• Sharon/Terri’s Revenge (Dark Force Entertainment) Blu-ray Review

    Released by: Dark Force Entertainment
    Released on: September, 2021.
    Director: Navred Reef/Zebedy Colt
    Cast: Jean Jennings, Zebedy Colt, Jamie Gills, Susan McBain, Terri Hall, Chad Lambert, Peter Andrews, Herschel Savage, Bobby Astyr
    Year: 1976/1976
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    Sharon/Terri’s Revenge – Movie Review:

    Originally released on DVD via Alpha Blue Archives, these two XXX roughies directed by Navred Reef and Zebedy Colt in 1976 make their Blu-ray debut on a double feature release from Dark Force Entertainment.


    The first feature introduces us to Sharon Sanders and stars Jean Jennings, Susan McBain, Jamie Gillis, and Colt himself and while it never reaches the levels of depravity that Colt’s notorious Farmer's Daughter hits, it's still got its fair share of filth to give. Directorial credit for this Harvest Moon Production is given to one Navred Reef and a title graphic alerts us to the fact that this one was shot on location in Atlanta Georgia, the most exotic of locales.

    It starts with a girl named Susan (Jennings) telling her dad (Colt) to get out of the shower. His response? He opens the curtain and jerks his cock for her before pulling her into the shower with him, commenting on her tits which are now showing right through her white wet t-shirt, and singing 'Oh my darling Dixie Twirler.' This is not a normal family relationship. From there he slides into her and fucks her in the shower at which point he declares 'World War II was never like this!' They move to the living room and carry on where they left off, as quick as they can be, before momma gets home. As twisted as this scene is, Jennings is hotter than a three dollar pistol and she's obviously into the scene. It’s also clearly done with a sense of humor and not meant to be taken at all seriously.

    From there we meet Sharon (Sanders), who misses her bus home from high school. She has to walk home, but a stranger pulls up and offers her a ride. She accepts, and they smoke some weed on the way. Once she's high, he decides that rather than take her home he'd rather take her to a party that he knows of. They arrive, and the party goers are getting down to a really bad cover of 'Dancing In The Street.' When they arrive, Jamie Gillis is on the couch with two girls and a scary fat guy is drinking Bud out of a can. More weed is smoked and an orgy breaks out. Sharon wanders around and checks out the action. She sees some guy/girl action, some girl/girl action which soon turns into a three-way, and another three-way in which Gillis shares a brunette with another guy. After a bit more orgy action, Sharon gets too hot and has to take matters into her own hands. She's interrupted by another girl who is only too happy to help her.

    Meanwhile, Susan is sitting on her bed alone, still horny from the earlier events. She strips and masturbates, finally deciding to shove a dildo up her ass and then her baton up her snatch. Daddy has just come home and his pal Leroy (Savage) is tagging along. They walk in on Susan doing her thing, and as you can imagine, they decide to help her out by having a three way with her (Daddy comments that it's funny what a little vodka and beer will do to your libido, while his daughter goes down on him!).

    Back at the party, Sharon hops into bed with the guy who gave her the ride in the first place, and they get it on. Once they're done, in echoed narration, she tells him how when she was younger she was molested by a lumberjack and how her sister got fucked by a salesman (Ashley Moore) at the Dixie Motel. We see both of these scenes in flashback. After the flashback we see Sharon share a guy with another girl, sucking him to a big finish. After that she finally gets dropped off at home, and tosses her copy of The Joy Of Sex into the trash, as she no longer needs it.

    A reasonably amusing slice of seventies sleaze, Sharon is paced well and will definitely appease Jennings’ fan base. It’s well-cast and more than a little out there, breaking taboos as fast as it can, playing up the incest and rough sex angles pretty heavily. Still, it’s hard not to laugh at all of this, as it’s all done in such a ridiculous manner that you can’t really get too worked up. There isn’t much style to the film, the camera angles are pretty static, but it is paced well enough and the cast all appear to be having a blast making this one.

