• Drive-In Delirium: With A Vengeance (Umbrella Entertainment) Blu-ray Review

    Released by: Umbrella Entertainment
    Released on: July 3rd, 2019.
    Director: Various
    Cast: Various
    Year: Various
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    Drive-In Delirium: With A Vengeance – Movie Review:

    The latest entry in Umbrella Entertainment’s ongoing Drive-In Delirium series of trailer collections, With a Vengeance, presents a mix of action, horror, sciifi, thriller and western movie trailers all in sparkly high definition for your enjoyment.

    The trailers that make up pretty much the entirety of Drive-In Delirium: With A Vengeance are broken up into two sections and presented as follows (with some drive-in intermission ads and related bits thrown in here and there for good measure):


    Pre-show / Shaft / Superfly / Hammer / Hell Up In Harlem / Blackenstein / Coffy / Foxy Brown / The Human Tornado / Drum / Penitentiary / Kiss Me Deadly / Never Take Candy From A Stranger / Underworld U.S.A. / The Candy Web / The Killers / Harper / Cop-Out / The High Commissioner / Bullitt / Otley / Get Carter / Revenge / Dirty Harry / Magnum Force / The French Connection / The French Connection II / The Seven-Ups / The New Centurions / Serpico / Busting / The Destructors / The Gauntlet / The Sweeney / Sweeney 2 / The Big Sleep / Saint Jack / The Long Good Friday / The Salamander / 48 Hours / Deadly Force / Blue Thunder / Savage Streets / Certain Fury / Naked Vengeance / Tenement / Remo Williams - The Adventure Begins / The Park Is Mine / Cobra / Best Seller / Shakedown / Messenger Of Death / The Presidio / Blue Steel / Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects / Lock-Up / Roadhouse / The Camp On Blood Island / Ten Seconds To Kill / The Spy Who Came In From The Cold / Dark Of The Sun / Ice Station Zebra / Hornet's Nest / Three Days Of The Condor / The Eagle Has Landed / Force 10 From Navarone / Seven / Firefox / Wargames / The Package / The Italian Job / The Hot Rock / The Getaway / The Great Train Robbery / Le Mans / White Lightning / Gator / The Gumball Rally / The Blues Brothers / The Stunt Man / Intermission

    This first section flows well, starting with a wealth of top-notch Blaxploitation trailers before then heading into noir/thriller territory (it’s always a good time when Lee Marvin shows up). After that, it’s a nice chunk of 70’s and 80’s cop thrillers starring a host of A-list stars in their prime, before then heading into B-action territory with an enjoyable random assortment of enjoyable nonsense. A few Bronson entries are highlights as well, and hey, those Burt Reynolds moves that are showcased towards the big finish are also a blast.


    The Stranglers Of Bombay / The Sword Of Sherwood Forest / The Pirates Of Blood River / Mozambique / The Vengeance Of She / The Million Eyes Of Sumuru / The Castle Of Fu Manchu / Wonder Women / Terminal Island / Gold / The Wilby Conspiracy / Raise The Titanic / The Wicked Lady / Frog Dreaming / Firewalker / Flesh+Blood / River Of Death / The Yakuza / Force Five / Kill And Kill Again / Enter The Ninja / Revenge Of The Ninja / Commanche Station / The Magnificent Seven / Fistful Of Dollars / For A Few Dollars More / The Good, The Bad And The Ugly / Navajo Joe / Django / Django Kill / Return Of The Seven / Hang'em High / Once Upon A Time In The West / 100 Rifles / More Dead Than Alive / Barquero / Duck You Sucker! / Lawman / Hannie Caulder / The Revengers / The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean / Billy Two Hats / Get Mean / Mad Dog Morgan / Return Of A Man Called Horse / It Came From Outer Space/ Invasion Of The Body Snatchers / Village Of The Damned / The 3 Wonders Of Gulliver / G-A-S-S-S-S-S / Beneath The Planet Of The Apes / The Omega Man / The People That Time Forgot / Time After Time / The Chain Reaction / Alien 2 / Battle Beyond The Stars / Galaxy Of Terror / Forbidden World / Heavy Metal - The Movie / Looker / Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan / Brainstorm / Strange Invaders / Yor - The Hunter From The Future / Dune / The Last Starfighter / Supergirl / Desert Warrior / The Adventures Of Hercules / Sinbad Of The Seven Seas / Highlander / Masters Of The Universe / Innerspace / Killer Klowns From Outer Space / The Sisterhood / Leviathan / Post Show / Also Available

    If this section isn’t as strong as the first, there’s still a lot of good material here. We start off with a few non-horror Hammer horror pictures before then tossing in a random assortment of exploitation, action and adventure trailers. From there, a few of the classic Cannon Films ninja pictures get the spotlight before we take a lengthy, and very welcome, deep dive into spaghetti western territory. A few non-Italian westerns follow before we spend the rest of the section bouncing back and forth between genres with an emphasis on science fiction pictures.

