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Thread: Black Metal book Lords Of Chaos basis for new thriller

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    I had no idea that there was so much....well, not controversy, but views that oppose the subject matter of the book and the film. I love this place for that.

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    I felt this film was all right. It had a funny almost ironic tone which I liked. I do not think it corresponds at all to what really happened in real life, but that is not something I bother with, as the film was entertaining in its own right.

    If I want "the truth" I will read up on the subject and not watch a film on it.
    "No presh from the Dresh!"

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    Watched this the other night and, taking 'the facts' out of the equation, I thought it was really good. I went into this expecting a movie, not a documentary, and knowing full well that it was promoted as being based on truth and lies, so the creative liberties taken with different aspects of the story didn't bother me. I dug the little bit with Atilla and the little nods to Dark Throne and Emperor even if the focus was, understandably, on Euronymous and Varg - which I get, as that's where most of the craziness comes from. It had a good mix of style and substance, it was humorous at times but it didn't seem to me like it was looking down on the music, even if it was maybe shining a light on how ridiculous some of this stuff really was.

    Anyway, yeah, approach this as entertainment - no more, no less - and it's pretty solid. Rory Culkin has appeared in some pretty interesting stuff these last couple of years and he's kind of growing on me as an actor. He's very good here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by David H View Post
    Agree with this 100%.
    From the video interviews I've seen Varg is about as menacing as any self-important nerd.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy G View Post
    From the video interviews I've seen Varg is about as menacing as any self-important nerd.

    What Vrg is, IMO, is a media-savvy psychopath who knows how to charm people. (By psychopath I mean "conscienceless manipulator." Murderousness and psychopathy aren't mutually exclusive.)

    I remember seeing the documentary UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US when it played at the local arthouse during its ltd US theatrical run. If you recall, this documentary doesn't reveal his murderous deeds or NS ideals until the end. There were some young folks in the crowd who weren't familiar with black metal history & were watching it as an arthouse documentary. They thought Varg was one charming anti-establishment anarchist. (Even got a cheer early on from a punk-looking young lady when he talked about vandalizing the McDonald's being built where he grew up.)

    Let's just say the audience vibe totally changed changed after he starts talking about his blunt knife going through Euronymous' skull. When he reveals himself to be Conscienceless Unreliable Narrator.

    By the end, Fenriz was pretty much the only one who maintained his goodwill from my filmgoing audience.

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