• The Fugitives Plus The Lost Films Of Cyndee Summers (Alpha Blue Archives) DVD Review

    The Fugitives Plus The Lost Films Of Cyndee Summers (Alpha Blue Archives) DVD Review
    Released by: Alpha Blue Archives
    Released on: December, 2015.
    Director: ?/Frank Q. Dobbs/John Mirisch/
    Cast: Cyndee Summers, Nina Fause, Ric Lutze, Keith Erickson, Marsha Hart, William Margold, Barbara Bourbon, Dalana Bissonnette, Rick Cassidy
    Year: 1973/1973/1974/1972

    The Fugitives Plus The Lost Films Of Cyndee Summers – Movie Reviews:

    Alpha Blue Archives offers up four early seventies smut fests featuring the lovely and ever so talented strawberry blonde, Cyndee Summers, who worked in the adult film business from the early seventies up until the early nineties. She appeared in a lot of low rent smut, like the four pictures assembled here, as well as some top shelf material like Taboo IV (where she played Jamie Gillis’ wife).

    Classified Sex:

    We start with a sixty-six-minute romp from 1972 that opens with a couple – Jean (Nona Potters) and Bill (Keith Erickson) in bed reading an adult newspaper, specifically, the classified section geared towards swingers. They get turned on enough by reading this that they start fooling around and then, not so surprisingly, have sex. After they finish up, Bill tells Jean that swinging sounds like fun. Jean complains that they’ve never formally been married and that maybe they should get married first before playing the field with other people so that it isn’t cheating. There’s some circular logic there, but either way, Bill calls up the number in the ad after he argues with a furniture delivery company.

    Soon enough, Jack (Ric Lutze) and Betty show up – they talk about Bill’s paintings for a bit. They talk about heating up plastic and other fascinating topics until Jean gets everyone a drink. Jack follows Betty into the kitchen and they screw around while, out in the living room, Bill and Betty do the same. After that, Betty and Jean go at it for a bit in the shower. Everyone just sort of hangs out in the nude for a little while after that. This movie has a very lazy attitude.

    Anyway, from there, Jean’s brother (Ricky Cassidy) and his wife (Cyndee Summers), alone in their apartment, screw like rabbits in the bedroom, getting rid of two years’ worth of frustration we’re told. Back at Bill’s place, the four new friends have an orgy, a race to see who can make who cum first atop a black fur rug on the floor. Hopefully that thing got washed when these guys were done. There’s a funny twist at the end but we won’t spoil that here.

    This was previously released on DVD-R by Something Weird Video in a softcore version but the version presented here by Alpha Blue Archives is definitely hardcore. The movie itself isn’t all that good but it’s amusing in the way that bad old porno movies can be amusing. Story? There really isn’t one but this one is worth sitting through just to see Rick Cassidy go off the way he does (and that’s not a euphemism), chewing through the scenery like a madman. Summers’ role in the film is limited to the one sex scene with Cassidy and about three seconds of screen time afterwards. There are no names in the credits so take your pick as to who directed it, but it’s passably entertaining.

    The California Connection:

    This second film tells the story of one Peter Galore (Rick Cassidy), a special agent who has to save Peggy Atwater (Maggie Williams), the hot daughter of an often mentioned but never seen rich dude, from the clutches of an evil bad guy who wears a safari outfit with an ascot and a very classy looking monocle named Harold Plum (Tony Lane), who plays tic-tak-toe on a woman’s ass, his devious assistant Forever (Dalana Bissonnette) and his sadistic right hand man, Slim (William Margold)! It seems Safari man has the hot chick tied up in an abandoned mine that he enjoys hanging out in. He and his men also seem to have a few random lesbians running around for good measure.

    At any rate, Peter makes the scene and gets it on with a few chicks before saving the hot daughter and taking off for a surprisingly good car chase in which people toss sticks of dynamite around and in which there are many random explosions. Once that’s done, he heads back to the Safari guy’s headquarters to finish him off once and for all…

    Shot somewhere in what looks like the deserts of California, this one might surprise you a bit as it’s not every day you see a no-budget seventies porno movie that involves dynamite tossing car chases and numerous explosions. At one point a Chevy truck drives through the desert with what looks to be a genuine machine gun mounted to the top of it, firing away. Where did the filmmakers get this firepower? Why didn’t the cops stop them? The mind reels. There’s some no-budget stunt work, some neat sets (an abandoned mine!), a car chase, some light bondage, banjos on the soundtrack and a lot of terrible acting – but everyone here seems to be in on it and is clearly having a lot of fun.

