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Thread: 88 Films Releasing Zombie 3

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    88 Films Releasing Zombie 3

    Holy shit.

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    Press release.

    A little weekend surprise from 88 Films.

    Forthcoming in our Italian Collection is Lucio Fulci's iconic ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 2 (AKA ZOMBI 3) - re-mastered from the original HD materials, uncut and uncensored, in a stunning new restoration!

    Pre-order link (with offer of exclusive slipcase art only from 88 Films direct!)

    The late, great Lucio Fulci (with a little uncredited help from ZOMBIE CREEPING FLESH helmer Bruno Mattei) returned to his living dead roots with ZOMBI 3 – the long awaited sequel to ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS (AKA ZOMBI 2). However, just as ZOMBI 2 was inspired by DAWN OF THE DEAD, with ZOMBI 3 Fulci spins his own terrific take on another Hollywood hit: RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD. The end result is a fast-paced, plasma-packed popcorn romp in which contagious fumes consequent in an invasion of flesh-feasting ghouls. A classic carnage-ridden splatter caper in its own right, ZOMBI 3 is ripe for reappraisal and arrives on BluRay in a worldwide HD debut that looks finger-licking fabulous! For Fulci fans it’s a no-brainer – this gory, gut-tearing gem is an essential addition to your collection.

    BRAND NEW HD Master
    Uncompressed LPCM English Soundtrack
    Uncompressed LPCM Italian Soundtrack with English Subtitles
    Interview with star Ottaviano Dell'Acqua
    Live Q&A with Catriona MacColl sharing her own Fulci memories
    PAURA: LUCIO FULCI REMEMBERED - iconic 2008 documentary on the Italian gore master directed by Mike Baronas and featuring extensive interviews with many of Fulci's colleagues including Zombi 3's Beatrice Ring
    Reversible Sleeve with alternative art
    Includes a Collectible 300gsm Original Poster Post Card
    Collectible booklet by Calum Waddell with an interview with Beatrice Ring
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    I pre-ordered this yesterday. I l-o-v-e this movie. By the way Ian, there are a couple of titles in 88 Films Italian blu ray line which were transferred directly from Italy and not 88 Films themselves. I would be careful with these. "Night Train Murders", for example, looks terrible. Thankfully, the transfer for the "Zombi 3" blu ray is being overseen by 88 Films. Unfortunately, "Anthropophagous" is not. I'm still crossing my fingers that some companies in Italy have upgraded their scanning equipment, but who knows. I hate machine noise ridden transfers with a passion. I still took a chance and pre-ordered though.
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