    Terri's Revenge:

    Also known as Terri's Sweet Revenge, this sleazy little inner city gem follows the late Terri Hall (of Unwilling Lovers, The Story of Joanna and Sex Wish and looking a little like Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show) as, shockingly, a woman named Terri. The film introduces us to her as she wanders around a bombed out shitty New York City neighborhood reminiscing about the good times that she had with her late husband, Chad (Chad Lambert Of The Devil Inside Her). From there, however, we learn through a few well played flashback scenes that Terri spills to her English lesbian lover that Chad wasn't such a great guy after all. In fact he was a bit of a douche bag, as proven when he brings back one of his pals to help tag-team his poor, pretty wife. Chad's amigo rapes the Hell out of his wife, only for poor Terri to have to go through the whole song and dance a second time when Chad himself decides she needs more rough stuff.

    After Terri tells her lady-friend about her ordeal, her lady-friend confesses that she too has been the victim of rape. After Terri and her pal discuss killing off pretty much the entire male race, the wine kicks in and they opt to instead simply get revenge on those who hurt them. The duo hooks up with Women Against Rape, a group who just isn't down with rape at all (in case that wasn’t obvious) and which has the resources to send the two ladies on their path of revenge. Unfortunately for our two heroines, a cop named Henderson is on the scene...

    Interestingly enough, Colt splices in some footage that looks suspiciously like it was taken from Lasse Braun's The Vikings (as seen in the Alpha Blue Archives History Of Rape boxed set), a loop which sends Terri and the recently seduced Henderson on a sexual rampage. It all leads to a rather disturbing and bizarre conclusion but one can't help but snicker as the music the plays out in the loop and the fallout from its bedroom screening.

    The revenge scenes might be cringe inducing some more sensitive viewers as they get pretty rough and pretty out there but again, as it is with the first feature, it’s tough to take any of this seriously. At less than an hour long, it packs a lot of sleaze into its short running time. Hall’s got an interesting look here, her make up making her look almost like a vampire drag queen at times, and Colt’s camera seems to love her. The rape scenes are pretty strong in this and might not go over well with more sensitive viewers, but Colt (who narrates the picture) should get some recognition for not just limiting the victims of said assaults to the female cast members alone. The film was clearly made very fast and very cheap and the unidentified British actress who plays Terri’s cohort consistently delivers patently ridiculous dialogue in a patently ridiculous fashion, but ultimately this is an interesting XXX oddity worth seeing for fans of low budget roughies.

    Sharon/Terri’s Revenge – Blu-ray Review:

    Both films are presented in AVC encoded 1080p high definition and share a single 25GB disc. Sharon is taken from a ‘brand new scan of the original 16mm negative with color correction’ and the sixty-four minute feature takes up 12.7GBs of space. It’s obvious that this hasn’t undergone a full restoration as there’s minor print damage noticeable throughout but thankfully it’s mostly just small to medium sized white specks and not a whole lot more. Detail is pretty strong here and the colors do look quite nice. Terri’s Revenge is taken from a ‘brand new scan of the only existing film elements’ and the fifty-seven minute feature takes up 10.8GBs of space. The print used for this second feature has seen better days, there’s moderate to fairly severe print damage noticeable throughout pretty much the entire movie. It does look considerably better than the older Alpha Blue Archives DVD though – in fact, both features do. Neither transfer shows any noticeable noise reduction or edge enhancement and the fact that the movies are as short as they are means that compression isn’t a problem even with both features on a single-sided disc.

    Both films get 24-bit DTS-HD 2.0 Mono tracks in English, there are no alternate language or subtitle options provided here. Audio is definitely cleaner and clearer on Sharon than on Terri’s Revenge, the second feature having some snap, crackle and pop noticeable throughout as well as some sibilance. Sharon sounds pretty clean though, any flatness in the mix obviously inherent in the original source material.

    Sadly, aside from a static menu, there are no extra features on this disc (a commentary or two would have been very welcome).

    Sharon/Terri’s Revenge – The Final Word:

    Dark Force Entertainment’s Blu-ray release of Sharon/Terri’s Revenge is as barebones as they come but both movies look better here than they have on past editions, even if the second feature shows some pretty noticeable print damage. The films themselves won’t be for everyone, of course, but those with an affection for, or fascination with, cheap XXX roughies will appreciate having these in proper high definition presentations.

    Click on the images below for full-sized Sharon/Terri’s Revenge screen caps!

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      Is Terri's Revenge the one with the eye watering twisty balls thing?
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