• Prostitution And Pornography In The Orient Plus Worlds Of Love And Kama Sutra ‘71 (Alpha Blue Archives) DVD Review

    Released by: Alpha Blue Archives
    Released on: December, 2015.
    Director: Keith Ericson/Andrew Szepesy/Raj Devi
    Cast: Keith Ericson, John Holmes, Ann Perry
    Year: 1972/1972/1971

    Prostitution And Pornography In The Orient – Movie Review:

    Alpha Blue Archives offers up three completely and totally serious documentaries for moms and dads all over the world to enjoy without the company of children.

    Prostitution And Pornography In The Orient:

    “Because of the sexually explicit nature of this motion picture, it cannot be released in the Far East countries where it was filmed.”

    That opening disclaimer might not be true. Anyway, hey, it’s time to spend seventy-three quality minutes in exotic locales like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan with a bunch of people you’ve probably never heard of, courtesy of director Ivan Vershak (who would seem to be Keith Ericson, who acted in a lot of trash films from this era like The Godson, The Godmother, Sex In The Comics and Psyched By The 4-D Witch to name only a few.

    Like a lot of smut from the early seventies, this one purports to be a documentary rather than a fuck film, and as such, we get the requisite stoic narration over erotic drawings showing Asians in various sexual acts. We learn that a man’s technique is more important to the Oriental woman than his physique, and also how the Oriental woman can offer the Western Man stuff that I guess the Western Woman cannot.

    We start off at a resort area in Taiwan where a guy with a beard interviews a Taiwanese lady in front of a lovely water fountain. From there, a different Taiwanese lady fucks a white guy in a hotel room. He’s got a rad mop top and wears white denim pants. There’s ‘Asian’ art on the walls so you know this is the real deal. Then beardo interviews a different gal as we cut back and forth between this footage and footage of two dudes hanging out at a Taiwanese girly bar. They dance with some chicks, sling back drinks served by a homely bartender, and then bang some hookers – off camera. Most of what we see is dancing in this scene.

    The narrator explains Asian erotic art and then we head to Japan to visit a bath – any man visiting Japan should take place in this ritual because that is where the girl who was too shy to even look at you in the department store will get down and do you. We see lots of footage of cute Japanese girls scrubbing themselves, we learn who ‘women will be women will be women’ and gossip amongst themselves and learn that they prefer hairy men. Then we meet a guy named Barry – he winds up in a bath with four Japanese girls and, after they all speak clearly (but always remain polite), he makes a decision and screws a chick. But before we get to Barry we see a fat, hairy guy get a massage in his hotel room from a Japanese woman who just can’t keep her hands, or her mouth, off of his dong. Anyway, yeah, Barry takes a girl out for a night on the town. After some dancing in a bar that has an unusual amount of netting in it (it looks pretty rad, I’d party down there), they have a few drinks and then head back to a weird room with an idol and three dildos in it to watch a lesbian sex show. From there, they walk the back alleys of Tokyo and eventually wind up in his hotel room where they have sex. Nice work, Barry!

    Oh, and before we leave Japan we see a blonde Caucasian lady get a rub down from the same lady who blew the fat hairy guy. You can figure out where this one goes, and it’s more fun to watch than the first one. We also visit a weird temple full of stone dongs and giant wooden cocks where an annual festival is held. Barry attends and seems to enjoy the parade, as does the bearded interviewer guy.

    Last but not least, we voyage to Hong Kong, ‘the most exotic port in the world.’ Here, since we are concerned with sensuality, we learn how the Oriental Woman woos her man. Some neat travelogue footage shows off some of the sights before meeting a woman named Lynn who makes a living as a prostitute. We get some ‘day in the life of’ footage and then meet her roommate, Mary. We voyage into the bars and clubs of Kowloon, learn how competitive hooking is, meet a hooker named Sunny and a guy named Bill (Ericson himself) and witness their small talk and then their business arrangements. They head back to her place, and we see their tryst first hand. Bill isn’t into boots, he’d rather see her naked calves he tells her. Coward. Still, he screws her using a position we learn is called ‘The Seagull Soars.’ This scene is WAY more explicit than anything else in the movie.

    Elsewhere, Lynn is still looking for a john with no luck! Poor Lynn. Eventually she finds a customer while Mary follows suit. For the rest of the movie, we cut back and forth between Sunny, Mary and Lynn doing their thing before we learn who the girls always take care of each other when a john gets out of hand or a little too rough. THE END?

