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Thread: Random FRANCO Ramblings...

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bernhard View Post
    No X but all sync and audio issues that have affected previous releases have been fixed.

    Extras include

    English version
    Exorcising Demons - Interview with Steve Thrower
    Jess' Demons - Interview with Jess Franco
    4x Trailers
    Out-take reel
    There are English sub titles and the English version.
    The english version is 88 mins long, whilst the French version is 118 min long

    Did Franco shoot the X material or are they inserts?
    Jess did not shoot any porn until 1973 ( from memory )...if he did not shoot it it's not part of the film.
    I think he was asking about Exorcism/Demoniac (1974), not The Demons (1972).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen View Post
    I think he was asking about Exorcism/Demoniac (1974), not The Demons (1972).
    Well spotted. I hadnt even noticed that John had replied with the wrong release, and there's me wittering on about Sexorcisme thinking that was what he was talking about.
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    I've been waiting for the upgrade of Sexcorcismes that Redemption promised back in 2012. And yes Franco did shoot the xxx scenes, which include a hardcore scene between him and Lina. In my opinion a very interesting variant of a top Franco film. I always thought it would have been interesting to ask Franco in an interview about that scene. As far as I know, no interviewer ever did.

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    Officially lost for 42 years ...
    ... now in our studio : the original master tapes from "La Comtesse Noire" a.k.a "Female Vampire" a.k.a "Les Avaleuses" a.k.a "The Bare Breasted Countess".
    Music by Daniel J. White, a film by Jess Franco (1975), starring Lina Romay & Monica Swinn.
    Many thanks to Claudie White for her help,
    Soon at The Omega Productions Records,
    Stay connected,
    Vortice Mortale - The Lost Highway of Horror and Cult Film

    Latest post: Loser Takes All (Nikos Nikolaidis, 2002)

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    Soon on
    TENDER FLESH (1997)
    Jess Franco collection
    Amaray 2 DVD
    A stripper in a nightclub, Paula gets noticed by a strange couple, certainly rich, and prĂ´nant free love. He invited him to spend a few days in a palace on an island. Here, in the midst of the luxury and depraved habits of the protagonists, she will discover that her hosts are rather worn on hunting and human flesh.
    - Introduction of Alain Petit
    - from Malaga with love (making of 3 tracks sound)
    - the cardinal's bite
    - Working with Jess
    - life is a shit
    - Psycho-lettes - short film
    - Poster and photo slideshow
    - Jess Franco collection movies
    Technical Specifications:
    Duration: 91 minutes
    English and Spanish version
    French Sub-titles
    Original 1.66

    For the latest film made of Jess Franco film, we offer you a special edition 2 DVD. The Second DVD is filled with exclusive bonuses. You will see the master at work, on the filming of the film. New and unique images for who cares about uncle Jess's work. Thank you very much to Alain Petit for opening his archives and memories. And a huge thank you to Daniel Gouyette for all the time you've been putting up these images and making us some nice supplements. You spent time and spent energy on this project, thank you both
    Vortice Mortale - The Lost Highway of Horror and Cult Film

    Latest post: Loser Takes All (Nikos Nikolaidis, 2002)

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    Vortice Mortale - The Lost Highway of Horror and Cult Film

    Latest post: Loser Takes All (Nikos Nikolaidis, 2002)

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    Tom Clark, Thanks for posting the above article. It's cool to see. I was wondering if I understand correctly, that the above Female Vampire post pertains to a copy of Daniel White's wonderful music, and not the film itself, correct?

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    1 DVD disc
    Label: One 7 Movies
    Prebook: 5/29/18 Street: 6/19/18
    MSRP: $19.95
    UPC: 812592015283
    Catalog #: 17M028
    Color, 95 minutes in English
    All regions. Widescreen Anamorphic 2.35:1
    Dolby Digital Mono
    Production year: 1976 in Italy
    Director: Jess Franco
    Cast: Lina Romay, Olivier Mathot, Claude Boisson, Monica Swinn, Nadine Focarde

    Sylvia is the main attraction in the club where night after night she dances until the early morning for the lonely men who cannot get their eyes off her curves. Easy going gal, she wakes up after a hot party next to two dead bodies. Accused by the police of being a more than willing accessory to the crime, she finds herself also haunted by a sadist with a wooden leg. Drawn into a nightmare made of sex, orgies, torture and violence, Sylvia has no place to hide.

    At last available in an uncut version, SYLVIA is one of the most obscure and more rabidly sought AFTER films of maestro Jess Franco. With a mind-blowing performance by goddess Lina Romay, the film is custom made for all the euro-exploitation lovers. Frantic camerawork, psychedelic editing, breezy jazz music and steamy sex are the ingredients that Jess Franco boils up to perfection. Unmissable!


    Spanish Credits (alternative opening)
    Italian Credits
    Rock! Shock! Pop!

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    So legitimate they had to rename it. In glorious SD too!
    I'm bitter, I'm twisted, James Joyce is fucking my sister.

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    I wonder why the retitled it. I have the Tonfilm dvd. Great film. Isn't this supposed to be released via Severin? Also anyone know what happened with the supposed release of Shining Sex?

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