• Truth Or Dare (CineTelFilms) DVD Review

    Released by: CineTelFilms
    Released on:
    Director: Nick Simon
    Cast: Cassie Scerbo, Brytni Sarpi, Heather Lagenkamp
    Year: 2017
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    Truth Or Dare - Movie Review

    First things first. This is not the "Truth or Dare" starring Madonna. Neither is it the "Truth or Dare" that saw a brief and unsuccessful theatrical run earlier this year. Nope. This "Truth or Dare" is a direct to video offering that, until now, was available only to those who saw it on SyFy.

    The set up is not without its horror movie charms. Back in the 80s (those fabled olden times when hairspray, hard rock, and Atari 2600s ruled the earth) a group of teens plays a game of truth or dare in a creepy old house and tragedy occurs. Fast forward to "modern times". The 80s are over. Smart phones have replaced Rubik's cubes and creepy old houses are a click away via ScaryRentals.com. However, the urge for kids to go somewhere where they can drink, have sex, and scare themselves stupid seems baked deep into human DNA. It's a story as old as time and has been used as the basis for movies such as Tobe Hooper's "The Funhouse".

    Following the clarion call of previous generations, a new group of young adults rents the house in question for a spooky weekend getaway and decide to play truth or dare. Things quickly get out of hand as an evil force inside the house takes over the game. The "truth" questions become brutal and the "dares" involve the characters maiming themselves in increasingly gory ways. Those who refuse face death at supernatural hands.

    The setup is decent and the young cast is game, but the film ultimately comes up lacking. Despite a cameo by Heather Lagenkamp (of "Nightmare on Elm Street" fame), playing the adult version of the final girl of the original 80s massacre, the force behind the evil house is never adequately explained. Is it a ghost? Some sort of evil power? Why does it force people to play truth or dare? Gorehounds will be moderately pleased but this stuff was done better in Eli Roth's "Hostel" movies over ten years ago. The kills are moderately inventive but were done much more creatively in each of the five "Final Destination" films.

    That said, if you're looking for a midnight movie to satisfy a low budget horror movie craving, this one might do the trick.

    Truth or Dare - DVD Review

    This is a pretty bare bones release. The movie is presented in anamorphic widescreen format and with Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo audio. It's gonna look and sound exactly like it did when it was screened on SyFy - which is fine, it's clean, clear and colorful.

    There are no alternate audio options, nor are there any special features.

    Truth or Dare - The Final Word:

    "Truth or Dare" tries to be a mash up of "Saw", "The Ring", and "Final Destination". It doesn't get there, but if you're a horror fanatic with 90 minutes on your hands, you really could do a lot worse.