    At any rate, this one is a lot of fun. The sex scenes are reasonably well shot and while the plot is as dumb as a bag of rocks, it’s a fair bit of fun. The guy who plays the safari outfit wearing heavy is obviously having a blast playing his part while the cast of surprisingly attractive women give this one a bit more sex appeal than you’d probably expect. William Margold chews plenty of scenery and both Cyndee Summers and Barbara Bourbon look really good here.

    Good times – and it was directed by Frank Q. Dobbs, the same man who gave us Enter The Devil (and if you pay attention, you might recognize some of the same locations used in both films).

    The Fugitives:

    The feature attraction, which is for some reason the third disc on the menu, is a fifty-three-minute that starts with a lovely young lady named May (Delana Bissonette of, if you prefer, Kay White) getting out of the shower to prepare for the day. After putting on her makeup, doing her hair and getting dressed to the soothing sounds of some pan flute jams, she heads into the living room and lounges around on the floor with her gal pal Zella (Cyndee Summers). A news bulletin on the radio alerts them that two convicts from a state prison have escaped and that a girl may be with them. This cuts into the pan flute music, but once the announcement is over, the pan flute music is back!

    Meanwhile, those two escaped cons and that girl – Jon Roy Jones, Rick Cassidy (who plays gang leader Marty) and Marsha Hart – make their way into the house at gun point and hold the two girls hostage. They’re hungry and they want some food. Cantrell takes May into the kitchen and talks her up. They head to the bedroom and screw, crazy freestyle jazz blasting away on the soundtrack. If you like saxophones, this movie is for you. In the living room, Marsha Hart holds a dildo and looks sad. She moves to the floor and plays with it for a bit atop a bean bag chair (bean bag chairs rule, by the way). She’s interrupted when a friend of Zella’s (Franklin Anthony) busts her – but she’s into it! Rather than act shy or upset, she invites him to screw her, and given that he’s a bit of a wormy loser type, he can’t say no, so they go at it on the floor. While all of this is going on, Marty takes Zella into yet another room so that he can climb boobie mountain and get it on – then, of course, in the last thirty-seconds of the movie, there’s a twist ending!

    This one is pretty goofy. The plot is minimal – bad guys break into a home, everyone has sex – the end. It isn’t very well shot and the production values are minimal at best. The jazz soundtrack, surely ripped off from somewhere, is at least interesting but this was probably shot in an afternoon and, by the looks of it, all in the same house. It really isn’t anything all that special.

    Youthful Sexual Madness:

    The fourth film on the disc, is credited to Sun Films and appears to have been directed by John Mirisch in 1974 (his name even appears in the opening credits). Oddly enough, it features a lot of the same cast members that appear in The Fugitives. Anyway, when it opens, hot chicks walk around while a narrator talks about how much he loves women and how special they are because ‘God made them look so good.’ His creepy, stalkery narration would get him arrested these days, and rightly so, but in 1974 it made for a good movie. As he talks about how women want to be loved and how they have private fantasies about being loved, how they would take a day to devote to pure sex, we see more footage of woman walking down the street who probably had no idea they would up in a porno movie. Right. So, this film, we’re told, is about ‘three of those kind of beautiful, delicious ladies… just one day of complete sensual madness.’ Cue the opening credits and we’re off.

