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Thread: Random FRANCO Ramblings...

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bernhard View Post
    No X but all sync and audio issues that have affected previous releases have been fixed.

    Extras include

    English version
    Exorcising Demons - Interview with Steve Thrower
    Jess' Demons - Interview with Jess Franco
    4x Trailers
    Out-take reel
    There are English sub titles and the English version.
    The english version is 88 mins long, whilst the French version is 118 min long

    Did Franco shoot the X material or are they inserts?
    Jess did not shoot any porn until 1973 ( from memory )...if he did not shoot it it's not part of the film.
    I think he was asking about Exorcism/Demoniac (1974), not The Demons (1972).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
    I think he was asking about Exorcism/Demoniac (1974), not The Demons (1972).
    Well spotted. I hadnt even noticed that John had replied with the wrong release, and there's me wittering on about Sexorcisme thinking that was what he was talking about.
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    I've been waiting for the upgrade of Sexcorcismes that Redemption promised back in 2012. And yes Franco did shoot the xxx scenes, which include a hardcore scene between him and Lina. In my opinion a very interesting variant of a top Franco film. I always thought it would have been interesting to ask Franco in an interview about that scene. As far as I know, no interviewer ever did.

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