    And that’s more or less it. Not a whole lot here to elaborate on but some of the Hong Kong street footage is kind of cool. It’s debatable how much of it was shot for this feature but it’s there, so full credit to Ericson for at least finding it and also for putting himself in the most explicit sex scene in the movie! Those upset by racial stereotyping will rightly take issue with this but it’s a product of its time and it isn’t so much offensive as it is just stupid. If you can look at it that way, it’s actually kind of funny for most of its running time. Not intentionally, of course, but it’s so ass-backwards that you can’t help but issue a hearty guffaw or two as this one plays out.

    Worlds Of Love:

    This seventy-five-minute feature from 1972 starts off with some weird poetry slam style narration as, in soft focus, a dudes makes out with a chick. This chick moans a lot and then eventually climaxes as the movie cuts between scenes of hairy lovemaking and nearby plants and flowers. A female voice continues with the nonsense narration, we see vaginas in close up and flowers in close up while the sounds of a sitar play in the background. Cut to a woman handling a giant glass phallus. A man with a fake British accent clues us in on whatever obscure – and clearly false – ritual we’re about to witness. From there, we see a guy in bed with four blondes and learn that one of the blonde’s is reading about Viking rituals. Cut to Japan where a guy and a gal spout of nonsense and drink tea for a bit. Dude grabs his sword and stands up, then we see them in the bath together briefly. I’ve had a few beers at this point but I’m not sure what’s going on here. The narration is preposterous and dumb. Sword guy leaves and the girl slips a stone phallus inside of her and then swings back and forth on a hammock and masturbates. Rad!

    Back to the guy and the blondes. Another blonde is horny. She rubs herself and we see some weird reenactment of Don Juan complete with low rent costumes. The lady in question masturbates for old Donnie Boy, and he’s savvy enough to take that hint, disrobe, and bone her… but it cuts before that actually happens. Instead we go to France where a guy in a striped shirt and a beret sits in a room full of wine and wood paneling, fondling a woman before going down on her. She blows him for a bit. Then, back to the guy in the bed with the blondes. He reads about some sort of Indian thing that’s narrated by an Indian accent so fake and exaggerated that it makes Apu on The Simpsons sound like David Attenborough by comparison. We see a white guy in a turban and some makeup on look at a hot blonde (lots of hot blondes in Indian, don’t you know), who gyrates on the floor for him. He bones her. This formula kind of repeats for the rest of the movie. White people do bad impersonations of other cultures, the horrible narration attempts to eroticize it and then people have softcore or kinda-sorta hardcore sex for a brief period of time. We head to a country that might be India or something, based on the statues, where a black girl has sex with a hairy white guy. Maybe it’s supposed to be Africa, I don’t know. Then we go into a jungle where a guy who looks kinda like George Washington but who is presumably an English explorer – Captain Cook, we’re told - screws around with two hot chicks who look are supposed to be Polynesian. Eventually the guy in the bed with the blondes has sex with the least attractive woman in the movie as we see more weird phallic imagery and plants. Scenes that were hinted at earlier, like the Japanese scene, play out in full while a pair of Nazi’s fucks a blonde chick. We keep cutting back to the white guy in the turban and lots of vaginal close ups. Later there’s an orgy and then some ‘historical footage’ that is a black and white clip of a couple sixty-nine-ing and having sex (the most explicitly hardcore footage in the movie).

    This film doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it is an interesting artifact of the days when smut peddlers had to dress up their dirty movies as documentaries in order to avoid censorship issues and potential prosecution. It is also quite funny if you’re not so sensitive to unfortunate racial stereotypes and bad fake accents. Very little of the sex is erotic or even pleasant to watch, this was all clearly shot fast and cheap and edited together with an eye towards faux exotica but it never quite works or even really comes close. Oddly enough, this looks to have been shot by Steve Silverman, presumably the same guy who shot a whole bunch of Joe Sarno movies like Vibrations, Marcy, All The Sins Of Sodom and Laura’s Toys. Someone named Andrew Szepesy is credited as the director. This has been an ‘Erotic Realism Production!’

    Still, this one has its own stupid charm. Some of the footage in this picture has been pilfered from…

    Kama Sutra ‘71:

    The third and final feature is the seventy-six-minute opens with yet more goofy narration about Indian and its history, its art and its sexual renown. We see some nice travelogue footage of various Indian sights and landmarks, check out some statues that show off the country’s sexy side, footage of a snake charmer and then learn of different Indian prophets and how this gave birth to the Hindu religion. We see stock footage of Indian men rowing boats, some footage of some cows, and then more travelogue footage (none of which matches in terms of look or color) and are told that ‘the answer is to look, to think and to choose.’ All this in the first four minutes of the movie!

