• Argento's Phenomena And Mastorakis’ Island Of Death Coming Soon From Arrow


    Master of Italian horror Dario Argento is joined by Jennifer Connelly and Donald Pleasence for a gory 1980s classic in Phenomena, a terrifying slice of fear cinema that mixes extreme violence, pounding metal music, a vicious chimp wielding a scalpel and enough buzzing insects to choke an entire school.
    Poor sleepwalking Jennifer Corvino (Connelly) doesn’t fit in at her boarding school and her uncanny ability to control insects isn’t helping her popularity. With the aid of a local entomologist (Pleasence), can she use her psychic insect skills to find the killer who’s leaving her fellow pupils in bloody pieces?
    Argento piles on the bloody kills and surreal nightmares as the deafening buzz of a million bugs shatters your eardrums in one of the most demented body-horror movies ever produced.
    Phenomena (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£17.99) and Blu-ray (£24.99) by Arrow Video on 7th March 2011.
    Special Features:
    Four panel reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork; two sided fold out poster with new art work; exclusive collector’s booklet featuring brand new writing on Phenomena by Alan Jones, author of Profondo Argento; high definition transfer of the Italian cut of the film; original English* & Italian stereo audio; brand new subtitle translation of the Italian and optional English subtitles of the English audio; “Dario's Monkey Business: The Making of Phenomena” – a 50-minute long documentary featuring interviews with key talent behind the film including director Dario Argento, star Daria Nicolodi, underwater photographer Gianlorenzo Battaglia and more; “Music for Maggots” – an Interview with composer with Claudio Simonetti; “Creepers for Creatures” – Sergio Stivaletti lives Q&A sessions from Dublin and Edinburgh.
    *The English Audio track has some portions of English audio missing. This was either never recorded or has been lost. Scenes without English audio automatically revert to the Italian audio with English subtitles.

    Greece is transformed into a bloodbath of sex, death and sadism when an English couple arrives for a perverse rampage of lust and murder through the sleepy streets of a quiet island.
    No taboo is left unbroken as the feral pair screw and slice through the local population and their livestock, driven by a combination of libido and twisted morality to slay those they see as unfit to exist.

    Now, see Nico Mastorakis’ notorious and long censored video nasty in all its uncut and full strength glory.
    Island Of Death (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£15.99) by Arrow Video on 21st March 2011.

    Special Features:

    Brand new audio commentary with director Nico Mastorakis and author and critic Calum Waddell; Q&A with director Nico Mastorakis; interview with Nico Mastorakis; original trailer; The Music of Island of Death; 2010 re-recording of “Destination Understanding” from “Island of Death”; double-sided fold-out poster; collector’s booklet featuring brand new writing on the film by critic David Hayles; brand new transfer of the film; original mono audio.
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