• Peekarama: Carnal Highways / Carnal Olympics (Vinegar Syndrome) DVD Review

    Released by: Vinegar Syndrome
    Released on: March 24th, 2020.
    Director: Carlos Tobalina
    Cast: Seka,
    Fernando Fortes, John Seeman, Marlene Munroe, Liza Dwyer, Herschel Savage, Rhonda Jo Petty, Gail Sterling, Lynx Canon
    Year: 1979/1983
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    Peekarama: Carnal Highways / Carnal Olympics – Movie Review:

    Vinegar Syndrome’s Peekarama line is back, baby… this time with two Carlos Tobalina films, whether you like it or not!

    Carnal Highways:

    Do you like trucks? Appreciate the big rigs? How about orgies? If you’re into these, and dig hokey folk music, bad disco and flutey jams too, then Carnal Highways, directed by the late, great Carlos Tobalina, just might be the goofy late-seventies porno movie you didn’t know you needed in your life.

    The story, such as it is, revolves around a heavily accented guy named Fernando (Fernando Fortes), presumably intended to be of Mexican descent, and John (John Seeman), who speak to a man about the quality and impressiveness of a truck they’ve got for sale. They make a deal, and after buying the truck have to haul a load of kids’ desks over to San Francisco – a city full of beautiful women, we’re told.

    On their way, they stop and pick up a beautiful female hitchhiker (Natasha Corbett) who sits on Fernando’s lap. It turns out she’s run away from home after having rad lesbian sex in the bathtub with her sister and getting busted by her mom. She claims she isn’t a lesbian and they have her prove it by hoping into the back of the cab with the two of them and having a three-way. Anyway, after that they talk about how hot she was and how Fernando will never forget her, which leads to a conversation about they’re going to take their time with those desks, so that they can score with more women.

    One thing leads to another and soon enough they pick up a hooker (Brooke West) at a truck stop and John goes to town on her. Things get complicated later when they pulls over at a ‘truck driver’s motel’ and they peek in a window and see Juliet Anderson fucking Blair Harris, complete with bad dubbing. Anyway, they get their room and John hooks up with a random chick and Fernando with another chick – both of whom they connect with through a ‘sex newspaper’ ad for a massage parlor. With that out of the way, Fernando hooks up with Marlene Munroe while trying to find the school they need to make the delivery at, and John makes time with none other than Seka herself.

    Before the movie is over, Fernando and John wind up at a sex education class being taught by ‘the professor’ (Tobalina himself) – and it turns out that this is the class that needed the desks! Tobalina splits and some of his students go for a beer, but not Fernando, who tells one of the female students ‘by the way, I am horny now!’ and, well, it’s a Tobalina movie so of course it turns into an orgy.

    The dialogue in this movie that takes place between Fernando and John is so stilted and so poorly written that you can’t help but laugh at it. It’s a reasonably plotless film but it is good natured and at times effectively comedic. The cinematography is nothing to write home about and the ‘cabin’ in the back of the truck seems to be just a room with a drape thrown over it, but Fernando Fortes is so good natured here that you can’t help but love the guy.

    As to the ladies? Well, Seka looks great, but Seka always looked great during this period of her career so that won’t be a surprise to anyone. Juliet Anderson is her typically energetic self and both Natasha Corbett and Brooke West give as good as they get, so the movie has that going for it. The group session at the end is predictable enough if you’ve seen more than a few Tobalina movies, but it’s not as massive and unwieldly as some of the larger scale fuck sessions he’s featured in some of his other picture (like the one coming up). Tobalina’s cameo as ‘the professor’ is also amusing.

    This movie isn’t great, but it is at least a fun watch.

    Carnal Olympics:

    The second feature stars Herschel Savage as a man who purports to be a magazine bigwig so that he can hold a sex contest that will determine once and for all which super-hot porn star is the super-hottest of them all. This starts with Savage opting to put Lynx Cannon up against Gayle Sterling, each contestant also assigned a selection of other lovely ladies to work alongside them in this bizarre and rather hazily determined quest. At any rate, the winner is to receive a cool fifty grand in cash, so there’s some incentive there.

    With that setup out of the way, it’s on to the contest itself. A bunch of people have some sex here and there until eventually a quartet of mattresses are taken outside to a lovely deck where Gayle and her assistant and Lynx and her assistant get down to the business of screwing as many guys as they can. Scores of dudes line up to get down to humping, and humping they do – those not involved at the time standing around trying to keep themselves hard for their turn when it arrives. As the contest goes on, Savage arrives with two pails wherein the male participants shall deposit their ejaculatory fluids, the lady with the most in her bucket to be crowned the queen!

    This is pretty plotless and like a lot of Tobalina’s films, really just an excuse for him to film a really, really long orgy of sorts. That’s the bulk of it, really. Gayle Sterling and Lynx Cannon both do pretty decent work here, they’re enthusiastic and attractive and, well, definitely down to fuck. Herschel Savage is also his typically charismatic self, and if he isn’t stretching as an actor he is playing the type of slightly sleazy, cocky character that he’s good at playing. Rhonda Jo Petty has a modest supporting part in the film and Don Fernando shows up here too.

    Not a film that will convert those who don’t appreciate Tobalina’s specific style and love of massive group gropes, Carnal Olympics does at least have a sense of humor to it. There is some moderately effective comedy here, but like so many of his other pictures it is, as stated, basically a big orgy and not a whole lot more.

    Peekarama: Carnal Highways / Carnal Olympics – DVD Review:

    Vinegar Syndrome presents both films in 1.85.1 anamorphic widescreen, taken from 2k scans of their respective 35mm negatives. Both films are in very nice shape and show very little print damage outside of the odd white speck now and again. Colors look really good here and compression is just fine by DVD standards, as is detail. No problems here, the movies look very good.

    Both films get the English language Dolby Digital Mono treatment. Both films exhibit some minor sibilance, but it’s never really distracting. Levels are balanced well enough and dialogue is easy to understand. There are no subtitles offered.

    Extras are limited to trailers for both features, as well as menus and chapter selection.

    Peekarama: Carnal Highways / Carnal Olympics – The Final Word:

    The Peekarama DVD release of Carnal Highways / Carnal Olympics presents two rarely seen Carlos Tobalina pictures in very nice shape. Carnal Highways is as entertaining as it is goofy, and it’s plenty goofy, while Carnal Olympics is the lesser of the two pictures, though it still has its moments. Tobalina fans, however, will appreciate this release.