• The Rape Of The Virgin Girls (One 7 Movies) DVD Review

    Released by: One 7 Movies
    Released on: September 14th, 2021.
    Director: Francisco Cavalcanti
    Cast: Francisco Cavalcanti, Gran-Dinne, Ruy Leal, Henrique Guedes, Marthus Mathias, Salvador do Amaral, Suely Conti
    Year: 1983
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    The Rape Of The Virgin Girls - Movie Review:

    Also known as Virgin Girl Violators, Francisco Cavalcanti 1983 film The Rape Of The Virgin Girls (Os Violentadores de Meninas Virgens) opens on the streets of São Paulo with a scene where a young woman walks home in the dark. Two men in a red car tail her and just as she’s about to enter the house she shares with her mother, they grab her and drive off. A crowd forms, upset by what has happened, while a drunk nearby says ‘Fuck off!’ to anyone within earshot.

    Cue the opening credits, and we’re off.

    The girl is brought to a room where four men are hanging out. The leader of the group, Marcus, tells them that they're bound and determined to find a virgin for each one of them. The girl is tied up with a few other victims, and then they are raped by a younger man while the older men watch. The leader of the group puts a stop to it, he doesn't want his goods damaged - but then a few of the girls are strangled and drowned.

    Meanwhile, the cops deal with a press that is understandably upset about the string of rapes and abductions happening in the city. Elsewhere, a guy named Pedro makes love to a pretty blonde woman named Sueli that we can safely assume is his one true love. He runs a laundromat. When they find a button that ties into the kidnapping in the opening scene, the race is on - they call the cops and tell them they know who the kidnappers are. The older dudes behind the kidnapping ring discuss their business strategy, and then we see two of their men rape a pair of women out for a bicycle ride. Since these girls aren't virgins, they're taking to the basement and just sort of left there for a while. When Marcus' thugs realize that the laundry crew is on to them, they retaliate and rape a female employee. A hairy guy named Shorty, who happens to be Sueli’s sister, has an aversion to shirts. He drinks wine and eats dinner when a bomb goes off. He rushes into action and hauls Sueli out of the building. Neither one of them survive. Pedro is sad but the cops swear that they won't die in vain and that they'll bring in the rape gang that did this. Pedro, however, wants vengeance while the kidnappers only need one more virgin to complete whatever weird set of virgins it is that they're trying to complete. Pedro then goes to a topless bar and gets shit faced while he reminisces about his hot blonde girlfriend masturbating.

    Before it's all over we'll see Pedro thrown into a truck full of meat and then get locked in the basement with some girls only to pray his way out of this situation, the wealthy old dudes will get horny with hot chicks, Marcus will get mad at people for asking 'stupid questions' before going on a panty sniffing spree and a guy will drink champagne out of a girl's ass crack.

    There is a pretty fun twist at the end that you probably won't see coming. This leads to an amusingly choreographed shoot out. The movie was made fast and cheap with an eye towards titillation first, storytelling second. The plot with Pedro and company isn’t really properly introduced until the half way mark, and it’s kind of wonky once it is introduced, but the movie is entertaining in a trash, brainless sort of way. Most Brazilian pornochanchadas pictures are more comedic than this one, The Rape Of The Virgin Girls is played more as a crime thriller with some random sex (rape) scenes thrown in than anything else but as dumb as it is (and it is pretty dumb) it will hold your attention. Much of the acting is over the top and quite exaggerated but in the context of the thin story being told, it works. The cinematography is nothing to write home about but it is competent enough, though the weird score is… weird enough… to work.

    The Rape Of The Virgin Girls - DVD Review:

    The 1.33.1 fullframe transfer would appear to present the movie in its original aspect ratio. Transfer quality isn’t anything to write home about. There’s plenty of damage and some weird stuttering effects noticeable at times. Colors are a bit faded and black levels look more like grey levels. The screen caps below give you a pretty accurate idea of what to expect. It’s clear that there hasn’t been any restoration or anything done here.

    The Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono track, in the film’s native Portuguese, comes with optional subtitles in English only. There’s hiss and sibilance noticeable throughout but otherwise things are at least properly balanced. The subtitles are clean, clear and easy to read.

    Extras? Nope.

    The Rape Of The Virgin Girls - The Final Word:

    The Rape Of The Virgin Girls isn’t a life changing experience or anything but it is a pretty entertaining trash film with a fair bit of exploitative nudity and some appreciably wonky acting. One 7 Movies’ DVD release is barebones and doesn’t offer up the best presentation you’re ever going to see, but hey, it’s the only English-friendly game in town.