    First up is Stacy (Cyndee Summers credited as Deborah Keller) who wants to make lots and lots of love. We see her at home, naked in bed and clearly horny. After she makes a phone call to American Airlines looking into her husband’s flight info, she puts on a solo show for the audience while showering – rad leopard print bedspread and a weird painting of some horses on the wall behind her. Once she’s cleaned up she heads into the bedroom and puts on some lingerie, and then she hops into her Mercedes Benz and heads out to meet the world unaware that she’s being watched by a creepy guy in a green car. It turns out Stacy is having a fling with a guy who has a shaggy bowl cut (Rick Lutze). She arrives at his place and they bang! He’s even got one of those wicker sex chairs that show up in Emmanuelle movies all the time. He asks her about fucking horses and other weird stuff and then they have sex in said chair. Then they move to the other side of the room where he’s got some sort of hanging sex table. He screws her on that for a while too. After that, they head to the bed for an oil rub session which we see partially shot off of a weird mirror to interesting effect. Not done yet, the two of them head into the bathtub and fool around. She has to go home and tend to her husband and he doesn’t want her to go. Anyway, she splits and the creepy guy from the car (Rick Cassidy) grabs her and roughs her up. He tells her he wants to fuck her, he’s been watching her a long time. This guy isn’t taking no for an answer and he forces her to go down on him. He finishes up and leaves her crying on the stairs.

    Up next we meet ‘Luscious Linda’ (Estelle Wagner, who is pretty cute but who has a seriously weird voice) who sips coffee and cruises studs in a restaurant. She chats up a mustachioed Tom Cantrell for a few seconds and then they head to an apartment for sex – she tells him how her dad raped her before they do it, just to get him in the mood. It turns out… she liked it! Creepy. Anyway, this works and they go at it right there on the filthy couch. When it’s over, she tells him he owes her fifty dollars. Yoink!

    In our last segment, we meet Toby (Dalana Bissonnette, credited as Sally Jack). She talks to her man, Harold (James Lancaster), about a business deal. He’s got to split but will be back as soon as he can be. After he leaves, we hear some weird music and a blonde named Sue (Nina Fause, credited as Gayle Winnie) shows up. She tells her that she and Harold are in love, they’ve been having an affair for a year and he wants a divorce! We see this conversation get heated and turn into a cat fight! And you know what that cat fight turns into, right? Rad lesbian sex, of course! There’s a funny twist at the finale that we’ll leave out of this review.

    This film also appeared on the After Hours Cinema DVD release entitled Sexual Insanity 1970’s Grindhouse Collection in an edited version under the alternate title of Sexual Insanity. This version is hardcore and appears to be uncut. It’s a pretty entertaining movie, the best of the four in the set, and it also gives Summers the most screen time out of any of the pictures included on the disc. The soundtrack is kind of cool and the other ladies in the film look good too. The story with Summers is quite a bit longer than the other two and you wonder if this was put together out of odds and ends from other productions but the creepy, pervy narration does a good enough job of linking everything – sort of – that you won’t mind so much.

    The Fugitives Plus The Lost Films Of Cyndee Summers – DVD Review:

    All four films on this disc are presented in 1.33.1 fullframe, which would appear to be their proper aspect ratios. None of these transfers are great, and the first movie looks tape source. Some of the Alpha Blue Archives bugs, with years on them, give away their age but they’re watchable enough. Expect print damage and color fading throughout but generally the transfers are at least stable. No one’s going to be handing out awards for the video quality here, but if you’re familiar with how a lot of this more obscure, low budget smut from the early seventies has been treated on home video then you’ve definitely seen worse.

    The only audio option for the three feature attractions are English language Dolby Digital Mono tracks. Hiss is present fairly constantly and there’s the occasional snap on each soundtrack. Dialogue can be a bit muffled sounding and flat, but that’s just as likely to do with how these were originally shot and recorded as well as the elements available than with anything else. At least it’s all audible and understandable.

    Aside from static menus offering feature selection, an Alpha Blue Archives Retro Starlets promo spot.

    The Fugitives Plus The Lost Films Of Cyndee Summers – The Final Word:

    Alpha Blue Archive’s DVD release The Fugitives Plus The Lost Films Of Cyndee Summers offers up four quick and dirty movies each featuring the lovely Cyndee Summers, though she gets more screen time in some of the films than others. Either way, not everything here is a winner but Youthful Sexual Madness and The California Connection are both wonky enough to work – think of the other two films as a nice bonus.

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      these movies look interesting, I don't have any Alpha Blue Archives dvd's, but they do have a lot of interesting looking releases, that I do think would be good buys. Only thing is where do you start with theses ABA releases, they have only got 600 releases looks like lol. And so many of these 70's porn women were really beautiful, I mean they were cute, and more of their personality would show through the films, than the ones now.