaring deficiencies, a distraction-free viewing environment. English subtitles are also provided.

    A Trailer for the film, as well as 21 minutes of bonus interview footage with the various subjects are included as supplements.

    Records Collecting Dust II - The Final Word:

    I like talking about music, and hearing other people talk about music, and I like East Coast and DC Hardcore, and Records Collecting Dust II was a great way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday morning.

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