    The opening credits show off a lot of adult bookstores that do not look at all Indian (all the signage is in English) and credit Raj Davi as the director. We get more narration about the beauty of Indian arts and learn who they intertwine with sexual loving and then find out how the Kama Sutra is alive and well today. We get a couple of minutes of explanation of what the Kama Sutra is and why it matters, and then, around the ten-minute mark, witness a couple who has read from this text head off into their ornate home to have rad Indian sex (these performers do, at least, look Indian). As they have sex the bad narration keeps going… and going… and going and, well, it never really stops.

    Anyway, after that we see a bunch of white people having a party. One guy gets blindfolded and chooses a girl to make out with. Then he tries another one. After making out with a few chicks, this guy, Harry (John Dullaghan of Sex And The Single Vampire and Sweet Sweetback’s Badasssss Song), hands over the blindfold to another guy. Eventually the guys split off with the gals and screw. One of the guys is John Holmes and one of the girls is Sheri Jackson (of The Babysitter and Suburban Pagans).

    We cut to a porno theater where a couple are watching a dirty movie and screwing around. She complains about his beard. Neither of them really seem all that into it. The loop they are watching is grimy and dark. What exactly this has to do with India or the Kama Sutra is anyone’s guess, the movie seems to have gone off track at this point. The couple head upstairs and find another couple screwing, clearly footage shot for a different film spliced into this one. The couple ‘watch’ but it’s poorly edited and this goes on way too long. They move around and see people fucking in the different rooms of the house. John Holmes, being John Holmes, bangs two chicks.

    It turns out our couple, Harry and Grace, are having marital issues. They bicker in bed, their vitriolic dialogue is kind of great, almost Milligan-esque in spots. From here, the movie turns into a really goofy soap opera. It almost seems like good old Raj Devi forgot that the first chunk of the movie was focused on India and the Kama Sutra. The next day, horny Grace screws around behind Harry’s back with some guy named Joe and Harry slips it to Susie (Ann Perry, a.k.a. Ann Meyers of The Toy Box), his foxy secretary. Oh hey, the narrators are back and going on about the Kama Sutra’s teachings again and we learn how the mouth can be used in lovemaking. Cue the requisite blowjob scene. Eventually we learn that Susie and Joe are actually husband and wife, which adds a layer of weirdness to this. Susie has neat seventies hair – it’s really big. Eventually, all four of them get together for dinner and then we see our Indian couple have sex again.

    This movie makes no fucking sense at all.

    Prostitution And Pornography In The Orient – DVD Review:

    The first two films are taken from film prints. There are Alpha Blue Archives watermarks at the beginning and end of each film. Both of the source prints are pretty rough, there are scratches noticeable throughout and plenty of print damage to note. Colors come and go, lots of fading here but it isn’t consistent. These look like the prints were just transferred onto disc without any regard to cleaning things up, but they’re watchable enough. Kama Sutra ’71 is taken from a tape source, the evidence for this claim being the obvious tracking lines at the bottom of the frame. As such, it’s soft but the image is stable enough. Worlds Of Love is actually widescreen, framed at roughly 1.85.1 widescreen, but it's non-anamorphic. The other two movies are fullframe, which would appear to be the proper aspect ratio based on the compositions.

    The only audio option for the three feature attractions are English language Dolby Digital Mono tracks. There’s quite a bit of hiss in the first two features, some pops here and there and jumps where damaged frames are found. Kamu Sutra ’71 sounds a bit more muffled but amusingly enough because it is more stable it doesn’t have the pops or jumps in it that the other two movies do. No alternate language or subtitles are included here.

    Aside from static menus offering feature selection, we get sixteen-minutes’ of trailers for Kama Sutra (not to be confused with Kama Sutra ’71), Love Secrets Of The Kama Sutra, Worlds Of Love, Pornography Copenhagen: 1970 and Porno Mondo (which looks amazing).

    Prostitution And Pornography In The Orient – The Final Word:

    Alpha Blue Archive’s DVD release of Prostitution And Pornography In The Orient Plus Worlds Of Love And Kama Sutra ’71 is definitely rough around the edges in terms of presentation but it does present three legitimately obscure early seventies ‘documentaries’ in watchable enough quality. The movies themselves are interesting as historical artifacts more than anything else, but there is entertainment value to be had here, even if you have to dig a bit to get to it.