• Playgirls Of Munich (After Hours Cinema) DVD Review

    Released by: After Hours Cinema
    Released on: June 10th, 2008.
    Director: Navred Reef
    Cast: Zebedy Colt, Roger Caine
    Year: 1977
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    Playgirls Of Munich - Movie Review:

    Originally released on DVD by VCX (in a crappy fullframe transfer), Playgirls Of Munich (also known as Munich Madness) is a fun ‘Laurel and Hardy' style XXX comedy showcasing the comedic talents of Zebedy Colt and Roger Caine. While this is absolutely a hardcore feature, the emphasis here is as much on comedy as it is on bumping and grinding.

    Colt and Caine play Barney and Chuck respectively, a pair of dimwitted but fairly well meaning American telephone repairmen who are sent to a local airport to fix a phone on a plane. Once they're there, however, Barney decides that he and Chuck need a free vacation and so the two hide in the luggage compartment and wait for the plane to take off. Once they're up in the air, they find some parachutes and jump out, landing safely in the supposed sexual paradise of Munich, Germany.

    The pair realize that they have a collective fourteen dollars in their wallets and that if they're going to make the most out of their vacation that they're going to have to find some odd jobs so that they can pony up enough scratch to enjoy themselves. Eventually they find employment in a local beer hall where German polka music plays continuously and Chuck gets the chance to sample the local poontang in the form of a cute blonde German girl.

    When their stint at the beer hall is over, they take work as security guards where they find themselves having to guard the recently crowned Miss Bavaria. This lands them in a local sex club which in turn finds them in hot water with a mobster. Hijinks ensue and Chuck and Barney take solace in a college sorority house where the girls make extra money hooking. They sample the wares and are eventually chased into the nearby mountains where they find a party going on at a fancy-schmancy chalet. Noticing the copious amount of horny women in attendance, the pair decides that they'd best stop in and take a look but once they become distracted by the lovely ladies, they don't notice that the pesky mobster they pissed off the day before and a few of his cronies are closing in on them.

    Zebedy Colt (a.k.a. Edward Earle Marsh) is probably best known for his work in roughies like his starring role in Sex Wish, or some of his more notorious directorial efforts like Unwilling Lovers and Farmer's Daughter but here he shows a genuine knack for comedy, as does partner in crime Roger Caine. It's fun to see these two stalwarts of the seventies New York City smut scene doing time in a European production such as this but the ‘fish out of water' scenario that the plot successfully exploits works quite well and gives the two plenty of opportunities to yuck it up when they aren't slipping it in.

    Navred Reef's direction is keen as the picture is well paced and noticeably better photographed (thanks to the efforts of cinematographer Al Brittany) than many of its ilk. While Reef is probably better known for directing Angie Undercover Cop and Dutch Treat, Playgirls In Munich is an enjoyable hardcore comedy with a sense of naïve charm and playfulness that goes a long way to making it more enjoyable than it could have been. As corny as it is, the comedy works and the sex is actually fairly decent as well. Throw in some great travelogue and location footage and a killer soundtrack (which has sadly had an instrumental version of Black Sabbath's ‘Paranoid' removed, according to the liner notes).

    Playgirls Of Munich - DVD Review:

    The anamorphic 1.78.1 widescreen transfer for Playgirls Of Munich should have been flagged for progressive scan playback as it suffers from some ugly saw tooth artifacts but aside from that, it doesn't look bad considering its age and origins, even if the colors sometimes look a little too yellowish. There are minor scratches and bits and pieces of print damage throughout and a copyright notification has been digitally added to the title card screen but there's a decent level of foreground and background detail present. Skin tones look good and the image is perfectly watchable throughout. A couple of scenes have burned in English subtitles to translate bits of German dialogue.

    The English language Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack is about average for an old smut film. There's some hiss in some scenes and it's hard not to notice the pops here and there but the dialogue is perfectly audible and the goofball soundtrack comes through with a decent amount of clarity.

    Disc One includes trailers for the Grindhouse Occult Collection, Playgirls Of Munich, Sylvia, A Touch Of Genie, Busty Superstars Of The 1970s, Chic 60, College Coed Corruption, Darian Caine Exposed, Deviate Sex Thrills, and the Eurotrash Collection.

    But wait, that's not all! Disc two contains five bonus loops, the first of which is Swedish Swing (8:13), where a foxy dark haired maid serves a man and his blonde girlfriend some wine. One thing leads to another, the couple have sex, and the maid diddles herself while she watches before moving in on the couple for a piece of the action herself. This would all be well and good if someone hadn't added really terrible dialogue over top of what was obviously shot silent. Up next is Sex Boutique (8:13), where a pair of lovely Euro babes go shopping only to wind up getting it on with the salesman in the changing booths. Some seriously unfunny comedic narration has been laid down over top of this one for some reason. Measuring Meat (6:36) shows us two men and two woman, a blonde and a brunette, enjoying some porno mags. One thing leads to another and an orgy breaks out during which the fellows get their wangs measured by the gals. This one also features more annoying added voice over work. Die Vereinigten Schweine (7:50) shows us what happens when a foxy blonde pays a visit to a weird butcher. She takes back her purchases to her place where she has an orgy with some dude and a bunch of other chicks, one of whom fucks a wine bottle. More bad voice over work plagues this loop as well. Last but not least, there's Danish Delight (4:47), which is simply a scene where some lucky stud gets head from a cutie with bad make up before slipping her the old baloney pony. This is the only loop that doesn't feature the annoying voice over additions. For whatever reason, After Hours Cinema has opted to crop these fullframe presentations for fit a 1.78.1 anamorphic set, resulting in some pretty screwy compositions that don't quite work so well.

    Also found on the second disc are trailers for the Extreme Sleaze Collection, Filth On 42nd Street, Fire In Her Bed, Forced Entry, Grindhouse Honeymoon Collection, Grindhouse Hostage Collection, Grindhouse Trash Collection, Grindhouse Trash Collection 2, Grindhouse Virgin Collection, Grindhouse Nymph Collection, Gunilla, Sex On 42nd Street Collection, Sex On Wheels Collection, Sex Slaves Of The S.S., Sex Starlets Of The 1970s, Sexorcism, Sexual Delirium, Sexual Freedom In Denmark, Sexual Liberty Now, The Starlets, Chastity: The Starlets Part 2, Super-stars Of The 70s, The Early Films Of John Holmes, Weirdos And Oddballs Collection and, last but not least, the West German Grindhouse Collection. That's a whole lot of trailer nuttiness right there!

    Rounding out the extra features is an insert booklet from James Hollenbaugh that gives some welcome biographical information on the enigmatic Zebedy Colt and his unusual and storied career. He also gives some interesting history on the feature and its director Navred Reef. The two-disc keepcase comes housed inside a ‘safer' cardboard slipcase containing slightly cleaner cover art.

    Playgirls Of Munich - The Final Word:

    Playgirls Of Munich is good, goofy XXX fun the kind of which you don't encounter too often these days. Colt and Caine show a real knack for comedy and Reef's film moves along at a good pace, showcasing some great location footage and some lovely European ladies at the same time. While it's irritating to notice the alterations made to the supplemental loops, the feature itself looks good and plays well.