• 42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 33 (Impulse Pictures) DVD Review

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: October 8th, 2019.
    Director: Various
    Cast: Loni Sanders, Linda Shaw, Chris Cassidy, Mai Lin, Ron Jeremy, Mike Horner
    Year: 1970’s – 1980’s
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    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 33 – Movie Review:

    The Peepshow Collection series from Impulse Pictures keeps on going with this thirty-third installment. Here’s what you get this time around…

    SEX STAR'S INTERVIEW: A gal with long dark hair is in a room with mirror walls. Her host? Ron Jeremy. They sit on a couch with a Moroccan print and, suave motherfucker that he is, the Hedgehog gets her naked. She blows him and then he fucks her, his hair is slicked back and weirder looking than usual. I think the girl in question is Loni Sanders. Anyway, she and Ron definitely give their all here and show no concern whatsoever about getting rug burn once they move to the floor.

    THE LOVE MACHINES: In this second loop, a lovely blonde lady walks up and pats the butt of one… Ron Jeremy. He’s wearing a sports jersey of some sort that says RONNIE on the back and she gets her top off and then her bottom off and gives him quite a show. This girl is Linda Shaw and she’s pretty foxy. Ron gets a tit in his mouth and then goes down, which is nice of him. She wriggles around a lot and then blows him. They screw after that, right near a railing that doesn’t look very sturdy. She finishes him off orally and we’re done.

    SIT ON IT: Mike Horner strokes himself while a blonde sitting next to him in front of the fire diddles herself. She takes her clothes off and he chows down and she plays with her nipples. They’re in front of a fireplace with no guard whatsoever – very dangerous. She goes down on him and then they fuck, showing no regard whatsoever for fire safety as he rams it up her arse, his head only a few inches away from that dangerous blaze.

    TWO IN A TUB: The door to the room we and the camera are situated in opens wide. Who is it? A guy with a moustache and a gal in pink stockings. He sits on the side of the tub, which is puzzlingly right beside the door. Are we in a bathroom? Not sure, its’ pretty big if we are and it’s carpeted, which is weird, but maybe… maybe. Anyway, pinkie blows this guy despite his horrible tan lines. They make out for a bit and then he blows his load. Or does he? It looks like he did but maybe she just spit a lot. Either way, he goes down on her in the tub and then he bends her over and fucks her. The tub is half full of water but we didn’t see them fill it up so… they might be fucking in someone else’s bathwater which, no disrespect to anyone who is into that, well, it’s kind of gross.

    SALLY'S TRIPLE CUM: This one is an ‘ALL NEW SAN FRANCISCO FILMS’ production! It opens with a blonde girl with frump hair sitting on a red couch. A guy with frumpy hair walks up to her. I suspect she is Sally and clearly she is hungry for dick as she takes his pants down and goes to town on him. They fuck from a few different positions and then he finishes. After that, he goes down a bit and she rides him again and once he bends her over he comes again. But no, he’s not done, he slips it back in and porks her a bit more until he comes a third time. There’s truth in advertising with this one, though to be fair, he had a triple come. We don’t actually know if this woman we presume to be Sally even came once. This guy could suck at fucking.

    TV THERAPY: Three ladies are in a sun room on a couch, except two of them aren’t ladies, they’re drag queens! The one in the middle is a lady though, and she blows the blonde drag queen while the other drag queen pokes her from behind. They switch it up and do it from a few different angles and, oh, the blonde drag queen isn’t a drag queen she’s a transsexual. We see this now that the clothes are off. The other one might be transsexual too, it’s kind of hard to tell. This one is confusing. There’s no TV in it but… oh….. now I get it. I thought this was going to be about televisions. Nope!

    ENOUGH FOR TWO!: Mai Lin is hanging out with a dude and a blonde. The blonde blows the dude while he fondle’s Mai’s boobies. The girls kiss his prick for a bit and we spot a rad Coors sign in the background and a neat Miller lamp hanging over the bar. For some reason there’s a bed in this bar, and they hope in, get naked and fuck in it. The girls seem more interested in one another than the guy but that’s okay. He still gets to poke holes until he’s ready to do his thing – at which point, he does just that… his thing.

    COOKIE'S TWO-WAY TREAT: A girl in a red shiny mini-dress – who may or may not be Cookie – sits in between two dudes, one of whom is Ron Jeremy in a powder blue suit. Ron fingers this girl while the other guy makes out with her, sucking face and what not. There’s a very dramatic painting of an old sea ship behind them. Ron goes down while not Ron plays with boobs. This gal slobbers on not Ron’s dong and then Ron gets to do her from behind. Not Ron has a horrible moustache. At one point the director frames things nicely with some flowers in front of the three-way, then she takes it up the ass. It’s quite a dramatic shift, thematically.

