• Aunt Peg’s Fulfillment

    Released by: VCX
    Released on: 2010
    Director: Anthony Spinelli
    Cast: Juliet Anderson, Erica Boyer, Sharon Kane, John Holmes, John Leslie, Johny Keyes
    Year: 1981
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    The Movie:

    There are many things that can be said about the late-great Juliet Anderson, one of the original MILFs in the porno world, but one word that comes to mind quickly is enthusiastic. No matter with whom she was working, male or female, she always brought her A-game to the set and seemed to genuinely enjoy what she was doing. Her work in Aunt Peg’s Fulfillment, the third movie to feature the character, is no exception.

    Aunt Peg, a film producer with a casting couch policy, is putting together a cast for a major motion picture. She auditions Johny Keyes first, who is just perfect for the role she needs to fill. Or the hole she needs to fill. Take your pick. She also has to make sure an actress (Erica Boyer) and her agent are true to their word when they tell Peg the actress can perform the required sex scenes in the movie. So of course that turns in to a lesbo romp. She later pumps an on-set carpenter back at the studio.

    Peg’s niece (Sharon Kane) is visiting from Seattle and mentions going to finishing school. Peg tells her she’s hooking her up with someone who can teach her more about life than finishing school can. Apparently John Holmes and his rubbery dink has the ability to teach life lessons, and with Aunt Peg’s help they both teach her good. Later on, Peggy interviews a potential assistant and they get it on. Or maybe that happens earlier. At any rate, another lesbian encounter ensues.

    The niece leaves town, and John Leslie shows up to talk to a wig-wearing Aunt Peg (who looks so much better with that wig on) about decorating her attic. Obviously, things go south (in a good way) but get interrupted by someone at the door. Oh shoot! Peg invited someone over and forgot. She tells the designer it’s her mother, runs downstairs, fucks the dude she invited over, runs back upstairs and finishes the job with John Leslie. Then she flies off in a helicopter for further adventures that never happen.

    This is great porn. It was shot on film by cult director Anthony Spinelli, features some major players from the day, and the sex is pretty hot. The story is dumb, but at least there’s a story. The acting is on par for early 80s porn and is forgivable, and the people doing the deed on camera look like they are having a good time. The sex is pretty basic, but still erotic for the most part. It’s a classic for a reason, it’s simply good vintage smut. Aunt Peg is in nearly every sex scene, so fans of her work will certainly get their money’s worth with this DVD.


    The film is presented here in 1.33:1 Full Frame and looks like was taken from a tape source. The colors are kind of washed, blacks are not very deep at all, and the overall picture is murky. That’s not to say the picture is horrid, as the source used seems pretty decent, but certainly nothing to get worked up over. Right before the last few lines in the movie some male announcer says, “please stay tuned for our coming attractions”. Very odd. No defects to note.

    The audio is a 5.1 track, but sounds more like the same sounds coming out of the speakers. Considering this was most probably recorded in mono, the 5.1 seems more like a gimmick than an enhancement and really doesn’t amount to anything. The awful soft rock comes through pretty well though, and really there’s nothing to complain about. No defects on the audio to note.

    The extras are the standard fare VCX has been putting out, some appearing on other releases. First is a two and a half minute photo gallery, which is nothing more than screen caps from the movie. Then there’s four “Classic Bonus Scenes” from different movies: Private Moments, Take Me Down (Brigitte Lahaie…MMM!), Pussycat Ranch, and Untamed Passions. Next is four “Vintage Trailers” consisting of Tower of Power, Only the Best of Breasts, Sweet Throat, and Private Moments. Third is a “Legendary Tribute” which is the same thing they always put on their discs lately.

    The Final Word:

    Classic stuff with good sex, Aunt Peg’s Fulfillment should be on the list of movies to see for any fan of the era (if you already haven’t seen it of course) and if you don’t have this one, you should. The picture and extras are nothing to get excited over, but that doesn’t take away form the fact that this should be in everyone’s collection.
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      Goldberg -
      Maybe I'm a pervert into old women, but I always found Aunt Peg to be one of the classiest and sexiest of pr0n queens!