    All in all, a nice assortment of trailers and promos for a whole lot of movies!

    Drive-In Delirium: With A Vengeance – Blu-ray Review:

    Drive-In Delirium: The New Batch arrives on a 50GB Blu-ray disc, with the two HD presentations taking up a combined 48 GBS of space, and not surprisingly, the aspect ratio changes depending on the aspect ratio of the respective trailer that's playing. For the most part this is a pretty solid presentation and it does look like maybe some cleanup work was done here. The trailers were clearly in very nice shape, they're all much nicer looking than you'd expect if you've watched other trailer compilations that have hit the market over the years. Color reproduction looks spot on and black levels are good as well. There some minor compression artifacts here and there but detail and clarity are pretty good here. No complains, this is a nice presentation.

    Audio chores are handled by an English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono track, there are no subtitles or closed captioning options provided. The audio here is more or less problem free. The levels are well balanced and there aren't any serious problems with any hiss or distortion even if you will pick up on it, as well as some sibilance, now and again if you’re looking for it. There are no alternate language options or subtitles provided here.

    As far as the extras are concerned, Umbrella has also tossed in an hour and a half long segment entitled Son Of VHS Delirium – another selection of trailers taken from old tape sources, presented as follows:

    Beyond Evil / Superstition / Maniac / Evil Dead / Sweet Sixteen / Mutant / Vampyres / Torso / Amityville 3-D / The Dead Zone / Tattoo / To Kill A Clown / For Apache The Bronx / The Bounty / Caged Heat / The Retrievers / Raw Force / Conan The Destroyer / Loving Couples / Splitz / Hollywood High / Gas Pump Girls / Hot T-Shirts / Gosh (Alice Goodbody) / The Happy Hooker Goes Hollywood / Charlotte's Web / Follow The Sun / Master Of The Game / Flying High / The Keeper / The Intruder Within / Secrets of A Super Stud / Sweet Savage / The Yum Yum Girls / Girls At The Gynecologist / Mustang the House That Joe Built / Incoming Freshmen / French Nympho / Flesh Gordon / Diary of A Space Woman / Fairy Tales / Fantasm / Fantasm Comes Again

    Spliced in a few times between batches are some vintage Video Classics label promo spots advertising different genres – neat stuff. Definitely take the time to go through this section as there are some really interesting and genuinely rare Australian home video promo spots in here.

    This material takes up 5GBs of space and is presented in 720p with AVC encoding and English language Dolby Digital 2.0 audio.

    Drive-In Delirium: With A Vengeance – The Final Word:

    Umbrella Entertainment’s Drive-In Delirium: With A Vengeance Blu-ray, like the others in the series, once again offers a whole lot of bang for your buck. The trailers aren’t quite as eccentric here as on some of the other volumes but there’s still a lot of entertainment value to be had, and the additional VHS trailers included in the extra features are also pretty great.

    Click on the images below for full sized Drive-In Delirium: With A Vengeance Blu-ray screen caps!

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    1. Jason C's Avatar
      Jason C -
      I love these Drive-In Delirium releases and forgotten about this one. Gonna order right away.

      I wish they'd had commentary tracks but I'm still very thankful to have these. I especially enjoy having that block of blaxploitation trailers.
    1. Ian Jane's Avatar
      Ian Jane -
      Make sure you take the time to go through the VHS trailers section - there's some serious gold in there.
    1. davek's Avatar
      davek -
      Love these releases. The only issue I have is no chapter selections. Having to keep pressing skip to get to a certain trailer (or if watching and taking a break). Outside of that excellent.
    1. VinceP's Avatar
      VinceP -
      Quote Originally Posted by davek View Post
      Love these releases. The only issue I have is no chapter selections. Having to keep pressing skip to get to a certain trailer (or if watching and taking a break). Outside of that excellent.
      These two new releases actually bookmark your place if you stop and return later. When the disc boots back up to the menu, hit "play all' and it should take you back to where you left off. Past volumes didn't have this feature.
    1. davek's Avatar
      davek -
      Quote Originally Posted by VinceP View Post
      These two new releases actually bookmark your place if you stop and return later. When the disc boots back up to the menu, hit "play all' and it should take you back to where you left off. Past volumes didn't have this feature.
      Oh that’s great! Thanks for informing me. I watched a few trailers on each, but haven’t gotten back to them as I was dreading the whole keep pressing skip.