• 42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 29 (Impulse Pictures) DVD Review

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: June 11th, 2019.
    Director: Various
    Cast: Candida Royalle, Veri Knotty, Rhonda Jo Petty, Merle Michaels, Eric Edwards, Jamie Gillis, Marc Stevens
    Year: 1970’s – 1980’s
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    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 29 – Movie Review:

    Twenty-nine volumes strong! Impulse Pictures’ 42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection series keeps bringing the smutty loops to DVD, and so long as that keeps happening, we’ll keep writing about them.

    SAVED AT SEA: In our first loop, a lovely blonde is adrift on the ocean in a raft. She’s rescued by a mustachioed sailor who helps himself to her nipples. She thanks him by giving him head and then letting him stab her with his tongue and then his pork-sabre. It all happens right there on his yacht (first the deck, then the bow, then the room inside), which just goes to prove that yachts are a great place to fuck.

    COCK AND CUNT CONCERTO: A guy and a girl, both with dark hair, are playing pool. He gets her naked and she lies down on the table. He’s no fool, he knows what she wants, and soon enough he’s snacking like he’s starving. She responds in kind and then they get down to actually screwing. She’s on top and then she’s not, her pleasantly chubby bum keeping time with his natural rhythm. It seems like there should be an ‘8-ball in the corner pocket’ joke somewhere in here but no, it just didn’t seem right.

    MAN-EATER: The camera is out of focus and this guy looks like Al Bundy but then the focus tightens up and it’s not Al Bundy, it’s Eric Edwards. He always seems nice. He watches a blonde with feathered hair make eyes at him and takes the hint. Soon enough, she’s slobbering on his knob and then, from there, they get naked and do the dirty deed. There’s some weird abstract at on the wall, hanging over the fireplace but mostly this is just the two of them having sex on the carpet.

    UNTITLED: A dark haired gal wearing a crushed red velvet top and black stockings (but little else) rubs herself in a bed made up with green sheets. She grabs a dildo and does what girls do with dildos in porno movies, and then a skinny guy with floppy hair shows up to help her. She blows him and he is cool enough to keep his shades on. Soon enough, she takes his glasses off and then, after they’ve manually stimulated one another, he sticks it between her large breasts and makes a big ol’ mess. If this one had to have a title, the title should be ‘GUY WITH SUNGLASSES GETS TITTY FUCKED’ but it wasn’t up to me.

    THREE’S NOT A CROWD: Starts with a gal in a polka dot shirt making out with a gal in a kooky sort of sailor’s outfit style dress on a black leather couch. What are they saying? No one knows, there’s no sound, but after a bit of good old fashioned lesbian tongue battling, they bust out an ominously large dildo. BUT… then a guy shows up. He gets naked and they blow him and like thirty seconds later he finishes. The end. They really were doing just fine without him.

    FREAKY LUST: A guy who looks kinda like Art Garfunkel welcomes a dark haired guy and a pretty red haired woman into his room. She gets naked and the dark haired guy goes to town while Art jerks off. The couple goes at it as horny couples do – oral then missionary, that type of thing – while old Art hands them some cash and keeps on stroking. Then they go at it anal style, which Art seems to dig, and the loops ends with both guys messing up her face.

    BLACK HOUSE CALL: A black chick and a white chick do dirty little dances for a guy sitting on a couch. He looks like he should be more intrigued by what’s going on than he is, but c’est la vie. He whips it out and gets naked and the girls basically attack him. There’s strange art on the walls and a nice, roaring fire to their left. Black chick rides buddy and that seems to go well, then white chick sits on his face and grinds. They shift things around a bit and he goes at it with whitie from behind and then blows it all over the black chick. This guy really should have tried harder. These lovely ladies were clearly trying to please him and he was just kind of there.

    UNTITLED: A curly haired guy in what looks like a hospital gown makes out with two girls, one light haired and one dark haired, in a room that features a terrifying portrait of a clown on the wall. Nothing gets people hornier than scary clowns, right? At any rate, the girls, who are both quite cute, take turns mounting him and playing with his boner, occasionally indulging in some mild lesbianism until one of them is like, hey, do me up the poop shoot! So he does and the other ones masturbates and that’s more or less it. This one should have been called SCARY CLOWNS WILL KILL YOUR BONER.

