• Woman In A Box: Virgin Sacrifice (Impulse Pictures) DVD Review

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: July 9th, 2019.
    Director: Masaru Konuma
    Cast: Saeko Kizuki, Reiko Sai,Kojiro Kusanagi
    Year: 1985
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    Woman In A Box: Virgin Sacrifice – Movie Reviews:

    This straight to video 1985 production, which was written by Kazuo 'Gaira' Komizu (the director of Entrails Of a Virgin" and Entrails Of A Beautiful Woman) opens with a couple fucking in a van right in the middle of a busy business district of a large Japanese city. They finish and take off, eating some friend chicken as they drive, complaining of their boredom. They’re out for kicks and they need more! How do they get their next sexual high? They kidnap a young woman, Michiyo Ikeda (Saeko Kizuki), a college student studying to be a nursery school teacher.

    At knife point, they put a wooden box over her head and then walk her through some dark tunnels to a sex dungeon of sorts where she’s shackled to a wall, stripped and pretty brutally raped by the both of them. When it’s over with, the wife houses poor Michiyo down with a firehose. They take her shackles off and when she drops to the floor, she’s raped a second time. She’s then forced into various acts of degradation – forced fellatio, sex toy assault, rope bondage, orifice examinations – while the wife watches and then pleasures herself. When she’s finally left alone she manages to escape, still bound, into the tunnels where she runs into dead rats and is almost hit by a train car of some sort. The tunnels are full of human waste, and she gets covered in it.

    We then cut to a police station where the husband is interviewed by the cops briefly. This happens a fair bit in the second half of the movie, foreshadowing what will happen later. We keep cutting back to Michiyo, who is now locked inside a large chained box. They take her out of the box and pour hot wax on her, use gynecological tools on her, insert various objects into her before then taking her out in the van, hanging her from the roof and fucking her in public. They take her back to the dungeon for more of the same. From there, she’s taken to a beach, locked in the box with her head sticking out, and then drained of her blood – it gets even weirder from there. Does Michiyo have a chance to regain her freedom or will she die at the hands of these devious freaks?

    The optical censoring in this one is ridiculous, giant orange balls often times covering almost half the screen, but hey, that’s Japanese smut for you. That said, even with the regulatory censoring this movie is insane. It takes things quite a bit farther than you expect it to and you’ve got to give 'Gaira' credit for coming up with some pretty awesome twists in the last twenty-minutes or so. It’s longer than your average entry in the line, clocking in at just over eighty-minutes, and it’s impressive how much of that running time is taken up with graphic depictions of genuine sexual depravities! It’s all very clearly staged, there’s no doubt about that whatsoever, it never really looks all that realistic (thankfully) but it does earn bonus points for being so inspired in its perversions!

    This isn’t the most stylish of the roman porno films but it is quite well shot. The budget was definitely on the lower side, it’s clear that this was made with the home video market in mind not just from the framing but from the sets used in the picture. However, the cinematography is quite polished and the performances nothing if not committed. Saeko Kizuki was clearly a good spot about all of this, she’s put through the ringer, and she plays her role pretty convincingly – even in the way over the top finale – while the actor and actress that play the husband and wife duo are also freakishly convincing.

    This one goes into some very dark territory, but if you’re into that (no judgement here) and don’t mind the fact that it was definitely made faster and cheaper than some of the more polished Nikkatsu sex pictures, it delivers.

    Woman In A Box: Virgin Sacrifice – Blu-ray Review:

    Woman In A Box: Virgin Sacrifice is presented in 1.33.1 fullframe transfer. This one looks like it was shot on tape. Keeping that in mind, this transfer isn’t bad at all. The source was stable, there are no tracking lines or tape roles here to complain about. Detail, yes, is limited by the source but it’s not bad and colors are reproduced pretty well.

    The Japanese language Dolby Digital Mono track is fine. It’s a bit flat but it’s clean enough and properly balanced with no noticeable hiss or distortion. The white subtitles are clean, clear and easy to read and free of any noticeable typographical errors.

    There are no extras, just a static menu.

    Woman In A Box: Virgin Sacrifice – The Final Word:

    Woman In A Box: Virgin Sacrifice is seriously twisted stuff! There’s some pretty neat twists towards the end though and if the production values aren’t all that impressive, the performances are surprisingly committed and convincing. Impulse Picture’s DVD release is barebones but it looks and sounds alright considering its origins.