• Blade Runner 2019 #4 (Titan Comics) Comic Review

    Blade Runner 2019 #4 (Titan Comics) Comic Review
    Released by: Titan Comics
    Released on: October 9th, 2019.
    Written by: Michael Green, Mike Johnson
    Illustrated by: Andres Guinaldo
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    After discovering that business mogul Alexander Selwyn’s wife, Cleo, was actually dead and replaced by a replicant, Blade Runner Aahan 'Ash' Ashina was setup with a new spinner by the Tyrell Corporation who want her to find Isobel and her daughter, Cleo, before they make it out of Los Angeles. What she doesn’t realize is that they’ve already crossed the border into Mexico and made it to El Santuario, an island inhabited by replicants.

    Meanwhile, Selwyn pays a visit to Slattery at his chop shop. He wants to know why Isobel called and what he knows about her disappearance. At El Santuario, Isobel adjusts to her new surroundings and spends time with Isobel, knowing that her time left is limited. Their play time on the beach is interrupted when Ash shows up, heavily armed. Of course, she runs into resistance when she tries to get Isobel to head back to L.A. with her – but Ash is smart enough to listen when they tell her there’s another way. After learning a bit about El Santuario, she sees the evidence that Isobel left with, evidence documenting Alexander Selwyn’s correspondence with Eldon Tyrell wherein they arrange for Cleo to go into the Tyrell Corporation’s custody in exchange for Isobel being ‘created’ and gifted to Selwyen. Isobel knows that the Tyrell Corporation wants Cleo for experiments that the girl will not survive – which is why she fled, and subsequently why Selwyn and Tyrell want her back.

    Before the conversation can go much further, they’re interrupted by the arrival of two ships full of paramilitary types and by Selwyn himself…

    This fourth issue is the end of the first storyline and it definitely finishes things off with a pretty big bang. It’s a cliché to call it action packed, but it isn’t wrong. Green and Johnson have done a great job setting this all up in the three issues prior, so it stands to reason that we’d get to the boiling point around this time – and we do. It doesn’t disappoint, this is tense stuff with some solid twists that does a great job of setting up what’s next to come in the storyline.

    Andres Guinaldo’s artwork continues to impress. We don’t get the intricately laid out cityscapes in this issue as so much of what occurs takes place on the island, but the detail is still there and the layouts are still impressive. The guy knows how to illustrate action really, really well and without heading too far into spoiler territory, a few panels have some serious impact. Marco Lesko’s coloring work just adds to it all, bringing the pencils to vibrant life.

    This series had some pretty high expectations to meet but thus far in its short lifespan, it has managed to rise to the challenge and it will be interesting to see where the next storyline takes us.