    GYPSY PICK UP: A young lady who may or may not be a gypsy is hitchhiking. She’s picked up by a car and hops in the back. Who is there waiting for her? Jamie Gillis in some denim overalls. Uh oh, that’s not good. She blows him and the driver looks back wanting to get in on the action. The gal obliges, and then they pull over, run into a room with a yellow couch, and have a three way. She keeps her red bandanna on so you know she’s a real gypsy.

    UNTITLED: This loop opens with a busty blonde with a beehive hairdo rubbing herself in the tub. She dries herself off and pees, then puts on a towel and heads out into the living room where she’s accosted by two men. It seems like they might supposed to be raping her but she doesn’t fight back at all, she just fucks them like a champ. One of the guys is Marc Stevens. There’s not much to this thing. They then tie her up and leave, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. This one needs a title, so let’s go with DULL THREE WAY IN THE LIVING ROOM.

    LESBIAN SIZZLER: If you’re into steak and salad bar action, this is the loop for you! Just kidding, this has nothing to do with the low priced family restaurant franchise and everything to do with lesbians. This one starts with two girls, both with dark hair, one of whom looks like Samantha Fox, going at it. They do some boobie play and then go done one on another. It’s pretty rad. They seem to have a good time bumping and grinding on the yellow shag carpeting In front of the roaring fireplace. Is it the fireplace that makes them sizzle? Maybe.

    NAUGHTY NURSES: A blonde nurse and a brunette nurse prepare a hospital bed. The brunette’s boobs pop out of her shirt and the blonde attacks her nipples with her tongue! This is the beginning of some rad lesbian sex, the kind that two hot nurses have on the hospital bed that they’ve just prepared. The brunette is wearing thigh high pleather boots, because nurses do that, she licks the blonde’s toes at one point. The ened.

    SIT ON MY DILDO: Two average looking blondes are hanging out in a bar that looks like it’s been set up in some guy’s rec room. Wood paneling abounds. They have a drink and then start rubbing one another’s legs. This leads to blonde #1 going down on blonde #2, before then busting out a dildo. They head to the floor and oralize between their thighs, which israd, but no one actually sits on the dildo, which is kind of disappointing. Blonde #2 gets on all fours and takes it from behind, which is kind of close, and then blonde #1 rides it while blonde #2 holds it in her mouth, but that’s not quite the same thing. Still, there’s something to be said for watching average looking blondes go at it.

    HUNGRY HOLE: A girl with blue eye shadow is having her nether regions pummeled by a girl with less eye shadow in a room with yellow flowers and red brick walls. A weird looking sex toy that might be a vibrator or might not be is used, but mostly we get a lot of tongue and finger action, which is really for the best. There’s also a giant fucking wooden duck in the room right next to them as they go at it.

    WOMAN WITH A COCK: A short haired girl in a green jacket is deep kissing a girl in a white dress clearly wearing no bra. They get naked and start fondling each other before jacket goes down on dress. This goes over like gangbusters, and then jacket takes down her jeans to reveal… a cock! It’s not a real cock, it’s a ribbed strap on, but the other gal goes down on it like it’s real and then takes it off of her friend and goes down on her.

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 29 – DVD Review:

    Each of the 8mm loops on this disc are presented in their original 1.33.1 fullframe aspect ratio and transferred from film. They haven’t been fully restored so expect a fair bit of print damage and plenty of visible scratches but that doesn’t really detract from the experience much. Colors are faded and black levels all over the place but if the elements are in rough shape, at least the disc is well authored and not plagued by compression artifacts or edge enhancement problems.

    The audio is on par with the video, sort of. This stuff was shot without sound, so really we just the ‘click’ of a projector in terms of audio, there’s really not much to write about here.

    Extras? Nope. You get a menu and loop selection but that’s it.

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 29 – The Final Word:

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 29 offers up yet another selection of ‘classic’ loops from the golden age of adult movies. Some recognizable faces make this one entertaining, and there’s enough variety here to please most fans.

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