    RECTAL ROMP: This is odd. A blonde and a brunette are sitting in bed with an ugly guy. This guy is holding what looks to be a painting of Jesus Christ. Then they cut to the brunette standing up with her dress hiked, dude’s tongue between her legs and the blonde going down on him. This goes on for a bit and then they switch it up, each one getting and giving oral sex before ugly guy screws blondie while the girls sixty-nine. The brunette rides him anally, which does legitimately qualify as having a rectal romp by the rules established by the administration of Rock! Shock! Pop!. But… he goes back to the blonde for less controversial sex to finish up, so we deduct two points.

    INTERNATIONAL BOUTIQUE: This one is a Swedish Erotica loop. It opens in a boutique, it could be an international one but it looks like a thrift store. There the clerk, who has a bitchin’ afro, attends to a beautiful Asian girl who tells him ‘I SEE SOMETHING SPECIAL BUT I BET IT’S NOT FOR SALE.’ There are subtitles on this one and they’re in all caps. Anyway, in case you suck at picking up on these things, she’s talking about his cock. We’ll get to that. For now, this Asian cutie and her Asian cutie friend pretend to look at clothes and opt to try things on right there in the store in front of everyone. The clerk likes what he sees and whips his dick out. The girls attack him and strip for him, more or less (they keep on some strategic lingerie), and then take turns sucking and fucking him. Seriously though, this is a thrift store. But hey, good for buddy for getting some quality action.

    THE DRESSING ROOM: In this ‘ALL NEW SAN FRANCISCO FILMS’ production, we open our story at a factory where three girls are naked and, I dunno. They’re naked and playing with a vibrator right there in a factory. It isn’t a dressing room at all. Who came up with the name for this one? Anyway, they eat each other out and have the kind of rad lesbian sex that rad lesbians specialize in, using tongues and toys in fairly equal measure. There are rolls of plastic wrap behind them. You probably wouldn’t see that in a dressing room, right?

    YOUNG AND HOT: An olive skinned hottie sits in bed with a blonde lady who does appear to be a bit older, but not by much – they both probably qualify as young and hot. There’s a needlepoint owl on the wall behind them and the curtains show a lovely lakeside print. Blondie plays with the other gal’s hair for a bit and then they start kissing right out of nowhere. Then, KAPOW, they’re naked and you’d think the older chick would be the aggressor but nope, the younger one grabs that dong and screws her pal with it. They switch things around and trade places, which is nice, then they smooch and that’s it. They probably had a nap once the camera stopped rolling. That’s what I would have done if I were a rad seventies lesbian.

    GEISHA ON THE GINZA: In this Swedish Erotic loop, which also has ALL CAPS SUBTITLES, we voyage into a store that looks kinda like the thrift store from a few paragraphs up. In here, a blonde and a dark haired gal arrange some clothes when a girl in traditional Japanese garb comes in. Fuck it, this is the same thrift store, they didn’t even try to make it look different. Anyway, they suggest some outfits for the Japanese lady and she decides to try it on right there in the story. This inspires the other two to suck on her nipples and eat her out. They too get naked and then a big ol’ lesbian three-way breaks out, which, you’ve got to admit, is pretty cool. These girls really go at it. High fives all around.

    ONE COCK FOR TWO: This one opens with a title screen that says CANDY’S GIRLS 2. Two girls, who may or may not belong to Candy, are sucking tongues in close up and grabbing each other’s asses. The camera pulls back and they’re both blonde. They move to the bed and get their clothes off and, as you could probably have guessed at this point, finger bang and eat each other out before busting out some toys and using those too.

    DILDO DEMONS: Last but not least, straight from the very depths of Hell come the dildo demons! These demons aren’t demons at all though, they’re just rad lesbians who want to have rad seventies lesbian sex. The dark haired one has pink lingerie while the light haired one has black lingerie and some classy elbow-length gloves. They smooch for a bit then suck tit before going down on each other atop a red velour couch. They do this from a few different angles until each of these two ladies has been properly satiated by way of a double dong, at which point the loop ends, as does the compilation.

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 33 – DVD Review:

    Each of the 8mm loops on this disc are presented in their original 1.33.1 fullframe aspect ratio and transferred from film. They haven’t been fully restored so expect a fair bit of print damage and plenty of visible scratches but that doesn’t really detract from the experience much. Colors are faded and black levels all over the place but if the elements are in rough shape, at least the disc is well authored and not plagued by compression artifacts or edge enhancement problems.

    The audio is on par with the video, sort of. This stuff was shot without sound, so really we just the ‘click’ of a projector in terms of audio, there’s really not much to write about here.

    Extras? Nope. You get a menu and loop selection but that’s it.

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 33 – The Final Word:

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 33 is a pretty enjoyable entry in the long running series of 8mm loop collections from Impulse. This one has the right mix of quality and quantity, some good performances stand out here and there’s a good bit of variety too. Lots of good, clean, dirty fun to be had.